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Based on a girl’s fingernails and toenails. This is a kind of cultural phenomenon in that it is assumed that girls experience nail-growth at a different rate that boys, but girls’ nails have been worn down by other activities that boys don’t experience. Loslyf magazine issues usually focus on the .
“Mighty and amazing winds of Loslyf” Post #6 .
Iris McLellan, 2T Burns, 9 .
Loslyf, South African magazine, Debut February 1995-34 pages .
. The zine explicitly counteracts the gender ideologies of its time and makes evident lesbian desire .
Estamos orgullosos de áL y su banda. Also known as the Mighty and Amazing winds of Loslyf. Loslyf magazine is a bimonthly .
Loslyf, a South African magazine, is devoted to issues of lesbianism and feminism .
Loslyf zine is largely about sexuality and is not being targeted for young readers. The last issue I’ve read .
Loslyf magazine will celebrate its 20th anniversary this year. Publisher J.T.

In this way, the Loslyf zine makes clear that one could live in a world where there would be lesbian sociality .
MIGHTY AND AMAZING WINDS OF LOSLYF. The name of the zine, Loslyf, is derived from two words: Loslyf magazine is inspired by issues of lesbians .
Loslyf magazine in South Africa is a bimonthly .
J.T. Publishing was founded by publisher J.T. in 1995, and has published Loslyf magazine .
Loslyf zine will celebrate its 20th anniversary this year. Loslyf issues mostly focus on the role of lesbians within .
dÓcero, Ana E. Coombes, áL Lima, Elmo Dina, Brandon Dina, Julie Dina, Anjanie Seiphemo,


Loslyf is South Africa’s only pornographic Afrikaans-language magazine. It was founded by South African publisher and entrepreneur J.T.. Publishing.
Loslyf magazine (1995- ) is South Africa’s only pornographic Afrikaans-language magazine. It was founded by South African publisher and entrepreneur J.T.. Publishing, a subsidiary of Z-Net, a South African Internet and telecommunications company, in June 1995. Loslyf has the largest circulation of the porn magazines in South Africa. The magazine is published monthly and has a circulation of approximately ,000 copies. Loslyf is considered by many to be the largest and most successful pornography business in South Africa. Loslyf magazines covers such topics as erotica, sex, nude photography and erotica, fashion, news, sport and entertainment. The company also has an exhibition, Leslyf cafe, in Johannesburg, South Africa. The magazine is sold in nearly all 902 retail outlets, as well as in many other South African countries like Namibia, Malawi and Mozambique. It is read by many Afrikaans speakers in Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland, Zimbabwe and Mozambique.
Loslyf Magazine Encyclopaedia & .

Loslyf is South Africa’s only pornographic Afrikaans-language magazine. It was founded by South African publisher and entrepreneur J.T.. Publishing.
Loslyf magazine was the first afrikaans magazine to be published.
The rise of Loslyf magazine. the first year of publication of Loslyf, the first and, at the time of its launch inJune 1995, only Afrikaans pornographic magazine.
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Loslyf Magazine File Library ccf93e36174080e4cd4984421a7b15db. Education of a Felon. This collection is concerned with the problems and pleasures of .