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� XtraFolders is a handy software package that is designed to help you store, organize, and manage your files – especially on a Desktop or a Network Server. � XtraFolders gives you the power to create – Add – Remove – rename – and delete files and folders, folders – folders – and in special folders – fast and easy, on a local hard disk, in a Network Server, or in a web server. � XtraFolders has a powerful interface that can be configured to allow to navigate through your files and folders – easily. Whether you want to find a file or folder – quickly or save a few mouse clicks – as you work; XtraFolders has you covered. � Using this software, you can create your own folders – or import a “starter kit” – to become familiar with its functionalities. � Using XtraFolders you can create “My Favorites” – folders – to keep important files accessible in a fast and easy manner. You can even organize “My Favorites” – folders – based on names, categories – or save your files according to time and place. � The ability to Drag&Drop files – or folders – into and out of the XtraFolders wizard – makes it easy to integrate XtraFolders into your Windows environment. � When saved on a Network Server, your file – or folder – lists are downloadable from the Internet and can be shared among family – friends – and colleagues. It’s easy to share your “My Favorites” – folders – or create “My Favorite” – folders – that automatically synch across the Internet. � XtraFolders gives you the power to perform these various tasks with ease and with minimum effort – by allowing you to use certain templates for customizing the appearance and ease of use of your wizard. Benefits: ■ You can organize, search, copy – move – delete – or rename – files – and folders – conveniently. ■ You can create new folders – folders – and change the appearance of existing folders – and other items – right from the inbuilt Wizard. ■ You can create your own folders – and find all sorts of things using a search function. ■ You can search through shared folders – on a Network Server – for files – folders – and not miss anything at all. ■ You can easily generate content for your “My Favorites” – 2f7fe94e24

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✔ Created by the main author of the first Windows Folder Viewing utility, XtraFolders is a fast and easily-useful Folder Viewer software utility designed to make accessing your most commonly used folders easy. ✔ Fully-featured and extremely easy-to-use ✔ Works with any number of Folders in any number of PCs ✔ Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 2008 & Windows 7 systems ✔ Real time Explorer Window can be customized to your preferred view ✔ Auto display contents of every folder in Explorer Window ✔ Use Hotkeys to Jump anywhere in Explorer Window ✔ You can add additional Folders to the XtraFolders utility. ✔ Full-featured Search window ✔ Intelligent & user-friendly GUI design ✔ Full well-tested for its ease of use ✔ Very Easy to install and un-install ✔ No virus / Spyware / Adware ✔ No Adware / Spyware / Vshare / Trojan / Virus ✔ No Dialog Box ✔ 100% Compatible with all of your favorite third-party programs ✔ Inbuilt Web Browser ✔ Run on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 2008 & Windows 7 ✔ Run on all editions of Windows ✔ Real time Explorer Window can be customized to your preferred view ✔ Auto display contents of every folder in Explorer Window ✔ Support all windows-based PCs ✔ Support all Windows-based Apple computers ✔ Support all Windows-based Android devices ✔ Support all Windows-based Android tablets ✔ Support all Android-based mobile phones ✔ Support all Android-based Andriod tablets ✔ Support all Android-based laptops ✔ Support all Android-based desktops ✔ Support all iOS-based mobile phones ✔ Support all iOS-based iPod touch devices ✔ Support all iOS-based iPad devices ✔ Support all iOS-based iPad lite devices ✔ Support all iOS-based iPhone devices ✔ Support all iOS-based iPhone lite devices ✔ Support all iOS-based iPod touch devices ✔ Support all iOS-based iPad devices ✔ Support all iOS-based iPad lite devices ✔ Support all iOS-based desktop computers ✔ Support all iOS-based laptop computers ✔ Support all iOS-based netbooks ✔

What’s New in the?

– 4 different types of folders : local, remote, network, and share – Trailing folders – Clones : make sub-folders – Timers : set specific times – Start : automatically open files after they are dropped to the folder – Key-board shortcuts to create/move/copy/delete any of the folders, the trails, the clocks and the backups – Multi-file backup! You can backup over one or two folders, or a whole PC XtraFolders is a Windows utility that was designed with ease of use in mind by, by tightly integrating its functionality with the operating system itself. There are 4 types of XtraFolders, and as the name suggests, each is in essence a normal Windows folder. This means that each folder is used just like any other Windows folder. Still, there are some useful tools in the background. Clones: Clone folders let you mirror folders. It will create exact duplicates of all files and sub-folders contained within them. You can create any number of Clones from a single Source folder. When a file or folder is added, modified, deleted or renamed, the corresponding Clones are immediately synchronized to the Source folder. Trails: Trail folders let you keep a complete history of all changes to any files it contains. Each time a change is made to a file in a Trail folder, a copy is made automatically. You will never overwrite a file again and not be able to go back to a previous version. Timers: Timers are folders that have a specific time associated with each. When the clock strikes, all files within the Timer folder are “opened” automatically. Use it to set yourself important reminders throughout the day. Or run a program that performs some other action at a specific time. Start: Start folders automatically “opens” any file that is dropped into it. This can be used to run a program on another PC (distributed processing), or send someone a document and have it immediately opened on their PC. Limitations: ■ 30 days trial 3.1.6 25 Mar 2017 3.1.6 “Fix” application self-updates to build 3.1.6 with the usual “Fixes” (if any) 3.1.6 26 Feb 2017 3.1.6 We are currently in the process of testing the application. If you encounter any


System Requirements For XtraFolders:

Minimum: OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1 (32-bit or 64-bit) Processor: Intel Core i3 or AMD equivalent Memory: 2 GB RAM Storage: 500 MB available space Additional Notes: DirectX 12 Recommended: Processor: Intel Core i5 or AMD equivalent Memory: 4 GB RAM Storage: 1 GB available space