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File management is not an easy operation. Sure enough, it all depends on the tasks at hand, but there are various third-party enhancements out there which can handle specific jobs a little better than Windows can. For instance, XL-FileTools comes with functions to operate lists, copy and move, as well as to rename.
Process entire folders or a selection of files
As far as the visual design is concerned, the application does a good job at bundling together various functions in a structured interface, so you don’t feel overwhelmed. The three major categories, list, copy or move, and rename, are found in individual tabs, while corresponding options show up on access.
Input doesn't really matter in the sense that the application can perform its functions on any type of file format. As such, you can either choose an entire folder for the operation, or manually pick different files to be processed. If you choose the directory mode, you can also have subfolders targeted.
Enlist folder content, copy or move, and rename
List operations merely generate a report in which specific value sets are displayed. You can either list by file or extension, with options to include full path, MD5, SHA1, SHA256, and SHA512 hash values, number of lines, filename, and file details.
The second section, namely copy or move, is pretty much self explanatory. This either copies or moves items to a new location, with the possibility to duplicate the tree structure, and remove duplicates based on the MD5 hash code.
Last but not least, there’s the rename tab, which is responsible for changing the name of your files according to specific options. This can be done by hash value, through custom sorting, or replacing using regex, matching case, or regularly.
Regardless of operation, the application allows you to set up custom filters for better accuracy in the process. Parameters let you add filters by content, file size, last accessed, last modified, or only folders.
A few last words
Bottom line is that even if a file operation seems easy, it can immediately become frustrating when multiple files and folders are involved. As such, XL-FileTools delivers various tools to easily rename files, copy or move them to a different location, and list items, all based on custom filters.







XL-FileTools 9.3.2 Crack Download

XL-FileTools is a tool for advanced file management operations in windows. This program enables you to manage, copy, and duplicate files and folders. You can perform all file operations on any kind of files. XL-FileTools includes various tools to help you manage your files. You can perform file operations on various lists, folders, files.
XL-FileTools has a list of features. You can set up file operations based on various filters. You can copy and duplicate files and folders by file operations. XL-FileTools supports moving files to a different location in a tree structure. You can add filter in this application. This application is very easy to use and user friendly. XL-FileTools is very fast application. You can also use this application to rename files and folders.

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XL-FileTools 9.3.2 Crack Activation Key 2022 [New]

XL-FileTools is a general purpose file management tool which allows you to visually create and maintain a file tree with file management functions: copy, move, delete and search folders or files.
– Easily add/delete files/folders in a tree structure
– Search for files and folders across the tree structure
– Copy and move folders/files
– Delete sub folders and files in a tree structure
– Create a custom directory layout
– View and select files and folders
– View file attributes (size, date, type, last access, modify date, etc.)
– Display file modification and creation dates
– Rebuild the file tree
– Set the type of display (decrease/increase font)
– Change the display of the tree on a mobile device
– View and select file extensions (covers all formats supported by the software)
– Show tree structure of the main folders and files
– Rename files (by extension, by hash)
– Rename folders by name, by size and by type
– Sort file listings by name or alphabetically
– Copy/Move
– Replace the files with the same extension or with another extension
– Create directories
– Give the ability to browse directories
– Create archives
– Copy/Move/Replace/Delete
– Rename
– Custom Filters
– Display the MD5, SHA256, SHA1, SHA512, SHA224, and MD2 hash values of files and folders
– List the files or subfolders using a specific filter
– List files by name and extension.
– List extensions only
– List extension by size, type, extension or by regular expression
– List directories and show file name, size, date or MD5 and SHA1 hash codes
– Show MD5 and SHA1 hash codes for the main directory
– Show the last modified date and the creation date of files and folders
– Add or remove folders
– Add a custom directory layout
– Edit the tree structure
– Read all the contents of a specific folder (folders and files)
– Read subfolders and its contents
– Open a new file using a specific data format (Image, video, audio, any other supported formats)
– Extract the data from the selected file
– Convert the selected file to the required format
– Cut/Copy a file or folder
– Move files and folders to another location
– Drag and Drop files or folders


XL-FileTools 9.3.2 Free License Key

XL-FileTools is a helpful application for tasks like renaming and moving files and folders. With the program, you can explore files, navigate through folders, and also sort and even copy folders into other directories. Once you’ve created your preferred list of settings, you can apply them to any folders or files.
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XL-FileTools Description:
XL-FileTools is a helpful application for tasks like renaming and moving files and folders. With the program, you can explore files, navigate through folders, and also sort and even copy folders into other directories. Once you’ve created your preferred list of settings, you can apply them to any folders or files.

All Files Sync Description:
All Files Sync is a application that lets you synchronize data across multiple computers or devices, provided that these are of the same operating system and file system.

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What’s New in the?

XL-FileTools can be used in Windows in versions XP, 7, 8.1, or 10.
The application supports different file formats and creates files from other file formats.
XL-FileTools can be used to open remote files and any folder.
XL-FileTools can list information about files and folders.
XL-FileTools has a user-friendly interface.
XL-FileTools is free to download.
XL-FileTools is supported on Windows systems.

XL-FileTools Screenshots:

Key Features:

Move files/folders

Copy files/folders

Delete files/folders

Remove duplicate files/folders

Rename files/folders

XL-FileTools Requirements:


Win XP, 7, 8.1, or 10




File utilities


$19.00 USD

XL-FileTools Download:

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