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Add/Remove Items
Open (and open the current window) all currently open applications
Press Win key to open menu
Save and Load default or created menus
Themes (3 different “Windows Basic”, “Windows Classic”, and “Windows NT4 Basic” themes)
Don’t know which theme to use? Use the WIN7QL -Theme Selector
Define shortcut keys for the most frequent activities
Export as XML or HTML

Windows 7 Remote Desktop enables you to remotely log into a remote machine, and control its desktop (which is known as remote desktop sessions). It supports almost all Windows operating systems like Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 2008, Windows 2003, Windows 2000 Server, Windows NT, Windows CE, Windows 9x, and Windows ME. Once it is successfully installed and properly configured, all you need to do is click on the Start menu, search for the Remote Desktop feature, and you will be presented with the Remote Desktop right away. The procedure is very similar to other Remote Desktop tools out there, so I won’t go into detail about it. Windows 7 Remote Desktop Features:

Security: The connection is set up using an SSL connection, which allows only trusted people to access the system
You can log into a system, either by a user name and password, or by a certificate.
The Remote Desktop feature can be configured to only allow a specific user to connect to a system.
You can easily setup the shortcut to log into a remote machine. You can even share this shortcut with others if you like.

So, you see, the main advantage of using Win7 Remote Desktop is that it makes it very easy to access remote machines. But there’s more to Win7 Remote Desktop than just being a Remote Desktop tool. It also has a customized tool to help you to quickly login to remote machines, and then quickly configure them for usage. Just type the name of the remote machine in the Remote Desktop tool, and you’ll be directed to the startup options for that specific machine. Alternatively, you can choose to log in to the remote machine directly with the username and password for that specific machine. The remote machine will also be notified when a connection is attempted.

Win7 Remote Desktop Features:

Live Connection: Let’s you boot the remote machine at the same time, and get exactly what you see on the screen without additional software like VNC.
RDP Connect: Connect

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– Create multiple launchers and put them in the taskbar
– Support making shortcuts to your favorite applications (which are different from your favorites, which are your favorites)
– When your launcher is active, Win7QL will run in the background as a service
– It’s a free and open source application. All source code is open for everyone to view and edit.
– Win7QL can be configured to automatically update to the latest version.
– It supports multi-touch gesture. For example, you can launch one of your launcher menus by dragging it from the taskbar. If you don’t feel like using mouse, you can launch menu by touching/holding your finger at the launcher’s icon in the taskbar.
Send me a message on Google+, and let’s build a great project together.

A very simple bookmark manager, which works great as a replacement for Windows 7’s native Bookmark Manager.

Win7-Bookmark the fastest application launcher for Windows 7, it is a free app for Windows 7 Ultimate and Standard, which allows you to create a unique shortcut and auto run it, so you can access it without the need to open your Start Menu or Taskbar.

This is a Win7 shortcut that opens explorer.exe in the system folder.

If you have noticed that your system resources are being used more, you may be using an unnecessary start menu shortcut. This small tool will help you find and remove the unnecessary shortcuts, thus reducing your system resources usage.

We are “The Win7 Launcher” with our goal to make it super easy to quickly start up any program you use on a daily basis. It contains many useful and customizable features. We use the term customizable to mean changeable. It also means it saves the changes you make and shows them in the menus which you can click to select the changes you need to make.

AppGrid Creator is an easy to use, yet powerful and customizable Windows 7 / Vista / XP Sizing software program. The program is very easy to use and provides a wide range of options to enable you to easily Customize and create a Sizing List that meets your needs. Using the software is as easy as 1-2-3.

It is a small program with a lot of features.
It is made for WinXP and compatible with Windows 7.
It creates icons similar to Windows 7 Start Menu.
The icons are not the same as the Start Menu, but the program enables

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Windows Quick Launch provides a set of new windows, including an application launcher, a file launcher, a gaming launcher and a network launcher. With this launcher, you can find the Windows applications and files easily, and you can play games or connect to the Internet quickly and easily. With the hot keys provided, you can easily launch your Windows applications and your favorite games, as well as your favorite websites and network places, which make your computer life enjoyable.

Windows 8 Quick Launch Tool is a fast and stylish tool to launch applications from the Windows 8 Start Screen. It allows you to quickly and easily launch applications, especially when you use the new Start Screen.

It’s a freeware application launcher and is fully customizable with an easy to use interface.

Features include:

An application launcher for both desktop and tablet editions of Windows 8.2, and Windows 8.1.

An icon set that matches the Windows 8 start screen style.

A tooltip that is placed over the application when the mouse is over it.

A floating top taskbar menu.

Hot keys: you can assign your favorite hot keys to launch your applications and search for them easily.

You can add custom buttons, icons and the search bar to the toolbar.

The settings can be saved to a file, so you can set them once, and they’ll apply to any user account.

File associations: Quick Launch Tool allows you to set the default association for new files.

The application has its own icon that you can use as the start screen icon (from the Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 start screen)

Using the Windows 8 Start Screen, Windows 8.1 Start Screen, Windows 8 desktop, Windows 8.1 desktop or Windows 7 desktop edition, you can launch an application using a tool as a shortcut on the Start Screen. The hot keys provided will make the application launch easily. The shortcut will be placed on the Start Screen and the Start Screen will be minimized when you launch the application.

If you want to launch the application immediately from the desktop screen, you can use the option from the Windows Start Screen.

For example, if you want to quickly launch Edge browser, you can place a shortcut on the Start Screen. However, if you are using the desktop, you can use the start menu to quickly access the applications. This means that you have to open and close the start menu many times just to launch Edge. However, using a tool as

What’s New In Win7QL?

1. Menu Launcher: a standalone launcher applet you can add to your system.
2. Win7QL interface: simple to use, functional, and easy to customize.
3. Auto load: load the menu launcher as soon as you start the computer.
4. Menu Manager: create menus, add items, and modify menu properties.
5. Scripting: create the menu at any time using a script file.


Installer for Win7QL.
Download the package, unpack it to a directory of your choice, and double-click on the file named setup.exe to start the installer.
Follow the prompts.


Permissions for Win7QL.
This application is for personal use only. Do not redistribute.

License Agreement

This application is for personal use only. You cannot redistribute, and it cannot be shared with other users.


Win7QL is a toolbar application for Windows.
It is very simple to use and offers you a free “Start Menu” application.
Win7QL provides you with a simple application launcher that you can use to quickly access the applications you use on a daily basis.
Win7QL will help you create multiple launcher menus and place them in the task bar, for your convenience. Each menu can include an unlimited number of items, enabling you to customize its content as you feel fit.
Win7QL Description:
1. Menu Launcher: a standalone launcher applet you can add to your system.
2. Win7QL interface: simple to use, functional, and easy to customize.
3. Auto load: load the menu launcher as soon as you start the computer.
4. Menu Manager: create menus, add items, and modify menu properties.
5. Scripting: create the menu at any time using a script file.

Run or Open Applications: Win7QL has been carefully designed to make it easy to launch the applications you use on a daily basis
Create multiple, easy to access, launcher menus in the Windows Taskbar for fast access to the applications you use every day.
Access the applications and documents you use the most in seconds
Save time with an application launcher that you can customise as you wish.

Win7QL Features:

Multi-window, customizable

Create multiple launcher menus in the Windows Taskbar to display the applications you use the most.

Maximum number

System Requirements:

CPU: Intel Core i5 2.5 GHz or later
OS: OS X Yosemite 10.10.5 or later
Drivers: macOS High Sierra, macOS 10.12.4 or later
For a more comprehensive list of compatible hardware and drivers, please visit the
What’s New?
OS X 10.12.3
The new macOS 10.12.3 operating system update, delivered as a system software update, includes general improvements and is available for free to all current OS X Yosemite