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The way to success is paved with trial and error, but there needs to be some kind of organized structure in the way you manage every step of the way. This involves spending a lot of time with a calendar in plain sight to plan out events, and specialized applications like UK's Kalender help in this regard, with various time management tools. Multiple view types and creation options Just like the name suggests, the first thing you get to see when the application launches is an empty calendar you need to fill in with upcoming events and activities. By default, you’re placed in a month view of the current year, but you’re free to switch to week, fortnight, year, or a to-do list. Customization is one of the application’s strongest features, but not in terms of visuals, but rather the flexibility and diversity of editing tools. For instance, creating a new event can take some time, only if you want to go through all options like descriptions with date, time, and reminder settings, possibility to make it recurrent, and even have alarms set up, different commands and applications opened at that specific moment. Configure alerts, behavior, and network sharing Using UK's Kalender for some time can lead to an overwhelming menu, and can make it a bit difficult to identify elements of interest. However, there’s a thorough filter panel that gives you the possibility to configure rules according to almost all options a new event can be fitted with. Export options are at your disposal to save the list of things that need to be done as CSV or HTML reports. A built-in holiday selector lets you add general reminders on the calendar. There’s also the possibility to dive deep in the settings panel to configure visuals, general behaviors, as well as sharing options through FTP connections. A few last words Taking everything into consideration, we can say that UK’s Kalender manages to live up to expectations, and is a powerful time management application. The amount and variety of visual and behavior customization options are stunning, and all these are structured in an intuitive manner, letting anyone quickly accommodate. There’s also the portable edition you can use on the go.







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