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The package comes with a Help file, a log file, and of course the actual plugins. Overall, I really enjoyed this product. I found it to be fairly easy to use and the user interface to be very informative. The plugins are very good. Not sure why so many people dislike the granular pitch shifter/vocoder… it sounds great to me. The first thing that impressed me with this product was the impact that the VST plugins make on the sound of your music. The sample rate of the granular pitch shifter is 48 kHz and is highly effective. The sound is similar to a very good quality, digital version of the Moog Phatty and Omnisphere. The reverberation is nice and it was easy to get something very good out of this plugin. There is little to not like about the VST plugin. I think that the granular pitch shifter/vocoder is the better of the two VSTs. You get a lot more control with a small box, but at the cost of slightly more effort. The only problem with the granular pitch shifter is that the sampling rate is 48 kHz. I have great results from the granular pitch shifter when I am using lower sample rates. I have not been able to duplicate the same effect when I use 64 or 96 kHz. The reverb, the granular pitch shifter, and the vocoder all sound very good. The other plugins (flanger, echo, phase vocoder) are not very good. The reverb was easy to use. The granular pitch shifter is easy to use. The phase vocoder/vocoder is easy to use. I like the flanger a lot. The only issue is the sample rate of 48 kHz. If you only use the effects and do not use any of the other plugins, the granular pitch shifter would be a great tool to use. If you are using other plugins, then you may be better off looking for a reverb with a sample rate of 48 kHz. If you are looking for a good VST set of plugins at a reasonable price, this is the one to get. Joys I have often said that I will not do a review for any VST except a particular one I like. I have just talked with Jeremy from he-a in this regard and he is more than willing to enter into this type of agreement with me. So I will be giving

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• 9 effect plugins for the studio DAW • VST compatible • Multi-channel support • Separate presets for each plugin • Uses 8-bit/16-bit/32-bit samples • 7.7 mb • 1 day free trial • 2.99€/$ One of the exciting things about the plugins that we write about here at dBpoweramp.com is the ability to give a bit of exposure to a developer who has his or her hands quite busy. For instance, Elta has been working on an application that will completely replace the built-in Airwindows effect on a Mac with something that should be a much superior version in a number of ways. Elta’s legacy is decidedly a Mac-based one, but that is no reason to write off this product. Airwindows from Airwindows is an incredible piece of software and I’ve never met a user who wasn’t pleased with the effect that it adds to a Mac recording setup. Preliminary review Airwindows 9 is all about a new generation of features. With the original, it was a tool with limited features. It’s features were more reminiscent of the original reverb in most respects. And given the fact that Mac OS X only ever saw one version of the application, that’s not a good thing. The new generation of Airwindows is both extensible and evolutionary in most cases, but it is also relatively simple to find what you’re looking for. This is where Elta’s legacy comes in. If you were a regular user of the Airwindows on your Mac, you’ll probably find that there isn’t a lot of new ground to be covered in this latest iteration. The basics work and your old effects are still there to be used. The problem with that is that not very many people do that. And that’s largely because with new features like “dry” and “wet” controls, “filter size” and “frequency” with the spectrographs, the ability to use your own presets, enhanced MIDI features and enhanced audio recording options that Airwindows was never really designed for, there’s little that this effect is capable of doing that its predecessor was incapable of. So what does Airwindows 9 do that other reverb applications aren’t capable of? It does it all. In my case 2f7fe94e24

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Comprehensive synthesizer with nine advanced effect plugins. Get inspired by the superb design of Uhbik. A synthesizer with nine advanced effect plugins. The software is much more than just a demo; it was a design challenge and we only finished it last year. We wanted to create a package of reverb, delay, echo, chorus, flanger, pitch shifter, phaser, granular and equalizer plugins that is easy to understand for users and can be expanded by the plugin maker. Even for more experienced users of sound effects. Features: 9 effect plugins: • Reverb (9 methods, reverb, decay, decay shape, peak, draw, set, spread, flanger, filter) • Delay (26 methods, delay, feedback, loop, echo, pattern) • Chorus (5 methods, chorus, voice, polyphonic, poly, near) • Flanger (9 methods, flanger) • Chorus (5 methods, chorus, voice, polyphonic, poly, near) • Pitch shifter (10 methods) • Phaser (9 methods, phaser, waveform, wave mode, tape, patch, ramp, block, pulse, repeat) • Equalizer (6 methods, 30 bands, bass, mid, low, treble, tone) • Pitch shifter (10 methods) • Tuner (amplitude response, phase response, frequency response) • Midi note event input Four presets: • Classic R-Lipa reverb • Dystopian-psyched-out delay • Twin distortion (Amp + EQ) • Classic saw wave reverting (in ‘Phaser’ mode) Programming: • Simple presets for each effect, as well as each of the four presets • Individual settings and automation for each plugin (automation settings are saved into the plugin) • 24-bit/192kHz (SSR) recording and playback • MIDI input • MIDI output Installation: • Program for free, use free WinRAR to extract the archive • Unzip and install the files into the “plugins” folder on the host computer • Use the “new install” button in the “setup” dialog of the application and use the path “default” for all paths. • Double-click on the application “uhbik”

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Come and discover SoundWare EZ Chameleon, a software synthesizer for the moment with its users. The quick start guides will help you explore the various parts of this synthesizer. Enjoy the SoundWare EZ Chameleon as a sound sample editor, come and create your own melody, but also as a musical improvisation tool. If you have any questions, check the FAQs section. As always, we can provide you with more information. You can find the SoundWare EZ Chameleon at the Siliconera forum. Designed by the team who brought you SoundForge and the acclaimed Music Studio products, SoundForge 12 is a powerful tool for both composition and creation. The extensive toolset and workflow provide an intuitive user experience while the creative power of an industry standard 64-bit engine provides the precision you’ll need to create anything. The Digi Lab and MIDI tools make it easy to customize SoundForge to your exact needs, while the stunning new interface provides a platform for experimentation and production of any size and type. SoundForge 12 Pro Key Features: – 64-bit Underscore Engine – lets you load more sample data than ever before, while the superior sound quality and performance give you the confidence of a multi-million dollar program. – Creative Intent – the new, intuitive user interface makes it easy to cut, combine and manipulate sounds, or create your own completely original compositions. – Sound Forge Pro Plugins – an extensive set of powerful software tools and mixer plugins that make it easy to create the sound you want from your recordings. – Sound Forge Pro Plug-ins – a powerful, set of software tools and mixer plugins that help you create sound for any environment or device. The stock plug-ins included in Sound Forge 12 are the Creative Inspire 3 Sound Effects, the A-Distortion plug-in, and the eVerb plug-in. – Digi Lab – Sound Forge 12 gives you complete creative control for each track, as well as all the tools you need to build a complete mix or record session to best suit your needs. – MIDI Tools – The MIDI Tools in Sound Forge 12 make it easy to not only record and edit tracks, but also create music software MIDI controllers and other MIDI projects. – Audio and MIDI Tools – The Audio Tools in Sound Forge 12 make it easy to record, edit and create the sound you want to work with. – Plug-ins – A wide range of mixer plugins that can turn a single track


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Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 2.9 Ghz minimum 2 GB RAM 1024 x 768 minimum PAL/NTSC monitors supported Geforce GTX 450 Geforce GTX 460 Geforce GTX 470 Geforce GTX 480 Geforce GTX 590 Geforce GTX 690 STEAM LINK How to install: – Just install the program as a regular program and then run the game – When you