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TorkilsMicMuter is a useful application, which allows you to control your microphone via your keyboard. It allows you to turn it on or off with its own button. Though, the app is offered as a freeware and no registration is required. It has both a local and online backup feature to keep the user’s data safe.Media and Culture

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TorkilsMicMuter Crack

The MicMuter by Torkils Software is a small and effective software designed to mute the microphone of your computer when you’re not talking.

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TorkilsMicMuter Crack+ Full Version

TorkilsMicMuter allows you to mute your microphone while running on Windows 10 in a convenient and user-friendly manner. It resides in the system tray and has been optimized to work with full-screen applications. The app also provides you with various additional features that range from preventing the microphone from receiving input to generating customizable access keys to the mute button.
Key Features:

Lightweight design that is both small and fast
Resides in the system tray and has customizable access keys
Six images can be generated on your desktop that correspond to the mic’s current status
You can mute your mic in a variety of ways, including by opening its context menu and clicking on the Toggle Mute option or by setting up custom hotkeys
Presets can be used to automatically mute your microphone
The app can be used with various keyboard shortcuts, such as Alt + H, Alt + M, Alt + R, Ctrl + H, and Ctrl + M, to make working with it much easier
You can position the generated icons so that they are more visible to you
The app can be used with the Notification Center so that you don’t have to constantly see the mic’s current status
The app is also compatible with all voice-oriented applications that allow muting the microphone

TorkilsMicMuter Freeware Download Includes:

OS: Windows 10


Size: 17.5 MB

TorkilsMicMuter Crack Program

You can unzip the file and install it on your PC. Move the file to the installation folder you choose and run it. It is a freeware program and available in the English version. It is a small program and compatible with Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. It is a lightweight program that does not consume high processor resources and saves the system from using extra RAM.

Crack Software TorkilsMicMuter Latest v2.6.16.0

No License Key Needed To Use TorkilsMicMuter Crack


This page shows you how to install TorkilsMicMuter with Cracked Features.We added a video to support the solution.

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What’s New In?

Torkils MicMuter lets you mute your microphone with the keyboard or the system tray. Hotkeys and customizable icons can be used.
Download and Install TorkilsMicMuter
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