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– Multi purpose – TK-it! can be used as a link renamer directly in your browser, as a Twitter client or as a website analyzer to check web traffic statistics. – Fast and accurate – TK-it! is compiled with open source code, and has been optimized to have the least memory usage and the fastest execution speed. – Free to use – TK-it! is free and there are no limits on the number of domain name registered. – Customizable – The registered user can create their own fonts and skin, change the layout, add custom icons to status updates, set up inactivity checks to prevent spamming of your nameservers and much more. – Very intuitive – TK-it! makes the process of domain name registration intuitive and easy to use. For more information, visit – Nice domain names mean friendly people: – Unlike the self-service domain name registrars who normally require you to write a letter and then send it in to them, you can register an unlimited number of domain names at once with TK-it!. Furthermore, your account stays active indefinitely if you ever need to cancel. – Once you’ve registered one or more Dot TK domains, TK-it! will notify you once per hour on the domain’s anniversary. – Immediately after domain registration you’ll get your domain’s public DNS records sent to your email. – You can check the status of your current domain name using the domain’s name (TK-it! URL) or by providing your domain’s ID. – Inactivity check allows you to set time intervals of inactivity, preventing you from registering new Dot TK domains while your current domain is already registered. – See how many visitors you get using TK-it! from another brand’s webpage, directly from your browser. – Set email forwarding for your domains to automatically send emails from your domains. TK-it! – A browser link renamer and Twitter client Sometimes, you don’t want to click on the “View Website” button, but want to quickly remember the website or subdomain of a link. You can use TK-it! as a browser link renamer, as a Twitter client or as a website analyzer. TK-it! is currently in beta and is very customizable. TK

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The easiest way to create Dot TK domain names & URLs. Immediate access to check traffic and other information about registered domains. Attachments to any web page. Create Facebook posts & Tweets with it now. Set up email forwarding. Access to My Dot TK. Dot TK routing info. Unlimited registered Dot TK domains. Official Dot TK Facebook page at Install: Adblock or Adblock Plus. Install Dot TK on your iPhone & iPad (iOS 3.1 or higher): TK-it! Free Download Demo: Product & License TK-it! offers two different licensing options: Pro (€15/year) and Free (€5/year). If you are having trouble using TK-it! on certain platforms, please see the FAQs page for relevant info. Thanks to Michael Rady, Thomas Hanss, Martin Schmarda, Bruno Marone, Mickael Serfass, Gérard Schultz, Nicolas Gueguen, Laurence Lucq, Andrea Zwirner, Werner Langner, Tobias Fischer, Johannes Krapp, Thomas Klein, Sylke Oelschlägel, Patricio Michel, Christoph Dötsch, Markus Würth, Daniel James, Gernot Schmid, Marco Maggi, Dirk Dürr, K.W. The following contributors are gratefully acknowledged: Simon Hildreth, Simon Silverthorn Credits: Create link to a web page & change link format – If you have already created a link to a webpage or have an already existing link, try to use it to create a Dot TK domain name and then check the traffic. Try creating an image from a website or check the internet traffic to an image. Contribute to the knowledge base at 2f7fe94e24

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TK-it! is a powerful browser extension to rename links, images and frames on the internet directly from your web browser into unique dot TK (iTunes) domain names which you can share with friends and colleagues. Use TK-it! as a Twitter client to easily post links, images and frames on Twitter. When registering new domains you will receive an email from Address your newly registered domains directly from your browser without needing to use a website’s mail forwarding service like GoDaddy or HostGator or clicking forward links. Includes a Check TK-it! TK-it! is a tested and reliable tool for renaming and verification of links and frames on websites. Supports,.live,.tv,.website,.com,.net,.org,.biz,.name,,.cc,.info,.it,.museum,.design,.guru,.design,.film,.blog,.uk,.uk,.me,.asia,.asia,.me,.net,.life,.consult,.villas,.teach,.conf,.org,.immo,.info,.gr,.bank,.club,.sport,.cafe,.host,.co,.as,.us,.me,.kr,.asia,.guide,.bargains,.travel,.muni,.acad,.sch Get the Free Version! Alternative Downloads:

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TK-it!… TK-it! FREE is a Twitter client: TweaK and Twitter rename a link on a webpage from your browser into a Dot TK domain name -and- allows you to post this immediately to your Twitter account. Twitter renamed link to Dot TK and posted to Twitter Congratulations TK-it! is released: it is a FREE, for everybody, Twitter client. TK-it!… TK-it! is a free Twitter client: TweaK and Twitter rename a link on a webpage from your browser into a Dot TK domain name -and- allows you to post this immediately to your Twitter account. Registered users can add an unlimited number of Dot TK domains to their account. “Imagine a browser that can instantly register an unlimited number of domains for you by right-clicking a link -and- automatically post the changed link to your Twitter account. TK-it! instantly does just that for free”Q: How do I return a JSON Object if I am using a foreach loop and I am querying it against a MySQL query? I have this function in my Codeigniter PHP application. public function get_team_players() { //echo $this->blog_model->get_players(); $player_id = $this->uri->segment(3); $date = $this->uri->segment(4); $this->db->select(‘player_id,player_full_name,team_id’); $this->db->from(’team_player’); $this->db->where(‘player_id’,’=’,$player_id); $this->db->where(’team_date’,’=’,$date); $result = $this->db->get(); if ($result->num_rows() > 0) { // Return the results

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