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Especially developed to serve in handling mathematical functions and a wide variety of expressions, STIMATH is a utility that can be used for designing plots, visualizing data and more.
STIMATH is fully compatible with MATLAB expressions and it can be integrated in most programming environments or deployed as such, from a command-line shell.







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With STIMATH you can create interactive plots and data visualization with a wide variety of parameters and expressions. You can also automate your work with MATLAB expressions to build data tables and perform other actions without trouble.
Package contents:
STIMATH Version history (click on the arrow to download the file):
STIMATH 1.2 Alpha
This release has 2 main features
– New options: The colorbar have been improved.

December 19, 2011, STIMATH 1.2 Beta
STIMATH has been completely redesigned from 0.9 version to 1.2 version. This is our free open source project dedicated to the creation of mathematical graphic solutions with the 2 major points :
Automate graphical operations without hassle.
Create scalable and interactive graphical plots.
Thanks to STIMATH, it is now possible to create effective plots without suffering from blunders like in the case of MATLAB text() method, which is not intended to represent any kind of mathematical function, visualization nor data visualization.
To improve the application’s performance, STIMATH GUI (Graphical User Interface) has been reworked with the template of MATLAB GUI. This project is made in Matlab.
All previous version of STIMATH can be retrieved from the STIMATH website or from our free version, whose sources are available.
Version History:
version 0.9 beta
From the release of version 0.9 beta, I have taken the informations as well as the bug reports and answered some of the most common questions that I’ve been asked about STIMATH.
From the release of version 0.9 beta, more than 50 users have already decided to use this product.
Finally, they told me that I have a great application in their company to get a precise and reliable result.
In any case, please, let me know if there is a problem with the functions and/or the online documentation.
Thanks to all those who have been helping me to improve STIMATH.
Thanks a lot for your attention,
Yannick Sannon
STIMATH Website:
Software License:
STIMATH is free software. You can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation.
STIMATH is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY;

STIMATH Free PC/Windows [Latest-2022]

STIMATH Cracked Version can be run from the command line or from the
Windows graphical interface STIMATH GUI.
STIMATH GUI has the following main window:

In the main window, you can:

create plots and visualizations
test expression grammar, one per line, on the right
search for built-in functions and expressions
print help

In the Help window you can get help for any function or expression in STIMATH, and find supported data formats and supported application environments.

If you are creating plots or visualizations STIMATH allows you to change the pre-defined display options. You can get all available display options by selecting the Open display options dialog button on the main window toolbar.
STIMATH is distributed as an EXE file and works in Windows XP and higher.

You can run STIMATH by clicking on STIMATH.exe, on a command-line shell, or on the STIMATH GUI.
You can get help by clicking on the Help icon.

Stimath GUI

The STIMATH GUI accepts commands through:

hotkeys (for example F11 to run the STIMATH GUI in full-screen)
text field for typing expressions and function/expression names
a narrow (6×4) window that shows the results of evaluating expressions and parsing expressions

The following operation is possible through the GUI:

create plots, visualizations and graphs using the built-in functions
test expression grammar

For building plots, you can:

choose parameters for the plot
create a data sequence to be used to plot the graph
select a function to be plotted as a function of the data
choose a style to use
define a color scheme

All of the above applies to most of the built-in functions. The functions are organized by type and by function.

STIMATH opens the plot window in full-screen, meaning that it will be displayed on the screen in a fixed size, instead of getting smaller or changing the position.

If you want to exit the application, just close the window.

In order to type an expression into the text field, first type a single backslash, then a space, and after that, type the expression.
You can type spaces between operators, but you can not mix spaces and operators.

The text fields of the GUI are focused, as any other window.

In order

STIMATH Crack+ Free

STIMATH is a user-friendly and a highly efficient mathematics manipulator which allow fast access to a wide variety of mathematical functions, like hyperbolic, complex, trigonometric, logarithmic and exponential and, even from its simple use, it helps to understand how the function works.
The STIMATH provides two different modes of access: in the first one, all the functions are described on a single window.
In the second one, every function is described in a single window, but if needed, more windows are available so that the user can access other functions from the same window.
In both modes, functions can be executed either by clicking on them, or by just typing the name of the function.
In addition, the STIMATH offers five main functionalities and, each one of them, can be accessed from the main menu or from the menus included in the window.
These functions are the following:
– Plotting functions.
– Tractable functions.
– Math figures.
– Executing functions.
– References and help.
The STIMATH can plot several functions in one window, including multiple graphs.
Furthermore, it can plot functions in their most simple or complex forms.
STIMATH can also manipulate functions, when the user wants to plot, change, move, magnify and rotate.
Other than the basic properties of a function, STIMATH also allows plotting the domain and range, the complete axis, the intersection, the zero and the asymptotes, as well as the equations for functions and their series.
The STIMATH can be used for plotting any mathematical function in its simplest form and, for this, the user can provide the function, its value, its domain and the range, and many more.
On the other hand, it can plot the graph of a function, a curve, a surface or a function, both in its most complex form.
The STIMATH also allows the user to manipulate functions, plot them and their properties.
Besides, the STIMATH can provide a really efficient way to plot the graphs of the functions and the function values, through the Plotter window, where a user can evaluate the value of a function and plot its graph.
The STIMATH also allows changing all the most important parameters of the function, like axis limits, labels, scale factors, function limits, etc.
Also, STIMATH allows the user to provide the domain and the range

What’s New in the?

STIMATH is a scientific symbolic calculator. The syntax is similar to MATLAB but the data are represented by symbols and elements.
STIMATH is based on the following features:
• Load and execute mathematical formulae or expressions through functions;
• Display data in a similar way to MATLAB;
• Get information about functions using a help file;
• Apply as many transformations as possible to all symbols;
• Apply functions to all elements, sets or lists;
• Perform operations on groups of symbols, elements, sets or lists;
• Extract data from any element, set or list.

Software/File -CUI.Sf




STIMATH supports the following languages:
– STIMATH: Computer-User Interface;
– STIMATH.MXF: Mexican Format;
– STIMATH.MXD: MeXican Format with Extension;
– STIMATH.MXL: Mini-Mexican Format without extension;
– STIMATH.TXT: Text File;
– STIMATH.NB: Newton-Bell or the RPN-B format.

Mathematical languages supported:
– STIMATH.MXF: Mexican Format.
– STIMATH.MXD: MeXican Format with extension.
– STIMATH.MXL: Mini-Mexican Format.

Usage Notes:
STIMATH.TXT files are used to store data and representations of mathematical expressions. The text file can be used in the same way as in the MATLAB console.
To keep STIMATH as simple as possible and to avoid having to switch frequently between the programming window and the symbols, the files STIMATH.TXT, STIMATH.NB and STIMATH.MXF can only store one representation of the same type of expression.

If the user wants to save expressions in different styles, he must make several STIMATH.TXT files. One for each representation of the expression. However, by keeping each expression in its own file, he/she may have problems using the commands of STIMATH when working in other programming environments or in command shells.

During the “evolution” of STIMATH, the objective was to provide user-friendly and easy-to-

System Requirements For STIMATH:

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