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sFont is a advanced font manager, built for a single purpose: to help you quickly and conveniently browse and select different font types, style them, and copy them to the clipboard. sFont comes packed with a plethora of features, from basic filtering to advanced formatting of the selected text. It supports both 16 and 32-bit TrueType fonts, and also provides a wide range of other font types, such as OpenType, Postscript, PDF, TrueType Collection, and various other formats. To simplify the look and layout of the app, it adopts a simple and intuitive theme, both in the settings dialog and on-screen. On the other hand, all basic functions, like font addition or deletion, as well as filtering, are accessible by means of a keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + F). sFont doesn’t require complicated settings, so it can be easily used even by beginners. sFont Conclusion: Finally, sFont can give you a chance to inspect various fonts in their full glory, both at a large scale, and at a medium scale. Once you’ve found the one that best matches your preferences, you can apply font styles, such as bold, italic, underline, or strikethrough. Once you copy the text in the clipboard, you can use it anywhere, including in other applications, without suffering from additional hassles. More than a quarter million Mac and iPhone users are enjoying the best that TouchType has to offer. As a comprehensive tool for touch screen creation, TouchType allows you to add type directly to your canvas, right from your fingertip. This makes the product ideal for creating projects like signs, posters, flyers, and other creative products for the home and office. Whether you’re creating for print, interactive marketing, or mobile, TouchType will give you the ability to leverage the power of a dynamic, touchscreen interface. Its intuitive interface guides users through the process of creating using intuitive gestures. Just map out a layout in a canvas, add any number of type styles and sizes, and finish with your masterpiece. TouchType allows you to create your perfect type in three ways: Create, Type, and Copy. Create lets you start with a blank canvas and lay out your project in any way you desire. Type lets you type directly onto the canvas using your finger. Once your masterpiece is done, you can use Copy to easily paste it into your project or send it as a file. Pricing and Availability: TouchType

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– Browse font types easily using keyboard arrow keys or by name – Filtering font types by TrueType or not TrueType – Switch between normal and full character view – Change colors of letters and symbols in the upper right corner – Select the font type that represents you the best – Apply font styles, such as bold, italic, underline and strikethrough – Copy characters to clipboard and use them in other documents – Open official font websites – Font installed in system folder is listed here – With drag and drop you can move font or create a folderQ: Updating shared library and freeing memory on specific recursion function I have a shared library and a C program that accesses some functions. I’m having some trouble returning a set of values from the function. Here is a minimal example (I removed some error checking for clarity): main.c #include #include int f(int n, int *a) { int r; *a = n * n; return f(n – 1, a); } int main(void) { void (*fptr)(int, int *) = (void*)dlopen(“lib.so”, RTLD_LAZY); if (fptr == NULL) return 1; int a = 0; f(3, &a); printf(“%d “, a); dlclose(fptr); return 0; } lib.so int f(int n, int *a) { int r; *a = n * n; return f(n – 1, a); } I’m running into a runtime error “segmentation fault” which seems to be some sort of “core dump” file. In other words, the error is caused by a failure to return any values from f(). I know this is a memory issue, and I think I need to free some (memory) space. But I’m not sure how to go about. The docs say “If you modify the non-volatile static data in the shared library, 2f7fe94e24


* The most useful feature is choosing the characters, texts, or the smallest objects to be copied * You can choose the font family from several options in the most popular typefaces: Times, Arial, Calibri, or others * Characters are arranged on two rows * You can switch between normal and full character view * Different sizes available for the same character * Various color options, including light or black color * Different font styles available * You can copy text or selected objects * Filtering between available fonts in different typeface families * You can use the font families in your favorite applications. Copy and Paste text to Microsoft Word and Notepad! * You can preview fonts by pressing the `E` key * You can choose text size to view * You can load custom fonts * For even more safety, you can encrypt with the best encryption algorithms Requirements: * Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10, all editions * Minimum of RAM of 512 MB RAM * Minimum of 400 MB space available on the disk. Download Link (Latest Version) – Description: PRATT is a User friendly statistics software which helps you analyze and understand your data. PRATT can import files, create reports, do calculations, graphic presentations and save documents. It is compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 and can be used as a replacement for your personal double-entry bookkeeping system. With its easy-to-use menu-driven user interface, you will be able to quickly download, calculate, display and print documents. PRATT can import and export from various databases including Excel, Access, Paradox, Crystal Reports and text files. Files can also be exported to PDF or XLS format. In addition to exporting formats, PRATT allows you to choose the number of columns, the range of values and the header position and format. PRATT allows you to create and personalize your chart of choice, from basic line and bar graphs, to pie, area and box charts. You can use a wide range of simple and advanced statistical functions, including paired t-test, ranking, correlation, variance, standard deviation, centered, grouped/independent and weighted data. PRATT can create charts for any of the available categories and

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