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With the advancement in computer technology and recognition systems, various accessibility utilities became available. Face recognition and finger print readers are some of the most commonly used, but voice recognition is not to be disconsidered. Responding Heads is only one of the many applications used to literally make the computer understand you and talk back. Guided microphone setup One of the main requirements before getting to enjoy talking to your computer is a microphone. Right from the setup process, you are taken through a series of steps that require you to specify the type of microphone used, as well as its placement and a few test cases, to ensure that no problems occur during usage. However, the application is strictly dependent of the Microsoft Voice Recognition feature, with the help of which you can later on modify settings if not done properly in the setup process. As the name suggests, launching the application brings up a small human like head on your desktop. Fully configure commands By default, your new companion knows only a few tricks, such as to listen to you, stop listening or speaking, as well as go to sleep, function that temporarily disables it. In order to fully communicate, you need to manually edit each trick you want it to perform. All options become visible in a small context menu that lets you edit commands, toggle auto listening, enable a response line, as well as a few others. Cleverly entitled “Edit brain”, this option brings up a new window where commands are displayed. The application lets you add scripts, open files, speak a given line, type a piece of text or even read the currently selected text. Regardless of the resulting action, you need to write down a piece of text you need to speak, acting like a trigger. Only suitable for older Windows versions Overall, it all works fine with tests performed on Windows XP, managing to run applications, be informed of date and time, have text read and a lot more without pressing a button. Unfortunately, it didn't respond to any commands in newer versions of Windows, which is slightly disappointing and makes it lack practicability. In conclusion Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Responding Heads could have been a step forward in accessibility, but lack of compatibility with latest Windows versions leaves a little something to be desired. However, if you're still using XP and want a quicker way to launch applications, this might be what you're looking for.







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“Responding Heads is a voice command program that allows you to talk to your computer. Just speak a command or comment, click or tap anywhere on your screen and a special expressionless head appears on your desktop. You can type text into it using your keyboard, just like typing into any other window on your desktop. You can then use any existing voice recognition utility to control your computer. “Unlike existing software products in this category, Responding Heads allows you to get to grips with your computer in a way that is familiar to you. At the same time, the technology that is used by Responding Heads is proven and well suited to the task. So whether you are blind or have low vision, you can talk to your computer like you always have. “Responding Heads is a graphical application that runs natively in the Windows interface. It is free to all Windows users and you can download it from “The software is not just limited to voice commands. It is the all-in-one solution for making your computer hear and answer by speaking. All the major Office applications can be launched, and all your digital contents can be read out.” Browser extensions are usually trivial tools, but at their worst they can waste your time and create issues for you. The Facebook extension, installed and used over 3,000,000 times, is the latest example of a browser extension that just gets in the way of users. The update notifies users to the fact that they are being tracked with a cookie, but the message is displayed at the wrong time, and the extension actively makes you change your settings by default. And most importantly, this is happening on a site that works for you. Facebook launched a new feature called custom audiences last week, which allow Facebook to make advertising personal for each person. With this feature, Facebook can add the right information to a person’s profile, allowing it to target ads right at that person. The new feature isn’t perfect, however. Facebook managed to make a major screw up, bringing the entire advertising system down. The company got used to the new feature and a bug caused the site to think that all users were upgraded, so all the ads being targeted were replaced by standard ads and the targeted ads were replaced with standard ads. This bug is extensive, and the only way for Facebook to recover is to go in a user’s browser settings and remove the extension. Changing user settings is the best option, which seems

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Responding Heads is a text-to-speech, (TTS) speech synthesizer application. It supports multiple languages, and has no speech recognition/noise reduction tools included. It creates a virtual computer head on your desktop. Responding Heads gives you access to files, programs, e-mail, the Internet, and other applications. This article describes its features and how to use it. For more information about responding heads, see “Understanding Responsing Heads” in the Creating and Running Files on Windows MSDN Topics. Capabilities: • Create a virtual computer head on your desktop. • Read and speak text. • Find file and program names and open them. • Read, send, and save e-mail. • Configure and use Voice Recognition. • Speak a line of text. • Open file and program names and open them. • Open websites using the Internet Explorer web browser. • Listen to web pages. • Listen to background music. • Displays the time, date, and battery status. • Other information about the current computer. • Configure and use the Speech Recognition. • Read the e-mail in the Inbox, including the subject lines. • Send e-mail using the program. • List files and folders on the local machine. • Control your computer using Voice Recognition. • Set the current time, date, and the battery status. • Listen to the Windows voice and change the system sounds. • Configure and use the Speech Recognition. • Listen to windows voice or dictate text. • Speak message that pops up and read text. • Alerts for time, date, battery status, and system alerts. • Listen to music. • List files and folders on the disk. • Back up files and folders. • Open a folder, list its contents, and open folders. • Listen to web pages. • Listen to messages on the voice mail system. • Listen to prerecorded messages on the voice mail system. • Call a fax. • Use a telephone service. • Play and pause music. • Speak text of a currently selected text in any application. • Set the alarm. • List files and folders. • Choose the size for a window to open in. • Open a 2f7fe94e24

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‘Responding Heads’ is an application that enables you to talk to your computer like a real person. It can speak and listen to you, it can read your favorite websites and it can fully recognize your typed commands. ‘Responding Heads’ also works like a “mini Windows” on your computer desktop and on your computer notifications bar, so you can watch movies, play games, program or work without losing your attention. What you can do with “Responding Heads”: • Run programs: “Responding Heads” can read your favorite websites or text files and can launch your favorite applications or open the start menu. You can use it to jump from your web browser to the Google search page, or you can get your email. • Answer your questions: “Responding Heads” can easily understand your questions. For example, if you ask it “who is the president of U.S.” it will answer your question. • Schedule: You can schedule “Responding Heads” to perform specific actions at a given date and time, allowing you to have the computer answer your questions when you are not at home. • Typing and talking: “Responding Heads” can recognize your words and type your commands. It can type your email, add text and files to your “Sent Items”, “Favorites” or “My Documents” folders, it can show you the last items opened, the date, the time, or whatever. • Open file: “Responding Heads” can read your favorite files. You can have it open your favorite movies on your computer, schedule downloads or search Wikipedia. You can also have it open your music playlists or your documents. • Recognize websites: “Responding Heads” can recognize your favorite websites. You can have it read the web pages of your favorite blogs and insert the articles in your PDF files. Communicate with your child or loved one by voice using this application. It is an application created by MiGoX. It supports various commands for setting, playing music, sending messages, responding to commands and even an alarm clock. It can respond to specific commands and you can program it to execute commands on specific dates and times. You can set the commands in categories so that you can easily address certain information or time using commands. Create calendars, reports and other documents on your screen in real time with this easy-to-use application. Tap your screen to enter the application, select the event you want to

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Responding Heads is a software for Windows XP that has been developed and published in 2009 by Kein Gekko. The trial version contains the basic functionalities for free, while the main version costs $60. If you want to get it now, it is available in the download link, below. …Read more… In this article I will be installing the “Functionality Sweeping” feature into an existing Microsoft Office application suite. So we are going to use Microsoft Word 2007, Microsoft Excel 2007, Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 and Microsoft Access 2007. A word of caution, the following steps will involve the use of the Registry editing which may cause some problems if you do not do so carefully. It is always advisable to save a backup of this registry settings before attempting to edit, in case you screw up your system. The tools and the method I will show in this article for installing Functionality Sweeping is based on the method used by the Chrome extension “Functionality Sweeping 2.1″ released on October 2011. The reason for this is that the last time I tested Functionality Sweeping, it did not work properly in Microsoft Office 2010. Initial instructions In order to successfully install Functionality Sweeping in Microsoft Office 2007, I was forced to install additional tools including the following: Microsoft Office Tools A. Microsoft Office Tools B. Microsoft Office Tools C. Microsoft Office Tools A. Download and install the Microsoft Office Tools A from the following link: Run the tool “Microsoft Office Tools A.exe”. You will be prompted for the user name and password of your existing Windows user. If you don’t have it, you can also add a user with administrative rights. Wait till the tool finishes installing and then start Microsoft Office Tools B. Microsoft Office Tools B. Download and install Microsoft Office Tools B from the following link: Run the tool “Microsoft Office Tools B.exe”. You will be prompted for the user name and password of your existing Windows user. If you don’t have it, you can also add a user with administrative rights. Wait till the tool finishes installing and then start Microsoft Office Tools C.

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Minimum: OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (64-bit) Processor: Intel® Core™ i5-2520 @ 2.40GHz or AMD Phenom™ II X2 550 @ 3.0GHz or better Memory: 2 GB RAM Graphics: Radeon™ HD 5850 or better Hard Disk: 50 GB free space DirectX: Version 11 Network: Broadband Internet connection How to Install? 1. Run the game setup. 2. Download