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The Rdatesvc application was designed to be a service that reads the current time from a unix time server (port 37) and sets the local system time of the Windows machine. Copy the file rdatesvc.exe to a suitable folder (e.g. “C:Program Files datesvc”), then run the program. A Dialog will appear where you can enter the addresses of the time servers and the synchronisation interval in seconds. After pressing OK, the service will be created and started. You can use multiple servers which are contacted one after the other until one of them gives a response.


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Usage: msrdtsvc [-?|-v|-H]… msrdtsvc locates the time server addresses and synchronises with them. … OPTIONS: … -? Display usage instructions -v Dump the service description file -H Print out the service program … SSL/TLS compatibility ISymSCC could also be built with SSL support if the following libraries are available SSL/TLS compatibility for the Network Service [in case of Windows XP] For a new IsymSCC release, SSL support for the Network Service is very important. The IsymSCC Network Service can also be called through Java as a Network service. If you have IsymSCC 1.5 installed (as an above given zip file), you can use it with SSL. The following steps are explained for a standard installation. Copy IsymSCC to “C:Program Files” Create a folder “Program Files\IsymSCC\bin” Copy the required files to this folder. In the file IsymSCC.bat, change the “SERVICE” line to SET SERVICE=network.services In the file IsymSCC.ini, change the “ServicePath” line to Set ServicePath=C:\Program Files\IsymSCC\bin\IsymSCC.exe In the file IsymSCC.ini, change the “ServiceType” line to ServiceType=Program In the file IsymSCC.ini, change the “Executable” line to Executable=IsymSCC.bat In the file IsymSCC.ini, change the “Arguments” line to Set Args= /host= /port=37 /s=60 In the file IsymSCC.ini, change the “StartupType” line to StartupType=2 In the file IsymSCC.ini, change the “ErrorControl” line to ErrorControl=set In the file IsymSCC.ini, change the “TcpNoDelay” line to TcpNoDelay=1 In the file IsymSCC.ini, change the “Network” line to Network=Y

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Rdatesvc: Title: Datesvc Service. Author: Jürgen Hölscher, FreeBSD Documentation Team, FreeBSD Project. Description: This application lets you read the current time from a time server or ntp daemon, and sets the local system time to that time. It can be used to synchronise your time to a NTP time server (easiest to configure) or to any unix time server (port 4). The rdatesvc.exe file can be used as an ActiveX component from.NET applications. Addresses of time servers and synchronization intervals to contact, can be changed after installation. Configuration Options: Configure start/stop parameters (button pressed). Highlight the server you want to synchronize time from and enter the number in the fields to the right. The command line parameters must always be double-quoted. The server address is to be included as a parameter to rdatesvc. After the server is selected, click OK to start the service (default is to start it always automatically). Rdatesvc can be used from.NET applications using the rdatesvc.exe ActiveX component. (Dialogs are in French. I don’t know any way to change that. Besides, I speak only very basic French, so I don’t have the feeling for a professional translation. The program should be 100% English.) A: The application is actually an ActiveX component. The.NET wrapper for that ActiveX component is now available. The.NET Framework version is 2.0 or later. See the How to use rdatesvc.exe ActiveX component page. Q: How to set Property in Session class with the help of Eval? I have a session variable in which i have a list of property name and value. i need to set this session variable dynamically, with the help of Eval(). Session[“setting”] = list; Eval(“list[1].PropertyName”).ToString().Trim(); This is not working. Please help. A: I managed to solve this issue. I just needed to add a class which implements IList and with the help of a Session Property i was able to set the session variable using the Eval command public class UserProperty { // Interface IList 2f7fe94e24

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– opens a time-server connection on port 37 (cf. service options) – reads the time from a server – checks whether the server also offered a time synchronisation service – if yes, synchronises the local time with the remote server – finally, updates the local computer system time to the time received from the time server COMMENTS: Installation: You need to supply a folder for all the files to be installed into. If you supply a data path, the files should be installed in that folder. Otherwise, the files are installed in the current folder. Special: If the current folder has a subfolder called INSTALL, the files will be installed in that subfolder. And: All files are installed in a folder called Rdatesvc. The user’s path is added by the server-installation. INSTALL: Backup all files in this folder and copy them to a suitable folder. If this is the first time you install the program, then the files could already be installed in a folder called Rdatesvc. You should delete all files in this folder first. RECOMMENDATION: You should delete all files in this folder first. Define the following values in the configuration file C:\Progra~2\Rdatesvc\Rdatesvc.ini: I normally use GTIDd to keep track of the running instance, where the list is created and where it is kept online. GTIDd can be used in both UniDRC and BKDC. So in UniDRC, it’s normally quite straight forward to set the list up as you like. In ZK, the data for GTIDd is kept in ZK’s GIDD directory, and ZK does not see it as a list. The only way to get GTIDd to work in ZK is by setting CONFIG.AUTO_RESTART_GTIDD_LIST=0. This will stop it from being automatically killed by ZK when it is restarted. The following lines in the configuration are normally included: *RDB$GTIDD:{}* COMMENTS: This is the location of the GIDD directory of the UniDRC server. If the database is stored on a different server than the UniDRC server, or if the DB is a local RDB file, then this setting must be modified accordingly.

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The rdatesvc program is designed to work with a number of different time servers, including the ntp-server and rdnsc-server. After the rdatesvc service was created, its services.msc can be accessed by double-clicking the service. To edit the service, the following steps are required: * Click the Properties button * Open the Services tab * Change the Enabled to No or the Status to stopped * Click the Stop button to stop the service * Click the Service Manager button * Click the Change Startup Type button * Select the Schedule button * Select the Start automatically on system startup and Enable the service Press OK * Click the Cancel button to revert the service to its default state The rdatesvc service will be created by Windows. In order to start and stop the rdatesvc service, the following commands can be used: Command Path Rdatesvc.exe shutdown -s Rdatesvc.exe /y Rdatesvc.exe /x Rdatesvc.exe /t Rdatesvc.exe /s The /x switch is valid with the Rdatesvc 1.2 program. The /t switch was added with the Rdatesvc 1.2 update. The /s switch was added to the command line in the change start up type menu. The /y switch will shutdown the system. The /x switch will stop the service. The /t switch will stop the time server. The /s switch will change the settings for the time servers to be used. See this guide for more information on how to configure the rdatesvc service. Rdatesvc’s Target is registered in the Registry. For assistance with the following registry values: Target: Add key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\Rdatesvc Target: Add value Name: rdatesvc Target: Set string data “Rdatesvc /r” Target: Set string data “Rdatesvc /x” Target: Add value HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\Rdatesvc\Parameters tp-server Target: Add value string data “Rdatesvc /t=ntp-server /r=” Target: Set string data “Rdatesvc /t=rdn


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Min: OS: Windows 10 64-bit or Windows 7 64-bit Processor: Intel Core i5 2.7 GHz or AMD equivalent (2.8 GHz or higher) Memory: 4 GB RAM Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050/AMD Radeon R7 260x or better DirectX: Version 11 Network: Broadband Internet connection Storage: 4 GB available space Headset: Headset is required for voice chat only Recommended: OS: Windows 10 64-bit or Windows 7 64