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It works in two modes:

1. Scanning – it scans all open ports and gives you a quick
list of which are open and which are closed.
2. Custom Mode – you can enter a list of IP, subnet or wildcard
address which will be used as a mask, and also enter a
beginning and ending port. When running under windows,
WinPcap is required as well as WinPcap can be downloaded
from here.

Pscan Product Key and WinPcap can be downloaded here:

Also see an example of its operation here:

Note: For security reasons, if you are accessing a
Windows box, you need to enter the domain username and



v1.1 – added Open, Close and Lock modes. In addition
there is a check to determine if the port is running or
not and the set of ports will be displayed rather than
just the IP and port.


v1.0 – Fixed a bug when a series of IPs was entered.


v0.13 – Windows/WinPcap/Winsock issue.

Bug Fixes

bug that caused port to be skipped in listing if there are
multiple IPs.

Restored functionality in the case of multiple IPs in the

fixed a bug to figure if a port was runnign/closed by looking
at the port state only when the check box was

fixed a bug that wasn’t finding the correct IP
address when the port was not found.

deferred service check

fixed a bug that wasn’t skipping a port when another port
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Pscan Crack

* the next big update will be the addition of support for netmasks, so that scans can be ran against a subnet (eg
* More information and documentation will come as it develops.

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11) Easily create new menus for the various modules.
12) Has automatic system backup to a folder (after each run).
13) Icons now have a popup to indicate how many users you have selected, or if you have enabled password protection, etc
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Pscan Patch With Serial Key Free

Before using Pscan, install a port scanner for Windows. This is done by clicking on Add/Remove Programs in the Windows Start Menu, going to Control Panel, and selecting Add/Remove Programs. In the Add or Remove Programs window, click on View installed updates, and then follow the directions, or go to to download the latest update.
After the installation is completed, restart your computer and run Pscan.
Pscan Options:
When Pscan is run, it will look for the scanned ports under a subfolder named as:
” scan\scaned-ports\scan-name
Pscan can be run without any parameters as it will search for all scanned ports, by default.
Pscan will search for ports and make a port scan for the time that the user chose for the scan.
The result of the scan will look something like this:
Scan type:
Scan start time:
Scan end time:
Scan start port:
Scan end port:
Scan time:
Scan duration:
Scan port:
Pscan will also check the IP address if you tell it to do it.
IP Address:
Scan Mode:
Pscan will also check if the ip is open or closed. The default port it will scan is 22.
Pscan can be used with various parameters. To show the different parameters, just press the SPACE key and a prompt will come up, like this:
press SPACE to show options prompt
The parameters are:
scan source – The source can be either “c:\list.txt” or “scan.txt” or “prog.bat”. If the path is not specified, then Pscan will look for it as a.txt file in the same folder as the exe (in windows it is usually in the current folder).
scan target – The target can be either “c:\list.txt”, “scan.txt” or “prog.bat”. If the path is not specified, then Pscan will look for it as a.txt file in the same folder as the exe (in windows it is usually in the same directory).
duration – The default duration that a port will be scanned is 2 minutes. It takes a “seconds” parameter too to adjust the duration.
port min – The minimum port that will be checked.
port max – The maximum port that will be checked.
port start – The start port of the range

What’s New in the Pscan?

Scan purpose:
It will scan a list of ports, and will find out if the port if open or closed.
This tool is very useful for penetration tests, or to see what services are running on a system.
Ports which are closed by definition are not scanned by the tool.
Pscan has three variables:
$1 – Ip address to scan
$2 – Port range to scan
$3 – Ip address to send the results to
Pscan is very useful if you want to see what services are running on a target.
Ports closed by definition are not scanned by the tool.

A full utility that scans a list of hosts for Open Ports and Shuts down
non-filtered hosts/IPs.
Ports are scanned for me to see the response time and Hosts are shut down
for a period of time defined by the time variable (if time is not set
the default value is 15 min).
You can select a host/ip to shut down at the moment of scan.
You can set the time for shut down to 0 to shut down all hosts at once.
Download Link (There is also a trial version available):

-h : Sets Time period for shutdown (default 15 minutes)
-a : Shuts down selected host/ip
-o : Shuts down all at once (while -a is set to 0), do not use together
-t : Sets number of days before cleanup occurs
-u : The host’s IP address (optional)
-a : The host’s IP address (optional)
–help : Show help/summary
This is an old project, some packages are no longer maintained and broken.
You can download a new and better version from my GitHub repo:

What’s New:
-Altered the way port scanning

System Requirements:

* Multiple players can play the same game simultaneously
* The versions of Chrome and Flash Player (HTML 5), supported in your computer, must match.
* There is no difference in playability between the left and right sides of the screen.
* A browser is needed in order to view the game.
* No cookies or plugins are needed in order to play the game.
* The game can be played using all major browsers.
* The game can be played using PCs, Mac