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• Allows you to highlight and text you want to read from the screen. • When using Windows Icons, the application will also provide you with a mouse wheel that will allow you to scroll. • In addition, the application can be used as a Teleprompter tool. • The program can be used to read text that has been pasted into the application. • It can also be used to make speeches. PromptCast Portable Features: • Allows you to highlight and text you want to read from the screen. • When using Windows Icons, the application will also provide you with a mouse wheel that will allow you to scroll. • In addition, the application can be used as a Teleprompter tool. • The program can be used to read text that has been pasted into the application. • It can also be used to make speeches. 14. Jabberwocky as Prompter Jabberwocky is a simple to use app with a few features, and functions as a teleprompter for Windows PCs. Jabberwocky was written by Janos Buczolka who also put together an open-source MP3 player called MPlayer. Jabberwocky Includes: • Prompter to read a text • Supports inserting a Micekd Wheel for scrolling. Jabberwocky Features: • Simply copy the app to a folder and run it. • A teleprompter that can read from a text file. • Supports Micekd Wheel for scrolling. Jabberwocky Advantages: • Easy to use. • Can read text from a text file. Jabberwocky Disadvantages: • You have to copy the application to a particular folder to launch it 15. Read Clip Easily drag and drop text to read from a screen. Highlights text when text is selected. Create text prompts You can create text prompts easily using blue and green text. Settings can be viewed at any time by clicking the settings button. Features: • Allows you to read text from a screen. • Highlight text that has been selected. • Create text prompts by manipulating text. • Settings can be viewed at any time by clicking the settings button. • Can easily create text prompts of your own. • Text to read from a

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——————————– PromptCast is a simple application you can use as a teleprompter. It can automatically scroll any text you specify. This type of software is useful for practicing or making speeches in front of a webcam, for example. Open-source teleprompter tool The utility isn’t wrapped in a setup file. Instead, you can copy PromptCast to a custom directory on the disk and run the app by just double-clicking its executable file. It’s also possible to copy PromptCast to a USB flash drive to seamlessly fire it up on any PC without setup. However, it’s not entirely portable because it depends on.NET Framework to work properly. It doesn’t add new entries to the system registry or create files on the disk without your approval. Because the teleprompter app is open-source, the downloaded package also includes the source code that can be studied by programmers. Tiny buttons cannot be resized As far as the interface is concerned, PromptCast adopts a very small window with tiny buttons, which are pretty difficult to explore since there are no options available for increasing the size. It’s actually impossible to read scrolling text from a distance this way. You can type or paste text in the empty panel or open content from TXT, RTF or HTM files, create bullet lists, align text to the left, right or center, as well as set the font type, size and color. Editing and prompter mode with adjustable speed Once you leave editing mode and switch to the prompter, you can enable text scrolling by pressing play, pause, stop and rewind text, as well as increase or decrease the scrolling speed. Keyboard shortcuts are supported for these commands. As far as program preferences are concerned, the teleprompter utility gives you the possibility to change the default animation duration of the mouse wheel scroll (milliseconds) and scroll distance (pixels), and keep the app on top of other opened windows. Conclusion All things considered, PromptCast may not be feature-rich but it offers a simple and straightforward set of options for reading auto-scrolling text off your screen as a teleprompter. 944,645 Downloads on Last Week —————————————————————- News and Headlines – April 28, 2009 —————————————————————- [ News ]: * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 2f7fe94e24

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An open-source project developed by developers of the application, PromptCast contains a simple, lightweight and easy-to-use teleprompter tool. It can automatically scroll any text you specify and allow you to increase or decrease the scrolling speed on the fly. Download PromptCast Portable 1 From the Start Menu, right-click PromptCast Portable and choose Run as Administrator. 2 To copy the app to a custom directory on the disk, click OK. The setup package is copied to the directory. 3 Press OK to exit the InstalWizard. This is a simple program that only asks you to choose whether to create a desktop shortcut, copy the program to the desktop and run the app by double-clicking its shortcut. 4 The default directory is the program’s installation folder. 5 To launch PromptCast, you need to double-click its desktop shortcut. To create a shortcut, in the Start Menu, right-click the desktop and choose New | Shortcut. Click on the shortcut and then click Advanced. 6 Type the Name field with the name PromptCast and press Enter to keep the default text for the target path. 7 The target path displays the location of PromptCast Portable. Type the shortcut’s location (e.g., %PROGRAMFILES%\PromptCast Portable) and click OK. 8 A shortcut is now added to the desktop. To open PromptCast, double-click its shortcut. 9 If the shortcut is grayed out, double-click the hint to make it executable. 10 In the program’s interface, select Edit | Preferences. 11 Click the Preferences tab and change the scrolling speed from the drop-down list. 12 To change the animation duration, adjust the Duration field and press Apply. 13 To change the scrolling distance (in pixels), adjust the Distance field and press Apply. 14 Click OK to exit the Prefferences dialog. 15 Click the left-most button of the buttons, which is not shown on the screen, and move it to the top of the displayed buttons. 16 The buttons can be resized, but the text cannot. To resize a button, drag the border of the button. To move a button, click the left-most button to select it and then move it with the mouse. 17 Click OK to close the Preferences dialog. References: PromptCast How to add the open source scripting IDE to your Visual Studio? A

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Unlock the power of your computer, phone, tablet, or any other computing device with PromptCast, the ultimate tool for making speeches on any gadget. Prompter mode: – Enable text scrolling, at any desired speed, with or without an animation. – Adjust the text distance from cursor. – Customize the text alignment in a right, left or center. – Add multiple bullet lists of text with custom layout (e.g. 1st, 2nd or 3rd item) for any number of desired items. – Add a table to any sequence. – Set the text color, as well as the font type and size. – Change the cursor color. – Change the font size. – Set the cursor position to any point. – Enable keyboard shortcuts for scrolling text, clicking on, hovering and selecting bullets, tables and text frames. – Customize the background and foreground color. – Redesign the app according to your choice. – Enable a simple interface with tiny buttons. – Change the font of the text area on the screen. – Improve the overall look of the app. The downloaded package includes a detailed manual and source code for studying and improving PromptCast Platform Compatibility PromptCast for Windows requires Windows XP SP3 or higher. (PromptCast Portable is compatible with Windows 7.) The free app needs at least 1.7 GB free disk space to install. A reminder popup shows up immediately before you install the app when you launch it for the first time. Supported Webcams PromptCast is compatible with both front and rear webcams. It doesn’t require to be installed in the webcam’s place, as well as it supports Skype and OBS. In the documentation, there is a separate article dedicated to Skype voice chat. Easy Installation You can download PromptCast and its free Lite version from the author’s website. It also includes the source code for open-source projects. To install the app, the file named PromptCast.exe needs to be copied to any directory on your disk and double-clicked to start the app. You can also install the app using portable software such as WinZip or WinRAR. Download PromptCast Download the free version of PromptCast Portable via the official website: Download PromptCast for Windows. Download PromptCast Portable

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It is possible to use the game on tablets but some features might not work. A little knowledge about how games work is needed for the game to work. The game is made for PC but if you can not use it you can try the mobile version of the game. The game requires at least 800×600 screen resolution. WHAT’S NEW IN THIS RELEASE MAJOR FEATURES: -Added support for the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X -Player can now modify the colour of his /