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Open Multiple Files is a free and simple to use application that will help to improve efficiency when trying to open, organize or work with several files or folders at the same time.

Unlike the standard file manager app, this one doesn’t show the number of open items in the list, it’s more focused to provide you a file manager that will help you to open all the files and folders you want at once.

This app not only offers a better way to open multiple files but will make your work much easier. The app supports opening files, folders, PDF, audiobooks, or even youtube.

For best performance, please restart the app after launching all the files so it actually works, the bundled task management feature will optimize your workflow. You can also create groups for your files as desired.

Open Multiple Files description:

Open Multiple Files is an simple but useful application that will help users to open, organize, work with and clean their multiple files, folders and files at once. It is a standalone application, so it doesn’t require root access.

The interface is very simple and easy to use. You can open multiple files, then drag and drop them on the location you want.

Open Multiple Files works perfectly with folders and files:

It lets you open folders or files, drag and drop files to the folder you want, or drag and drop folders to open their content.

Open Multiple Files allows you to open documents, files, folders, pdfs, or audios as well:

Open Multiple Files works great with folder icon:

You can open a folder icon or select the file you want to open, then drag and drop it on any folder.

It also works with applications, such as web browser, just drag and drop the desired file or folder.

Open Multiple Files allows you to open documents, folders, files, pdfs, or audiobooks as well:

Open Multiple Files is very easy to use, and you can easily start working with your multiple files and folders.

The user interface is very simple and clean, and not all the information can be hidden.

Open Multiple Files Description:

Open Multiple Files is an simple but useful application that will help users to open, organize, work with and clean their multiple files, folders and files at once. It is a standalone application, so it doesn’t require root access.

The interface is very simple and easy to use.

Open Multiple Files Download

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Manage any number of files or folders from a single web page or folder structure.
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There is also a new settings menu that allows you to manage the different settings of the app.
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What’s New In?

Named as one of the best file-management apps for iOS devices, Open Multiple Files serves as a simple multi-file opener, allowing for simultaneous opening of files and URLs or even executable files without the need to double-click each file individually.
While the interface may seem barebones at first, it has a large number of customizable features, including the ability to add new files, URLs or executable files, order the content, and keep track of the results of such an activity. After opening a file, users can save a listing of the contents by naming it and then setting it as a recurring task to open in future.
Further resources:
Size: 2.09MB
Free for Download

With the ever-growing demand for convenience, being able to have access to many things simultaneously in order to get more done has never been more prevalent. With Open Multiple Files, a casual search into Apple’s App Store can still return many apps that promise to give users the same capability. However, having to individually open files or folders can become quite tiresome and inefficient. Fortunately, these issues can easily be remedied with the help of Open Multiple Files, an iOS app that has the potential to become a quick favorite.

Main features:
Add multiple files, or URLs or executable files to the app
Preset a preferred order for the files you add to the app
Launch all the added files on demand
Save all the content in the app
Connect to the settings and power outlet by way of a cable

The basic premise of the app revolves around users adding a list of files or folders to the app and then launching all of these at the same time. Although the app itself is quite simple, it offers the ability to implement a large number of customizations and settings, including the ability to drag-and-drop files, or URLs or executables. Each added file will be added to the app’s main viewing area, where users can then launch it at any time. To do so, they can either launch it by tapping on one of the file or folder names, or they can launch them all by tapping on the blue Launch button.

Users can launch all the added content by either tapping on the Blue Launch button, or by hitting the desired task on the app’s home screen
Open Multiple Files works without the need to double-click on each file. A little list of each added file is displayed on the main viewing area, which the user can tap on

System Requirements:

Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista
20MB free space
Single player
Vesa single screen version
Vesa multi screen version
Matrox dual screen version
Matrox tri screen version
Matrox quadruple screen version
Matrox sextuple screen version
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