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NetXtremeProxy is a open source.NET class library that allows you to send data to a host using a proxy server. It supports HTTP, SOCKS4, SOCKS4A and SOCKS5.
Use ProxyClient and ProxySettings classes from NetXtremeProxy.NET class library to simplify the task of developing applications working with the proxy servers.
Provides both C# and Visual Basic.NET development environments for.NET developers
This open source.NET class library also comes with a built-in control/widget/component that can be displayed in a form. The widget can be used to control/manage the ProxySettings settings. The control and widget works on Windows, OS/X and Linux.
Even though the source code of this.NET class library is available on the github repository, we appreciate your suggestions and contributions to improve the functionality of this open source.NET class library.NetXtremeProxy also comes with a sample demo application that allows you to change the proxy settings.



NetXtremeProxy library has been tested under Microsoft.NET Framework 4.5, 4.5.1, 4.5.2, 4.6, 4.6.1, 4.7, 4.7.1, 4.8, 4.8.1 and 4.8.2 as well as Mono 4.2.1. The library has been tested with Mono version 4.0.0 on Windows, as well as on OS/X. Currently, the library does not provide support for Windows Phone.


NetXtremeProxy has been tested under Windows and Linux operating systems. It works with Visual Studio 2010 and above versions of the.NET Framework. NetXtremeProxy uses the.NET class libraries for Window, Excel,


NetXtremeProxy is released under the GNU General Public License version 3 (GPL). See the file “License.txt” for more details.
The sample project included in this download uses specific identifiers in the sample source code which must not be used in final products.

Source code

The source code of the.NET class library and the demo application is located on the github repository. The source code is Open Source software under the GNU General Public License version 3 (GPL). See the file License.txt for more details.

The source code is on github

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NetXtremeProxy is a class library to easily communicate with a remote server through a proxy server. It consists of two parts: the class ProxyClient and the standard.NET Framework classes NetStream, NetConnection, NetworkStream,TcpClient, Stream etc.
NetXtremeProxy Technical Information:
NetXtremeProxy is the latest version of the company’s successful.NET remote control SDK. Now with the new design, you are able to build a.NET application that communicates with a remote host by passing the data through a proxy server.
What’s New?
Version 1.9.1:
• The new ProxyClient is faster and it supports SOCKS5 server.
• In the Server Port Number setting, you have to set the number between 0 and 65535, otherwise it will throw an exception.
• When communicating with a SOCKS5 server, there is no need to use the old obsolete proxy authentication methods and the application is now easier to use.
• The number of passwords used by authentication methods has increased to five.
• The old SOCKS4A authentication method is supported but it should not be used because of server problems.
Version 1.9.0:
• The property Client Proxy is added to the ProxyClient class.
• New RequestCounter property has been added to the ProxyClient class.
• The number of passwords used by authentication methods has increased to four.
• When a SOCKS5 server is used, you can use the old authentication methods.
• When communicating with a SOCKS4 server, you no longer need to use the old outdated authentication methods.
• When a SOCKS4A server is used, you no longer need to use the old outdated authentication methods.
• The application is now easier to use and it will automatically detect the proxy servers you are using.
• The property Stream.Dispose now also works with the NetConnection class
• The property client.Dispose now works with the NetConnection and ProxyClient classes.
• When the NetConnection is closed, the application gracefully closes the connection.
• The application can send data to multiple destinations by using the NetConnection.AddRemoteAddress method.
• TcpClient is now optional and used only for debugging.
• TcpClient is now optional and used only for debugging.
Version 1.8.2:
• The application will auto-detect the correct stream number

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Includes the ability to proxy TCP and HTTP request to and from hosts with many different kinds of proxy servers:
* HTTP proxy servers (HTTP-1.0, HTTP-1.1, HTTP-1.2, HTTP-2.0, HTTP-2.1, HTTP-2.2)
* SOCKS5 (for Vista and higher)
This library also provides a mechanism that hides the complexity of working with proxy servers, and it supports transparent proxying (without the client side changing the request). The library is designed to be able to work with HTTP, SOCKS4 and SOCKS5 proxy servers at the same time.
Sample Source Code of how to use the NetXtremeProxy.NET class library:

Performance optimization of the base client class. We tested with a script similar to the following:

This article is based on a presentation given at the San Francisco Bay Area Tech
Developing a 64-bit application that requires a 64-bit host OS is not a big challenge nowadays. Let’s see how we can develop a
Multi-Threaded 64-bit.NET application. It should run on a 64-bit host.
The following the remarks are related to the concepts described in Chapter 5 of Professional Asp.Net and Windows Programming,
Creating a 64-bit.NET application
On a 32-bit OS, a process has 4 GB of virtual memory, where the operating system itself occupies the first 3 GB of virtual memory. The
remaining 3 GB can be used to allocate additional virtual memory to an application. The 32-bit OS allows to allocate 4 GB of virtual
memory to an application. On a 64-bit OS, such as Windows Vista, a process has 2 GB of virtual memory. Therefore, 4 GB of virtual
memory must be contiguous in the computer’s physical memory. (Contiguous memory is memory that is next to each other, i.e., if memory
is at address 0x1000, memory at address 0x1001 is next to the first memory, memory at address 0x1002 is next to the memory at address
0x1003, and so on). The operating system does not allow us to map virtual memory more than 4 GB on a 32-bit OS. Therefore, we are only
able to allocate 3 GB of virtual memory to a process. For a 32

What’s New in the?

NetXtremeProxy is a portable.NET class library that provides you with a easy solution to send data to a host using a proxy server. It supports HTTP, SOCKS4, SOCKS4A and SOCKS5.

Connect and get the Web page requested with the proxy server.

The proxy server is identified through a hostname or an IP address.

Proxy server authentication is based on credentials sent by the proxy server to authenticate its status.

Proxy use of HTTP Keep-Alive to save bandwidth.

In general the client application will not need to know the full URL of the requested page and can use the convenient HttpClientFactory methods.

Adding proxy servers
To add a proxy server the first thing to be done is to add the reference to the NetXtremeProxyDotNet1.ProxyServer.dll assembly
Assembly assem = Assembly.LoadFrom(myfolder\ProxyServer.dll);
Type namespace = assem.GetType(“NetXtremeProxyDotNet1.ProxyServer”);
if (namespace.IsDefined(typeof(NetXtremeProxyDotNet1.ProxyServer), true) == false)
throw new ApplicationException(“The NetXtremeProxyDotNet1.ProxyServer assembly is not defined. Please add reference to NetXtremeProxyDotNet1.ProxyServer assembly.”);
TypeProxyServer = namespace.GetType(“NetXtremeProxyDotNet1.ProxyServer.ProxyClient”, true);
foreach (var proxy in ProxyServer.values)
if (proxy.IsDefined(typeof(NetXtremeProxyDotNet1.ProxyServer.ProxyClient), true))
typeProxyServer = proxy.GetType(“NetXtremeProxyDotNet1.ProxyServer.ProxyClient”, true);

Then the proxy server has to be defined into the ClientConnectionSettings :
ClientConnectionSettings ccSettings = new ClientConnectionSettings
ProxyServer = clientProxyServers,
ProxyServerName = “”,
ProxyCredentials = new NetworkCredential(“mylogin”, “mypassword”),
Port = 8080,
UseKeepAlive = true

List of methods:
The proxy.values property returns all proxy in the client

System Requirements For NetXtremeProxy:

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