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Watching over the network activities and monitoring Internet connections are tasks that can be carried out with specialized tools. These jobs are usually completed by system administrators, but any user can try to take care of those and even more with the help of a software like NetWorx.
Approachable tool for monitoring network traffic
The application is most useful for monitoring parameters like connection speed, bandwidth usage and network testing. Through a rather easy-to-use interface that has all the features neatly organized and accessible with minimal effort, the program addresses all kinds of users, less experienced and experts alike.
There are graphs with customizable colors and several options to choose from when it comes to usage statistics as well as for the various reports that NetWorx can generate. A very useful feature is the ability to detect any suspicious activity on the network that may originate from hacking attempts or virus activity.
Oversee multiple network interfaces at once
If you have several network interfaces connected and several connections to watch over, NetWorx can oversee all of them or only the selected ones. There are some sound and visual notifications that you can utilize to get alerts in case unusual network activity is detected, in addition to email notifications. Another handy function of NetWorx is the ability to cut dial-up connections and power off the system.
The powerful reporting component of the software application allows you to view the traffic graphs along with detailed bandwidth usage statistics. The reports can be easily saved in one of the compatible formats, namely Microsoft Excel, Word, CSV, TXT or HTML.
To sum things up, NetWorx offers quite a lot of features in a rather small package. Easy to use and equipped with a strong feature pack, the tool can surely be considered one of the best choices in its category.









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Monitor the way the network traffic flows, controlling all your network interfaces easily and easily with just a few clicks.
Network traffic monitoring and control.
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NetWorx is a comprehensive monitoring tool that can be used to help you oversee network activities on your computer.
In addition to the regular operations like monitoring the network speed, cut a connection, or detect any suspicious activity, the program also allows for real-time notifications in case any of the actions triggered is deemed important. With NetWorx, you can also set actions that would trigger alerts and automatically shut down the system.
Key features of NetWorx include monitoring of Internet connectivity, performance, connection speed, bandwidth usage, network operations, Internet security, sound alerts, sound effects, visual alerts, bandwidth statistics, Internet connection statistics, bandwidth and speed statistics, update interval, system monitoring, power control and log file sharing.
What’s in this version:
Added basic statistics of internet connection, updated texts and manuals.
Bug fixes and improved general functionality.
NetWorx is a powerful network monitoring tool.

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RealTel Net Worx is a network monitoring software that includes a platform used to monitor network traffic, bandwidth usage, and traffic statistics. More features include logging and reports, email notification alerts, data graphing, and even a utility to cut off connection.
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uTrack System is a comprehensive network monitoring and troubleshooting utility. As you would expect, it has everything a monitoring tool needs, including the ability to do the following:
Monitor Internet connections
Monitor Internet activity
Select and modify settings on monitored devices
Generate and customize reports
Automatically shut down your computer when remote connections are detected

What is JWM?
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NetWorx is an advanced system monitoring software for Windows. The monitoring software saves you time by allowing you to monitor traffic, bandwidth usage, CPU usage, memory usage, RAM usage, network connections, power on/off and much more through its user-friendly and intuitive interface.
Although the monitoring software lets you monitor even the most minute details of the operating system and the active applications, it also monitors activity on the entire network, and alert you in case anything suspicious is occurring on the internet. It also allows you to save your reports in a variety of popular formats, such as Excel, HTML, CSV, TXT, DBF and more.
Benefits of NetWorx:
• NetWorx is a multi-purpose system monitoring tool that provides access to a number of different details of the system and the individual applications running on it.
• NetWorx gives you the flexibility to monitor and save your data in different popular formats, including Excel, HTML, TXT, TX, DBF, CSV and RTF.
• The software is designed to monitor hardware and software usage by your computer, as well as monitoring the activity of your network.
• NetWorx tracks and stores all the details of your computer and network.
• NetWorx has a comprehensive set of reports that you can create, and also save them in a number of different formats.
• NetWorx is a software that you can use to monitor your network hardware and software usage.
• NetWorx is a must-have tool for monitoring, controlling and recording everything about your computer.







4 / 5


As a way to be more than just a useful application, NetWorx is completely user friendly, being a well designed suite that goes beyond its designated function and lets the user easily manage everything from PC statistics to email and network monitoring.

Does what it says on the tin. It’s fairly easy to use, but the only real issues are that it’s rather slow when saving files and that there are only a handful of feature options. Nevertheless, it’s good for basic PC monitoring, providing a combination of tasks with a set of adroitly arranged menus and wizards

What’s New In?

NetWorx is a utility to check the quality and use of your home and office LAN and WLAN network connections. Find network problems and change the setting to a faster connection.
NetWorx Key Features:
– Check the LAN and WLAN connections quality
– Find network problems
– Change the LAN and WLAN connection settings to a faster, or different connection type.
– Can reset the router and/or PPPoE connections to your ISP.
– Find the up-to-date information on the quality and use of your home or office LAN and WLAN.
– Your LAN connection speed, packet loss, data rate, router (if you use one), modem, ISP and cable company.
– Log and show the data packets send/received, changed packets.
– Log and show the exact time and date each packet was sent, received, or changed.
– Find and reset the modem, router, ADSL and cable connection details.
– See detailed information on your connection speed, throughput, throughput rate (use TCP or UDP protocol).
– See and change your computer’s LAN and WLAN settings.
– See and change the quality and use of your home LAN and WLAN.
– Disable and enable LAN and WLAN connections.
– Find and change the LAN and WLAN connection type.
– Use the online information to learn about your Internet connection parameters like quality, performance, speed, throughput, packet loss, data rate, and connection type.
– Stop UDP, TCP and TCP/UDP connections.
– Cut the connection and power off the computer.
– Create and open a connection file in TXT, CSV, or HTML format.
– Can use a sound file to notify you when there is a problem on the network.

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