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Jomho SRPG Editor creates a new opportunity to explore your own imagination for new adventures. This editor can provide you with the most detailed and exciting computer game experience. With its unique development method, you can create a completely new kind of game with your hands and imagination. It is a rich 3D environment built around your imagination. The editor supports simple 2D games and 3D multi-player games. It also includes an event organizer and a save/load function. The editor will run from floppy disk (5.25″ or 3.5″ format) or CD-Rom. Features: ■ UI Interface: – Use the user interface to rapidly create the maps of your game world. – In the editor windows, you can check and edit the status of the world as you create it. ■ Map: – A map window provides an easy way to create your world. You can edit the map in very many ways. – You can create maps of 3D worlds, 2D worlds, and worlds that can be moved and rotated at will. – When you edit the map, you can cut and paste geometry and objects, copy and paste objects and other resources, or move selected items by drag-and-drop. – You can drag and drop assets in your map to anywhere you like within the map. – You can adjust the scale and rotate of the map at any time. – You can link multiple 2D maps together to create a multi-player game. – You can create more detailed maps by introducing windows and buttons. – You can add objects to the map to make your 3D world more interesting. – You can add flat 2D maps to your 3D map to create a 3D map. – You can link the map windows to the folders in which the files are stored. – You can save the map to your hard disk. – You can load the saved map at any time. ■ Game: – You can create the game by selecting and dragging various assets from the editor or computer, or by searching and selecting items. – You can edit the properties of the objects you have dragged and place them wherever you want. – You can arrange objects on the map by drag and drop, and you can link them together. – You can set the start position of the map by using the “Map Position” option in the editor. – You can adjust the scale, rotate

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Jomho SRPG Editor

Jomho SRPG Editor is a simple RPG Editor, which allows you to create your own SRPG game in minutes. If you even what to add more to your games you can also use the SRPG’s super simple scripting language to mod the NPCs in you little world. Just put together you characters and world map, and then create you own SRPG game. No extensive knowledge of programming is required – just make you the game. Jomho SRPG Editor Features: * Generate, edit and show other characters’ maps * Generate, edit and show your own maps * Generate, edit and show the map of a game from any other * Hide the player from the map * Bookmark * Share * Property * Debug mode * Themes * Contact * About Copyright 2009 by me Also tell me what you want/don’t want to see in the next version of the editor. Comments and requests are welcome! In respect to the conditions of use you have to agree to the use conditions below! The Jomho SRPG Editor is provided free of charge for your own use and experimentation on your own personal computer. You are permitted to copy the program and use it on your personal computer to enjoy playing with your friends and to enjoy playing over the internet. You may not distribute copies of the program to other people on your computer or send it through the mail or over the internet or on a disc. You may however: ■ Give it to your friend or make a copy of it to show him how to use it. ■ Try the program out to make a report on the forum to help others use it. ■ Use the program to teach your little brother or friend how to program. The programming language was designed to be easy to understand and should be easy to learn for somebody. If you have any requests or comments you can use the mail function (see site) to let me know. Have Fun! Jomho Or visit the forum Передача объекта в setObservable() Приветствую. �

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Jomho is an easy to use RPG game development tool. It is especially useful for new RPG game developers and to make games that have more interactivity with the player. With this RPG Editor, you can easily create your own little role playing games. We took very seriously that you get complete control over the game you create. We want you to be able to create your own RPG games without any limitations. So we kept all the text in layers. You can scroll them around at your will and combine them in your own way to make you own RPG game. We also support high resolution graphics. SRPG Editor Features: ■ Advanced movie editor You can combine your own RPG video and cut or combine them. You have full control over the video. You can, for instance, change the video’s frame rate or add custom text in the video. ■ Remake movie editor You can easily edit all the movie tools found in this game. ■ Texteditor Here you can simply cut, copy, replace and insert text in your game. Adding more text is as easy as that. ■ Text compane Cut and cut your text in this program. Add more text as easy as that. ■ Script editor Create your own RPG script here. You can even use the in-game items as your coding devices. All in all, this RPG editor is not just a normal text editor. We have full control over the text. And you can combine many texts to make your own RPG game. What the SRPG editor has to offer: ■ Free Game creation is free. You just have to download the program and then create your game. ■ Free to make your own game This game editor is free to make your own game. You just have to have the game and the tool. ■ Game builder If you don’t know anything about making RPG’s there are tutorial’s and helpful tips in the game builder. ■ Tutorials Every step in the game building guide you to make your own game. You simply pick a phase to create a new game. While making your RPG games, you are also creating a new text. ■ In game help You don’t have to be a wizard to make your own RPG games. We have a lot of tips and tutorials to help you out.

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