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DVBLink for Dreambox combines excellent tuner hardware and power of open source development with ease-of-use and richness of Windows MediaCenter user interface. This product seamlessly integrates TV and radio channels, available in Dreambox, into MediaCenter, enabling all standard MediaCenter features for these channels like time-shifting, Guide EPG listings, instant and timer recordings and streaming to extenders. Supported Dreambox models: · DM500x · DM56x0 · DM600 · DM70x0 · DM7025 · DM800 · DM8000 Only Dreamboxes running PLi Jade2, Nabilosat or Gemini images are supported. Give DVBLink for Dreambox a try and see what it’s capable of!







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Have you ever checked TV broadcast schedule on Windows Media Center, and suddenly found that you’ve missed your favorite series? Looking for solutions? DVBLinkTM can help. DVBLinkTM combines the simplicity of Series Guide with the flexibility of the Windows Media Center, giving you the following advantages: · Quickly check broadcast schedule on all your media centers. · Display Series Guides on DLNA. · Connect and control your DLNA clients from Media Center. · Manage Series Guides from Media Center. DVBLinkTM products works on Dreambox models DM500x, DM56x0, DM600, DM70x0, DM7025, DM800, DM8000. The “Weekly Guide Program” feature allows to display graphical listing of currently playing series. When user clicks on “Show Series Guides” button, the Windows Media Center displays list of currently playing series. DVBLink® lets user view TV schedules from all their media centers. One-click-all-your-Dreamboxes-in-your-house-the-same-way? Give DVBLink™ a try and see what it’s capable of! Dreambox user interface: · Choose DVBLink™ Channel · Choose the DVBLink™ Channel using exclusive playlist on Media Center · Display DVBLink™ playlist on Media Center · Select a Playlist on Media Center · Select channel from the playlist · And now watching TV broadcast Installation: · Make sure the Dreambox is attached on the TV · Make sure the TV is connected to the Media Center by USB · Connect Dreambox to the Media Center · Click on “Setup” · Select the “Dreambox” in the “Choose Search Root Folder” dialog box · Select “Install DVBLink” Dreambox DLNA Settings: · Select the “Set Up DVBLink”. · Make sure you have added the DVBLink™ channel to the list · Select the “Connect to the Dreambox” · Select “DVBLink” · Select a channel from the list · And now watching TV broadcast. What’s new? What

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DVBLink for Dreambox is a powerful and very easy to use media center remote control application, which enable you to: – play and record TV and radio channels – control your Dreambox – control MediaCenter and USB devices (HDA, USB-KEYBOARD…) – easy to watch TV and radio channels and catch up information and news when not connected to the Internet DVBLink for Dreambox main features: – TV and radio channels are downloaded from Dreambox servers. Everything is up to date! – Import channels from TV and Radio Box and channel list (Finland, Italy, Germany, Spain, Holland, Norway, Denmark…) – Import channels from Roku and boxomi.io – Remote control your Dreambox with a standard Windows Media Center remote control (optional with Android app) – Instant recording – XForward (Dreambox) – Exportable recording for Media Center (XML format) – Capture pictures and audio with USB cam (when plugged) – All the chanels of your dreambox are available – Easy to watch TV and radio channels – EPG listings – Limit channels to be watched (Day/night settings) – Programmable keys – And much much more… Video: Price: $39.95 Links: DVBLink for Dreambox combines excellent tuner hardware and power of open source development with ease-of-use and 2f7fe94e24

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· Supports up to 32 TV and radio channels, up to 800 tuners per Dreambox and plays up to 200 radio stations. · Scheduling and On-screen graphics are consistent with Windows MediaCenter. · Can be used in one-way mode to play MediaCenter TV and radio without touch. · Can be used in two-way mode to listen to and select TV and radio content from MediaCenter. · Components include DVBS Plugin, TV Plug-in and Radio Plugin that come pre-installed as a free download from DVBLink’s online download center. · Automatic Channel Optimization ensures the highest quality video and sound for each TV and radio channel. · Powerful Digital Video Effects that allow you to change the color of each tuner. · Tuner Defaults allows you to set the default channels to be used for TV, radio, and the digital effects. · Viewers’ preference allows you to store a personal list of channels/policies for each tuner and allow viewer to add their own preferred channels to the list. · Radio Player allows you to view the channels available in Dreambox via radio. · Advanced Scheduler makes it possible to set up schedules for years ahead. · RadioHistory stores radio stations in alphabetical order, which makes it easy to quickly access the radio stations you have listened to. · Advanced Recording schedules allow recording of only the important broadcasts, either day or night. · Improved Channel Indexing allows you to easily find channels of interest. · Calendar program allows you to create a scheduled recording, is helpful for people who regularly watch TV and want to keep track of what’s been on. · Advanced Tuner allows you to adjust the ImageType, Color, Frequency, and Overlay. · Advanced Radio allows you to select the channel and image settings for each radio tuner. · DVBS Plugin supports both the DVB-T and DVB-C formats. · TV Plug-in supports DVB-C, DVB-S, and DVB-S2. · Radio Plugin supports DVB-C, DVB-S, DVB-S2, Analog TV, and XM. · Optionally records remote broadcasts on the PC. · Optionally keeps the remote feeds of the channels recorded on your PC to local hard disk. · Optionally keeps the channel viewing history on your PC, allowing you to later access the records. · Optionally keeps channel listings

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· Automatically detects available tuners on Dreambox · Supports Dreambox tuners DM50/DM70 and DM500/DM800/DM7025 · Allows configuring EPG for channels · Supports instant and timer recordings · Supports scheduled recordings · Allows playback of scheduled recordings · Supports streaming to extenders · Allows Internet radio · Allows changing of name for Internet radio channel · Allows changing of channel for TV and radio in MPX menu · Allows playback of Internet radio by browser · Allows playback of other channels in MPX menu · Allows video streaming from extenders · Supports TV PVR · Supports Internet TV connections such as AT&T’s CableNet, CableCard · Supports recording of Internet TV · Allows list of TV channels in Guide · Allows setting of name of USB extender · Supports time-shifting, guide and search via browser · Supports scroll view in Guide · Allows searching for specific channels with ability to edit results · Allows setting of SMART TONE for channels · Supports menu options for setting the tone in PVR and Internet radio channels · Supports voice recording over SMART TONE · Supports AMBER recording · Supports closed captioning · Supports EPG reading in MPX menu · Supports audio pass-through to extenders · Supports DLNA · Supports DLNA device listings · Supports browser-based control over recordings and on-screen menu · Supports playback and menu control from other PCs with Z-wave network hub · Allows recording music and audio books · Supports controlled playback via media list · Supports playing music from other PCs over Z-Wave network · Supports music file browsing from extenders · Supports playback of multimedia files like mp3, wma and midi from extenders · Supports several language support · Supports MJPEG and mpeg4 stream capture · Supports creating of extended search list with searches to control additional devices · Supports FTP protocol · Supports TSND Internet radio music service with customizable home screen · Supports http stream m3u playlist playback · Supports playing of MP3 files from extenders · Supports SIP VoIP interface (VoLPe) · Supports SMARTtone Network music service · Supports IPTV services · Supports DVB-H streaming · Supports DVB-T and DVB-C streaming · Supports digital video · Supports time-shifting · Supports instant and timer recordings


System Requirements:

MINIMUM: OS: Windows 7/Vista/XP Processor: Intel® Core™ i5 processor or equivalent Memory: 4 GB RAM Graphics: Intel® HD Graphics 5000 or equivalent (may work on older cards, but not guaranteed) DirectX®: Version 9.0 Network: Broadband Internet connection Hard Drive: 2 GB available space RECOMMENDED: Processor: Intel® Core™ i5 processor or equivalent