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Azure Monitor was designed to help you monitor your Azure-hosted applications in real-time. It includes a library for capturing runtime process information to cloud table storage; and also a desktop application for viewing the captured information in real-time.







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Azure App Service provides monitoring services to help you track the performance of your web and mobile sites at any time. It provides you with visibility and actionable insights into your application performance across environments, regions, and globally.
In this course, you’ll learn how to build Azure-based web apps for your business by laying the foundation for scalable, dynamic, network-attached, hybrid cloud apps.
You’ll learn:
● how to build secure web apps using node.js
● how to deploy website applications using App Service
● how to access APIs using Azure App Service Emulator
● how to configure and administer App Services
● how to deploy and scale your application across different regions
Learn more about node.js here:
Watch this introductory video for the course:
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Learn to use Microsoft Azure App Services with a Drupal Web App. Built with Azure App Services, Drupal is a robust platform built for developers. Join us as we walk through the steps to get you started with the Web App.
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Afterwards, create a simple module and install it to your Drupal site.

Introduction to Microsoft Azure
Introduction to Microsoft Azure Microsoft Azure is an incredible hosted, pay-as-you-go platform. It’s made to help you build and host web apps, services, and APIs. It’s a platform like no other. It’s designed from the beginning to be the most flexible and future-proof platform you can use to meet the constantly evolving demands of modern application development. It’s an infrastructure as a service (IaaS) platform. Where as other IaaS platforms aren’t really designed for any particular type of application.
Azure allows you to build, deploy, and manage any type of modern cloud-based application. It can help you build and host web apps, services, and APIs. It can help you scale your applications, and it can help you manage your applications.
We’ll introduce you to Azure. We’

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An overview of Azure App Services and Azure Storage is a good starting point.
More Information:
Use case: Azure Monitor as Azure diagnostics
Microsoft Azure Monitor provides a complete solution for collecting, enriching, and viewing application performance data in real time. You can automate the collection and display of application performance data in your Azure infrastructure using a Linux agent, Windows agent, or through the Azure Monitor Desktop Application. Data can be stored in cloud data tables to analyze it at any point in the future. This solution provides real-time performance monitoring to improve the availability, scalability, and reliability of your hosted applications.
Azure Monitor is designed to be a low-impact, rapid-deployment solution. It is easy to configure, install, and use.
With Azure Monitor, you can:
• Inject real-time data into Azure with a Linux agent or Windows agent. Data collection runs unobtrusively in the background and is easily configured.
• Monitor performance using a desktop application. You can view graphs and drill down into performance data. It is also the starting point for custom solutions to monitor and alert on any Azure resource.
• View and analyze metric data in real-time
• Enrich your data by ingesting custom diagnostic data, such as logs from external applications or telemetry data.
• Inject data into data tables, which can be queried in a number of ways.
• View application performance data from a single web application or multiple web applications and web sites.
• Automate the collection and display of data from your Azure-hosted applications using a Linux agent, Windows agent, or using the Azure Monitor Desktop Application.
Azure Monitor deployment options:
• Azure Monitor can be deployed in a web role, an IIS web site, an Azure VM, or an Azure web job.
• Deploy the Azure Monitor Monitoring component. The Monitoring component provides analytics functionality to Data Table, Table and Summary views.
• Deploy an Azure Monitoring Agent. If you have configuration and configuration settings to monitor a web site, you can also deploy an Azure Monitoring Agent.
Application architecture. Refer to App Service Architecture.
Data collection options. Data is collected from application logs, custom diagnostics, or from a custom written Linux agent or Windows agent. More information is provided in the following topics:
• App Service Logging: Collecting logs from your web application in real time
• Custom application logs: Collecting logs and diagnostics in real time


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This package includes a library for capturing runtime process information to cloud table storage. You can use the library to store your process information in real-time in the cloud.
Each process monitoring library and desktop application have different capabilities. You can build your own monitoring solution on Azure Monitor using these packages.
Each monitoring process library has its different capability:
-Azure DBContext Monitor: Capture ASP.NET or SQL Server CPU and Memory usage.
-Azure Storage Performance Monitor: Capture Azure Storage Usage
-Azure Website Monitoring: Capture ASP.NET or.NET Core CPU and Memory usage.
-Azure Zipkin: Monitor all of your application’s requests and responses
-Azure Table Storage Monitor: Capture different table storage data, like the number of request or the execution time.
Azure Agent: This is used to make the Azure Monitor. The azure-monitor agent runs inside your VM.
.NET Framework Monitor: This is used to capture web and other.NET Framework processes.
Azure Serverless Application: This is used to capture serverless application (Node.js, Python, Go, Java, PHP,.NET Core, Ruby, and many others) that run on Azure Functions.
Azure VM Insights: Monitor Azure Virtual Machines.

.NET Monitor: This is used to capture web and other.NET Framework processes.
-.NET Core Monitor: This is used to capture web and other.NET Core processes.
-.NET Web Application Monitor: This is used to capture web application (ASP.NET or.NET Core) which hosted on Azure.

Azure Database Service Monitor: This is used to capture Azure SQL Database, SQL Server, Redis, and more.
Azure Active Directory Monitor: This is used to capture Azure Active Directory.
Azure Policy Monitor: This is used to capture Azure Policy.
-.NET Application Monitor: This is used to capture web and other.NET Framework processes.

Azure CosmosDB Monitor: This is used to capture Azure CosmosDB.
Azure Event Hubs Monitor: This is used to capture events.
Azure Event Grid Monitor: This is used to capture event notifications.
Azure Function Activity Monitor: This is used to capture an azure function app.
Azure Key Vault Monitor: This is used to capture azure key vault.

Azure IoT Central Monitor: This is used to capture industrial IoT devices.
Azure Logic App Monitor

What’s New in the Azure Application Monitor?

Azure Application Monitor monitors your application in real-time to identify performance issues that can negatively impact the overall application performance.

Azure Application Insights describes itself as an open-source, serverless solution for Application Performance Monitoring (APM) from Microsoft that provides an overview of cloud services in your applications. It combines real-time telemetry with cloud-based instrumentation.

Azure Application Insights Description:
Azure Application Insights is a serverless application performance monitoring solution. It empowers your team to understand your application across the entire system – the user, the code, the hardware, the cloud, and the data.
Azure AppInsights Dashboard for Web Apps, you can see the performance trends in seconds.

Azure SQL Monitor

Azure SQL Monitor Description:
SQL Monitor is a database service you use to get real-time alerts for databases such as Azure SQL Database. It provides an overview of performance, database metrics, and alerts, by using a combination of charts, event logging, and real-time monitoring.

Azure Database Monitor Description:
As a service that provides monitoring of a SQL Server instance in the cloud, Azure Database Monitor collects database-related metrics that show the health of the system, including memory and disk utilization, CPU usage, disk space utilization, transactions per second, and database availability.

Azure Database Insights Description:
Azure Database Insights is a serverless solution that provides Application Insights–like monitoring of web applications running in Azure Database for PostgreSQL.

Azure Data Factory Description:
Azure Data Factory is a serverless, fully managed, workflow-as-a-service (FaaS) solution. It provides a REST API that enables the orchestration and management of SQL Server, Azure SQL Database, and Azure Blob data using a graphical user interface (GUI) and RESTful web service.

Azure Data Lake IoT

Azure Data Lake is a serverless, scalable, and flexible cloud platform for access and analysis of big data and analytics. It combines the best of the cloud, edge, and on-premises IT systems.

Azure Data Lake IoT Description:
Azure Data Lake IoT provides a gateway to Azure Data Lake that enables your data lake to be exposed as a KaaS platform for all platforms, including Azure Data Lake Analytics, Azure Data Lake Store, and Azure Data Lake Analytics. The Azure Data Lake platform for IoT provides customers with a

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10
Processor: Dual Core 2.8GHz
Memory: 2GB RAM
Storage: Minimum 40GB available space
Video Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 or ATI Radeon R9 290
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Processor: Dual Core 3.5GHz
Memory: 3GB RAM