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Manage all of your waypoints with accuracy and ease: this powerful freeware will keep you connected to your GPS and GIS, with valuable maps and data.
“Viking” is an accurate waypoint database; it is also an interesting GIS program that, in addition to supporting data management, also allows you to draw paths, import multiple maps, and share tracks with friends and family.
You can easily import and export your GIS data, such as GPX, GPS, KML and the Raw format, and you can also do a lot of thing with it.
In addition to that, you can create and import maps from Google Earth, OpenStreetMap, Wikipedia and any other external source.
The system interface is very simple and intuitive, and it gives you all the necessary tools for a detailed, customizable and very complete visual experience.

The Performance

The “Viking” application is simply an unbelievable piece of freeware that enables you to manage your waypoints and data, as well as keep your GPS connected, with more accuracy and ease. All of these functions are also included in an easy-to-use application package that is compressed in just less than a megabyte and that is ready to be installed on your computer.
The interface of the program is designed to be uncluttered, and it provides you with a menu bar and a few buttons that allow you to access almost all of the functions of the interface.
The program does not ask for any kind of installation or registration, and there are no third-party downloads to buy. Everything can be accomplished with the only thing that you are responsible for, that is to provide the address where the files are stored.
Although the tool takes some time to start up, it does not actually take much time at all to complete, and you will find that it does not require much of your time.

Is Viking GPS data management utility suited for you?

Download Viking and Manage your Waypoints Now

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Viking 0.9.8 Crack +

View and manage your maps in Google Earth, GPX and Viking Serial Key maps.
View your uploaded maps with the Map Viewer and Waypoints.
View and manage custom URL, Wikipedia waypoints, GPS waypoints,
Geotagged JPG images and track maps
Generate images and add new waypoints in a certain location, latitude, longitude, UTM,
Create new waypoints, routes, tracks and aggregate layers
Find your desired route based on your current location
Use coordinates, latitude, longitude
All your data will be moved to Google Drive (paid option) or geodrive (free)

The following are important details regarding this app:
Developer: Viking App Corp.
Date: August 4, 2017
Size: 5.12 MB
License: Copyright 2017 Viking App Corp. All rights reserved.
The following are important details regarding this app:
Developer: Viking App Corp.
Date: August 4, 2017
Size: 5.12 MB
License: Copyright 2017 Viking App Corp. All rights reserved.

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Reviewed by Oskar




Disappointing and costly

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The company had purchased the Software for $20.00 (costing me $20.00, not a steal!) and had to pay extra for a machine to run the software on. I couldn’t get it to run on my Mac. Then I had to spend hours tracking down where the problem was.

Reviewed by Bob C.




Viking GPS Viewer – UPDATE!

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I have always used a Garmin GPS watch as my primary source. The watch works fine, but the battery is not always recharged and the USB cable from the watch is also no long…

Reviewed by maxmaxmax




searched for viking

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i searched for Viking for weeks before i found this Software, and i found it so expensive, i thought i would not buy it. but then i found it in a list of other gps software i bought

Viking 0.9.8 (LifeTime) Activation Code X64

Viking is a software that provides users with a simple means of viewing and managing GPS data, as well as add multiple types of layers.
Easy-to-use environment:
The installation process does not last very long and does not offer to download any kind of third-party products. The interface encompasses a pretty minimal design, as it only includes a menu bar, several buttons and two panes in which to view a folder structure and the actual uploaded map.
Aside from that, extensive and pretty well-organized Help contents are included, which ensure that both power and novice users can easily learn how to handle it.
Files types you can use:
This utility enables you to upload maps from Google Earth, GPX and Viking, while it is also possible to export them in a GPX or KML format.
You can append files with just a click of the button, as well as acquire maps and information from a custom URL, Wikipedia waypoints, OpenStreetMap Notes, geotagged JPG images and various types of GPS maps.
Generate pictures and create waypoints:
Properties can be brought up with ease, while you can also generate a PNG or JPG image of custom width, height and zoom. It is possible to go to a specific location, latitude and longitude, or UTM, while you can also add new aggregate, map, DEM, GPS, coordinate or track waypoint layers.
Last but not least, you can pan and zoom, select a specific area, show a ruler, create waypoints, tracks and routes, how pictures and find a particular route.
Key Features:

Upload GPS Data:
You can upload multiple datasets, including GPX, Google Earth and Viking maps, as well as import and export files in KML, GPX and JPG formats
Additional Features:

Multiple formats of GPS Data:
You can insert waypoints, tracks and routes with the different types of GPS files: GPS, GPX, RLD and TLA

Import Custom GPS Data:
Add your own GPS tracks and waypoints with just a click

Track your own journey and download detailed stats

Generate/imitate various routes and create custom ones

Data Export:
Exports all the data to a compatible file for easy transfer

Custom Waypoints:
You can add waypoints through your own URL, Wikipedia, OpenStreetMap Notes, geotagged JPG images

What’s New in the?

Introducing Viking, a stand alone GIS viewer and GPS file manager.
Viking is the easiest way to map the world and take the finest GPS traces ever with just a click. With Viking you can create waypoints, tracks and routes and locate exactly where you are.
Viking has many ways to download GPS files. Simply select the type of file you need from the menu at the top.
Get your highest resolution map by adding an elevation layer.
Check out the history of how a GPS trace was created and the information it contains.
Follow the trace in real time and check your location by adding waypoints.
Automatically updates tracks and routes from the last time they were updated.
Viking uses tiles from OpenStreetMap for map viewing and Garmin for map creation. Also works with standard GPS files.

Viking Screenshots:

What is new in official Viking 8.27 software version? – Track your route and find the way back – Bug fixes What is expected in the future? Newly-made verses of Viking.

You can find more softwareDetails and download instructions here.
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System Requirements For Viking:

OS: Windows XP SP2
Processor: Intel Pentium III 550 MHz / AMD Athlon XP 2400+ MHz
Memory: 256 MB RAM
Graphics: 256 MB AGP/PCI VGA or higher
Hard disk: 200 MB HD space
Processor: Intel Pentium IV 1.3 GHz / AMD Opteron 1.8 GHz
Memory: 512 MB RAM
Graphics: 1024 MB AGP/PCI VGA or higher