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Since a good quality musical instrument can be expensive and sooner or later the sound it produces ends up on a computer, various simulation applications give you the possibility to enhance your musical gift from the comfort of your desktop. Pianissimo is one of them and the name speaks for itself.
A fully functional piano on your desktop
The application launches in a rather compact window where you find a well designed grand piano along with several audio options. You are not able to resist the temptation of randomly pressing keys to hear the sound they make. Doing so leaves you stunned, because the quality is flawless.
The two pedals can also be put to good use and further enhance the audio experience, as well as the lid which can be set to one of the four levels for the exact pitch. Furthermore, several audio options and sliders let you adjust hammer sounds, reverberation which can range from medium or large hall to a small room.
Play, record and save to an audio file
Near the “Record” button you can find a left and right arm icon. This gives you the possibility to capture sound for each one, while exporting the result as a whole. For careful timing, a metronome is available with the option to set the beats per minute and time signature.
When you consider the masterpiece is ready, you can export it as MP3, OGG, WAVE or VMA to use in various projects, or simply share with your friends.
A few last words
Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Pianissimo is a powerful tool that catches you in its magic even if not a music enthusiast. Sound comes out as clean as possible and you are able to save to some of the most commonly used audio formats.







Pianissimo Crack For Windows

A powerful synthesis program that turns your sound into amazing wav, mp3, ogg, etc… strings. Have fun and create your own original music! You can also make visualizations of the music, recreating that cool effect from your favorite bands. You can even loop a specific strc in the song, and get many many more interesting effects. You can play live, or simply use it as a live sampler like an MP3 Splitter or MP3 Cutter. The possibilities are endless. You can use it as a drum sampler, or as a virtual orchestral score for your favorite game!
– > 950 Sounds ready to use : Wav, mp3, ogg, wma, vox, sampler, beats (from A to B).
– > 50 Voices instruments: piano, wm7, organ, pipe organ, strings, brass and more…
– > 60 synthesizers: arp2, arp3, asr2, chiff, cpr2, cpr3, fuzzbox, iv, sg2, sg3, stk2, lp2, vc, lp3, gs3, gt3, rf2, wn3
– > 20 percussion kits: drums, gongs, perc solo, pd, tabla, tom, trom, chimes, crash cymbals, cowbell, triangle, 5 chime and more…
– > 40 effects: amp emulation, chorus, expander, flanger, phaser, pitchbend, reverb, delay, tremolo, saw, square, vibrato, wah wah, ring mod, rings and more…
– > 40 effects : The ultimate in analog-like analog distortion, combined with awesome waveshapes to create awesome mixes.
– > 6 audio processors : 2 equalizers, 2 filters, 2 compressors and 2 decimators.
– > 60 interactive effects: sine, square, pulse, saw, bit crusher, fxbus, fxseg, fxsub, stereo, and more…
– > A virtual brass synthesizer, that includes a complete orchestral section for wind instruments.
– > A virtual drum kit for games.
– > WAV, MP3 and OGG Export ability
– > A Multitracker mode with 16 mono tracks
– > 6 FX (lowpass, highpass

Pianissimo Crack + Download

A fully functional piano on your desktop! Pianissimo is a very light and highly attractive software that brings you the sound of a real piano on your desktop.
– Windows 7
– Windows 8
– Windows 8.1
– Windows 10
– OS X 10.9

5,7 MB

– 1,0 GHz or higher processor
– 7 GB or more RAM (minimum 10 GB)
– 128 MB or higher

Saleh Ibrahim

Great Piano great app.


20 Dic

Nov 10, 2015


Right now it’s not working on mac


A review

Apr 26, 2015


I am a musician and this application is in no way as good as a real piano.


A review

Apr 13, 2015


This app is great. But it needs a lot of work.


I really enjoy

Oct 25, 2014


Perfect! I keep this running on my desktop, it’s a joy!


Great Piano

Nov 12, 2013

Great Piano

It’s a great Piano app. I use it with my takinng lessons. I really enjoy it.


Not as good as I’d hoped

Jan 14, 2014

not great

I was hoping that there would be a keyboard and more options. You can change the speed at which the keys sound off, but it’s not as good as dedicated virtual pianos I’ve tried. Also, it doesn’t save the music you play, and so you have to import it to your library. None of this was really intuitive, and I didn’t realize how much work would be required to import more than a few pieces. I’m sad that this didn’t turn out better.Some desiccation effects of cells under thermogravimetric analysis in atmospheric pressure scanning.
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Pianissimo X64

“Pianissimo” is a piano player for your desktop. Play or record a melody and place it on this piano. Feel free to practice, but remember to practice good.“Pianissimo” is a piano player for your desktop. Play or record a melody and place it on this piano. Feel free to practice, but remember to practice good.
Pianissimo Features:
– Play piano keys and record sounds to an audio file;
– Modify the key strike;
– Record a song with the left or right hand;
– Create and save.wav, MP3 and OGG files;
– Load and play automatically on startup;
– Analogue sound;
– Tap the keys and play back at a fixed tempo;
– Playback with metronome or a random loop;
– MIDI and audio file outputs via the MIDI channels.
To use the above features, please read the help file first!


Rizzuto 2.1.16
Rizzuto is a MOD version of the popular alternative program samples. It plays 500+ wav files selected from the main pack and its randomize function allows you to select another 300+ files to play.


Finale beta

FileOperations 1.0.0
This is a multi-function utility that allows you to manage files that are larger than the “Browsing” size (which can be considered the default file size) of the “Browse” button of the “List” and “Selection” window.

CadencePro 9.1.0

Cadence Pro 9.1.0
Cadence Pro is a professional digital music workstation for Windows. It is based on the composer’s approach to the 24-track industry and its intuitive and flexible work environment provides the full potential of the latest multitrack recording technology.

Ensemble 3.0.0

Ensemble 3.0.0
Ensemble is the world’s leading digital symphonic instrument. Create, arrange, and record musical phrases and easily play back your collection of multi-layered audio. Ensemble includes an optional recorder with exclusive vocal effects.

Reaper Studio 3.2.4

Reaper Studio 3.2.4

What’s New in the?

Jazz, rock and classical music scores in an easy to learn user interface.
Pianissimo Video:

Pianissimo Video Download

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System Requirements For Pianissimo:

AMD cards without OpenCL support should use a software renderer.
System requirements depend on the features you wish to use. First, in general: the game won’t run at all if the system cannot handle the hardware requirements stated in the minimum requirements. It might run but some features will be missing.
The main features depend on your setup. For example, the multiple camera mode requires multiple video cards (2 or more).
You can find all of the system requirements on the ReadMe file for the project.
Hardware Requirements:
The hardware requirements depend