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# Adobe Photoshop Elements Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 is like Photoshop for the technically trained photographer. It includes the best of Photoshop in a user-friendly, simple-to-use interface. Elements is a powerful image-editing program, and it even includes a few tools found only in the more advanced version of Photoshop, such as Photoshop Flash and the Liquify tool. You can read more about Photoshop Elements and its features in Chapter 7. ## Acrobat PDF Form Fillers When you create a print-ready master file, you may end up creating a file that looks like Figure 4-8. This file has been created using the Adobe Acrobat PDF Form Fillers application, which has a lot of functionality for filling in basic information such as a form name, company name, address, and so on. FIGURE 4-8: The default result of using an application such as Adobe Acrobat PDF Form Fillers. You can get the same effects using any number of tools, but the application provides you with a more visually appealing tool. The advantage of using an application is that it fills in the information in an entire page, not just one form field. Most major photo-editing applications can create this effect. In this section, we walk you through the process of creating a print-ready PDF file using the Adobe Acrobat Form Fillers application, which is in the Communications and Multimedia tools group within the Adobe suite. (See Chapter 15 for information on other Adobe products for creating print-ready PDF files.) To begin, follow these steps to use the Adobe Acrobat PDF Form Fillers application: 1. **Display the document that you want to fill in.** Use the Edit menu’s Select option to open the file, and then display it by choosing View⇒Full Screen or Ctrl+0. 2. **In the Acrobat PDF Form Fillers window, select All option.** You see the Acrobat Form Fillers dialog box, as shown in Figure 4-9. After you see the dialog box, click the Automatically Fill Form

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Editor’s Note: We recently switched to PSE 15 from PSE 14. PSE 14 was still supported for some time, but it now receives no updates and is a security risk. We strongly recommend that you update to a newer version. We are still working on a transition guide for users of PSE 14 so we will be posting it. As a reminder, Adobe is phasing out support for PSE 14 and will close PSE 14 down on October 31st, 2020. For more details, click here. Here are a few features of Photoshop Elements to look for that are useful for your work and some tips for working with PSE. Steps to learn how to use Photoshop Elements To learn how to use PSE, we will cover everything needed for the most basic version. How to work with non-destructive editing in PSE What version of Photoshop Elements is the most recommended version to start learning? How to use the Brushes How to work with layers How to use the creative tools How to use the Liquify effects How to use the Express Tools How to work with the brushes How to work with gradients and patterns How to work with smart objects How to do selections How to work with masks The detailed steps will be in the sections below. How to work with non-destructive editing in PSE Non-destructive editing or non-destructive editing is a set of editing features that allow users to undo changes to an image without having to redo them. PSE has several non-destructive editing tools that you will learn how to use. Set the watermark Set the watermark is an easy way to add a watermark to images with PSE. Place the watermark on the layer Add watermark To add a watermark, open an image and place the watermark on top of the image using the Add Watermark option. A watermark is often used to promote an image. For the watermark to show up on the image, make sure that the option is set. Image Properties window In the Properties window, set the type of the watermark and its position. Different types of watermarks and how to change them Optionally, you can set the text to be bold or put the watermark in 388ed7b0c7

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Pre-requisites: A download folder on your computer is required to save the application files. It should be a temporary location that can be deleted at any time. Ubuntu 8.04 LTS and higher are strongly recommended, and an Intel or AMD processor is recommended. Note: The readme.txt file on the disk drive containing the downloaded application is a text file, but it is not necessary for the application to be able to read it. Disk Space: This application will require between 500 MB and 1.5 GB of