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With so many great features and industry-standard photo editing tools in Elements, its time to see how it compares to Photoshop. A lot has changed in the past three years. Elements 12 has more features and is faster. The developer asked us to re-create our Photoshop comparison, but to do it with current software instead of using the information from three years ago. You can compare Adobe Photoshop and Elements at the bottom of this article. Adobe Photoshop and Elements are two of the most commonly used tools for professional graphic design, image editing, and other types of photo-editing.Photoshop is the most commonly used image editing tool for professional graphic designers and amateur photographers and video editors.With a few tools in Photoshop, you can create amazing images, and now, with some extra tools in Elements, you can create even more amazing images.Elements is a fun and easy-to-use tool for hobbyists, amateur photographers, and graphic designers.In this comparison, we will compare the features of both the most popular graphic editing tools, but instead of the outdated features from two years ago, we have recreated this comparison using the current software.When you can pick up a 3-year-old version of Photoshop for $65, you can choose to spend over $200 on a brand-new version of Elements today for nothing.There are many different versions of Photoshop Elements: Elements 2.0, Elements 3.0, Elements 4.0, Elements 5.0, Elements 6.0, and Elements 11.0.This article is about both the latest version, Elements 11.0.12 and the previous version, Elements 11.0.x.No matter what you use, or your skill level, we highly recommend both programs.This will be a comparison of the functionality of both software, not price.Even if you use the older version of Elements and it’s new features, you can easily upgrade to the latest version, Elements 11.0.12, with a discount.To learn more about Elements 11.0.12, go to Adobe’s websiteand check out the release notes of this feature. Comparing Photoshop and Elements Download the Adobe Photoshop and Elements Images See the missing features in Elements 11.0 compared to Photoshop We’ve updated this comparison a bit to account for the changes in the software. The previous version of Elements 11 compared to Photoshop CC 2015 was a bit outdated and without some 05a79cecff

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# New Brushes To create a new brush, select **Brush Tool** ▸ **New Brush…** from the toolbox. In the New Brush dialog box, type a name for the new brush, select the brush type from the drop-down menu, and click the OK button. You can also add a color to the brush. You can create a new brush in two ways: * **Create a custom shape**. You can edit a preset shape or create a custom shape by clicking **Create** and then drawing a shape with the Pen. The first time you start the brush, a new custom shape is created. After that, you can continue to load the preset shape or draw a new one. In the New Brush dialog box, select the Shape tool (it looks like a black brush), click the plus sign (+) to add the shape, and then drag to draw. You can customize the shape in any way that you want. Any pixels you draw outside the shape become the brush pixel. To remove the selected pixels, click **Make Work** to clear the shape, click **Clear** to erase the whole brush, or click **No Work** to load the shape.

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