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========================== Create an interactive navigable menu tree with any available depth. The menu items can be: – navigation buttons (forward, backward,…) – special buttons (subpicture, chapter up, chapter down) – link to other menus (same menu, other menu,…) – embedded video objects (full screen toggle, redo) – Audio connections – Date/time – Changing the subpicture server path – VOB codec support – support for subtitles with chapter markers -… You can also use other menu templates, such as the MS Windows standard one. Features: ========= – easy to use – easy setup – support for all QuickTime codecs – full menu item support – support for all graphics formats – support for VOB, DVD-Audio, XDCAM, Avid Multiview,… – Easy to customize – XML tree description -… – menu tree navigation (up/down, forward/backward) – menu tree for free list -… Here’s an screenshot of the menu in action: (or directly in the ZIP archive). Quick BD Menu source code: =========================== You will have to use the freely available SQLite version 3.3.7 and extract the source code from the Quick BD Menu f200.zip file. Versions before version f200 have a lower version number. Quick BD Menu X.x: ================== This ZIP archive contains Quick BD Menu 2.x.x and Quick BD Menu 3.x.x. -2.x.x – 3.0.x – 3.1.x Quick BD Menu is a fork of the original Quick BD Menu, which became maintained and supported by Dave Fuller. Quick BD Menu is an extended and improved version of it, with support for more formats and features. Quick BD Menu 3.x.x differs from Quick BD Menu 2.x.x in a number of areas: – a new menu template and navigation model are used – the XML menu description format is enhanced – a JAVA based menu generator is available – there are new menu items like: select chapters and adjust subtitles. – the menu tree now can contain separate locations for video menu’s and

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– A simple and intuitive software for creating menus in convenient and free toolbars. -Allows you to work with DVD menus inside of the BD-player, create the necessary programs and save them as formats like.avi, AVI and MP4 on your computer. -Create any type of navigation, including the creation of push buttons or any other menu. -Simple and intuitive user interface, which allows you to work easily and intuitively. DVD2BD Menu is a powerful tool for converting DVD menu to an xml file, and then to an audio file. It allows you to build audio files, chapter menu text, and several other formats for data exchange (e.g. compatible with “DVD2XML”). DVD2BD Menu Description: – Create powerful DVD menu interfaces and create audio files (single file or as an audio stream (e.g. xmPlay, Windows Media Player, Flash Player), a movie (e.g. an.avi file), create’small’ chapter menu command, audio menu command, etc. – Optionally, you can add a subtitle to the top of the file. – This software is also a powerful editor, allowing you to combine and edit various data formats, including: ChapteMenuXML files, audio stream and Movieplay files, video dvd files, etc. -No additional software needed (e.g. to convert DVD to XML format). This is an innovative and user-friendly software for creating and editing slideshows, adding motion and animation, and also allows you to convert the slideshows to multiple formats (DVD player, DVD recorder, DVD browser, etc.). Pro Slideshow Maker Description: – Slideshows created by slideshow editors for creating slideshows in high definition quality. – Import slides from any sources, including from the Internet. – Create slideshows and add external text, including animations of mp4, wma, swf or mpeg video files, mp3 or wav audio files, jpg, gif or png picture files. – You can also add a background of the slides. – Add your own or find library of royalty-free images to use in your slides. – Create an interactive slideshows with transition effects. – Export video slideshows to various formats (DVD player, DVD recorder, DVD browser, etc.). – Create slideshows in this software which would normally require large amounts of 91bb86ccfa

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– 3 versions available (Windows & Mac OS X) – Great User Experience – Easy Operation – Small File Size – Support for nearly all BD players – full support for BD-Java (BD-J) and BD-Java 2 – Works with player / menu interfaces of almost all BD-Player Software Supports navigation for video, audio and subpicture streams, as well as chapter numbering or highlighting QT interface Easy Interface & Advanced Features Creates navigation and menu tasks programmatically Product Description BlueDragon Quick BD Menu is an extremely flexible multi-platform BD navigation software, to create navigation and menu functions for almost all BD players. The software offers a wide range of features to create navigation and menu tasks programmatically, and to preview and test the generated navigation and menu code. You can either create navigation commands for switching between chapters of a video, audio and subpicture stream or separate between navigation commands for navigation (fast forward / rewind) and menu commands (chapter marking or subpicture navigation). In addition to chapter navigation, you can also generate navigation commands for video, audio or subpicture playback. BlueDragon Quick BD Menu is designed to be easy-to-use and intuitive, and therefore allows the quick and easy navigation of programs like BD-Players and BD-Subpicture Players. Quick BD Menu also offers a lot of options to create navigation and menu tasks, such as different colors, fonts, or to generate code for different BD players, and it offers various preview features to test your navigation code. Advanced Features Excellent Support for BD-Java Support for Subpicture Menu via BD-Java 2 Can also be used as a menu creator Accepts regular pictures, JPEG’s and BMP images as subpicture data Short Preview for menu commands Browsable and editable subpicture menu Easy-to-use Interface Create menu items using property files Easy to use Interface Create menus and navigation tasks in the usual way using the BD-Player software program, for example, to define a new navigation task via a BD-Player menu bar or the BD-Player right mouse-button menu You can also use the software, with the help of the BlueDragon Quick BD Menu user interface, to create navigation commands for the BD-Player programmatically, either in the form of direct button navigation, or in the form of video, subpicture or

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BD Interactive Menu Creation tool that can be used to create a navigation bar from real BD menus and generate chapters, audio or subpicture menu dynamically. Features: Automatic generation of navigation (buttons) Dynamically generate chapters Dynamically generate audio menus Dynamically generate subpicture menus Integration with the BD Menu Editor for generating menus BD Menu Editor (plugin) to create menus online at your website Editing and saving the generated menus at your site Support version 4.06, 4.35 and 4.45 of BDMPxP Support to add your own buttons for better customization Support to create subpicture menu (with subpicture) Export option to send the menus by email (or save them as a file) MPlayer plugin (version 7.1-svn) to play menus BD Interactive Menu Creator BD Interactive Menu Creator is a solution for BD menu creation for BDMP4 file.BD Interactive Menu Creator supports the following features: Create BD menu from real BD menus Generate interactive buttons for BDMP4 file playback based on the BD menu (Real-Time BD menu creation) Generate BD menu with real-time program name BD menu with automatically created subpictures Automatic switch between audio and video menu Note: BD Interactive Menu Creator features a basic menu editor to drag and drop buttons and labels, it will be displayed in order to make the BD interactive menu editing more convenient (manually drag and drop the buttons and labels for BD menu creation). BD Interactive Menu Creator Description: BD Interactive Menu Creator is a BD interactive menu creator. Features: BD interactive menu, BD menu can be used to control BDMP4 file playback BDMP4 menu maker create the BDMP4 file playback feature dialog at runtime BDMP4 Menu maker support to create BDMP4 file playback dialog at runtime BDMP4 Menu maker built-in BDMP4 file player (its graphic design is similar to BD MPX Player) Back to menu, switch between the BD menu of the BD file and BD menu of BDMP4 file playback Select the BD MPX (Microsoft’s Virtuoso) menu, the BD menu will be added to the BD menu of the BDMP4 file player Create BDMP4 file selection feature dialog, the BDMP4 file is selected as input file for navigation Create BDMP4 file selection feature

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Minimum: OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or Windows 10 with at least 4GB RAM CPU: Dual Core 1.6 GHz (recommended) or Quad Core 2.0 GHz GPU: DirectX 9.0c compatible video card HDD: 256 MB of free hard disk space Game Discs: Two copies of base game HDD: Two copies of game mod discs, one for base game and one for HD texture packs Additional Mods: None Windows