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Vector image

A _vector image_ is an image that has a defined shape. Vector images are stored in a raster image, but they can

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The first version, Elements 1, was released in February 2002 and was marketed as a starting point for the beginner. Photoshop 2, released in June 2002, was bundled with Elements 1 and provided feature parity. In October 2002, Adobe released the first version of Elements 2. In December 2002, Elements 1 and Elements 2 were rebranded as Photoshop Elements.

Proprietary Processor

Adobe Photoshop is written in the programming language C++. Photoshop uses a custom proprietary image processing library called PHOTOSHOP_MCL on Windows and PTHOTOSHOP_MCL on Macintosh. It also uses the DIGIKAM library to add high-performance previews and tags and other features. On Linux, the programs use the ZLIB library instead.

Proprietary Language

The language used in Photoshop is C++.

Proprietary Plugins

Adobe Photoshop Elements uses proprietary plugins to save and view JPEG, TIFF and Photoshop PDF documents. Some features are still limited compared to Photoshop.

Program Files

The standard Adobe Photoshop installation program is located in Program Files.

Photoshop is available for Windows and macOS, as well as on Linux using Wine.

Save files to a filesystem

Adobe Photoshop lets you save your images to various files systems such as JPEG, TIFF, RAW or PDF and even password protected PDFs.

Open a file

You can open a file by right-clicking the file and selecting Open or by double-clicking the file.

Open an existing file

You can also open an existing file by selecting File > Open.

Import a file

To import an image into Photoshop, select File > Import.

Open an existing file

To import an existing file into a new document, you can simply select File > Import and select the file to import.

Save a file

To save a file, select File > Save As… and browse to the location and name of the file where you’d like to store the file.

Save an existing file

Adobe offers a powerful feature to save a current file in its current state. Select File > Save As… and then select the Save mode.

Applying edits

You can use the Edit menu to access some advanced features that are not available by double-clicking a file.


You can undo an edit by selecting Edit > Undo or press Ctrl

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Trying to copy a row from one sheet to another

I am having trouble with an Excel VBA macro. I’m not good with VBA, but I’m trying to learn.
I’m trying to copy a row from a sheet and paste it to another.
I’ve tried searching for a solution, but I’m not coming up with anything.
This is what I came up with (stuck on the line with the sheet’s column)
Sub CopyTo()

Dim WSName As String
Dim WSName1 As String
Dim cell As Range

WSName1 = “Sheet2”

‘ = Sheets(“Sheet2”).Range(“N” & Sheets(“Sheet1”).Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row

Set cell = Range(“N5”)

With Sheets(WSName1)
cell.Copy Destination:=Range(“N5”)
‘Wrap whole sheet in a loop
Do Until cell = cell.End(xlToRight)
Cells(cell.Row, “A”).Insert Shift:=xlDown
‘cell.Resize(, 3)
cell = cell.Offset(1, 0)
End With

End Sub


Try this:
Option Explicit

Sub CopyTo()

Dim WSName

What’s New in the Photoshop CS3?

if (mStatus == Playing) {
} else if (mStatus == Paused) {
} else if (mStatus == Stopped) {
if (mState == Playing || mState == Stopped || mState == Paused) {
if (mDuration!= 0) {
mHandler.postDelayed(mRunnable, 0);
} else {
if (mDuration!= 0) {

public void pause() {
if (mStatus == Playing || mStatus == Paused) {
playPosition = 0;
mState = Stopped;
} else if (mStatus == Stopped) {
mState = Playing;
} else {

System Requirements:

This game is designed to run on low end systems.
If you are having performance issues on low end systems, you may want to try playing it on high end systems first, then downgrading to the low end system once you are comfortable with the game.
General Notes:
Depending on your system, your performance may suffer from certain issues.
There are 2 methods of Multiplayer. You may use the in game UI to select between Host and Host Join.
– “Player 2” is the host of the game. This is