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* _Adobe Photoshop: The Missing Manual_ by Joseph McNally and Stephen Greenberg (O’Reilly); ISBN: 0-596-00620-9 An invaluable introduction to Photoshop, this is the book that every Photoshop user should have. # Live Camera Trap Webcams A web camera or webcam can be a handy tool for attracting animals, especially when you live in an area where you don’t have access to a live camera. Webcams are a great way to capture amazing footage, and they are small enough to fit in your hand or on a night-lamp. You can find a camera that can be attached to your computer and see footage live on your monitor. These webcams are quite inexpensive and have built-in microphones to record sounds that you can play back and analyze. They provide both audio and video output, or perhaps a picture and audio output. Think outside the box when choosing a camera. Small toys that are perfect for wildlife photography are available for children. These cameras are fairly inexpensive, and most include a computer, SD card, and software package. These can be great incentives for a child to be responsible and quiet when wildlife is in the room. Webcams are easy to use and a good choice for a first camera. You can also use a computer’s webcam or an external webcam and a video-editing program to capture high-quality images. * _Camera Traps: Photographing Animals with Invisible Cameras_ by Justin M. Barrett and Jeff Zimbalist (University of Chicago Press); ISBN: 0-226-74296-4 The best book on live camera-trapping, this book covers every aspect of live camera trapping, including basic tips for successful trapping. # Reading about Animals Exploring our world is part of what learning about animals is all about. Reading about animals can help you become more aware of your world and help you develop an interest in the lives of other creatures. # _Textbooks_ Several books come under the category of textbooks, and there are many excellent ones available for classroom and home use. A great book for beginning photographers is _The Hidden Game of Nature: A Photographer’s Odyssey Into the World of Nature’s Most Sacred and Mysterious Creatures_ by Victoria Richie (Animals in Nature Productions, LLC). This book is about nature photography, but it also includes text discussing natural history and wildlife. Adults may

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This article will demonstrate how to open, edit, crop, brightness/contrast, rotate, straighten, and correct lighting and shadows using Photoshop Elements. We will be using a Nikon D750 and its integrated 24-85mm f/3.5-5.6 VR lens with a Nikon 105mm f/2.8 lens, for a photoshoot of the FOOJAYs (八位王) meme featuring Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach. Original image of FOOJAYs memes Preview the image before editing it in Photoshop Elements, make sure you have cropped the background or saved out a new, smaller file, we will be using the cropped file in this tutorial. Cropping the background, if needed Open the image in Photoshop Elements and crop it to a white background; use the rectangular selection tool (\ to select the command icon, to select the tool icon) to crop the cropped image to white background. Cropped image in Photoshop Elements Crop the image in Photoshop Elements Image editing in Photoshop Elements We will now use the free transform tool (\ to select the command icon, to select the tool icon) to rotate the crop to upright. The image will look like this now. Rotate the cropped image to upright Rotate the cropped image to upright Next, we will use the Crop tool (C) to resize the crop to what we want to save. Open the selection tool, then shift-click on the image to select all the edges of the cropped photo, then drag across the edges of the photo to resize the crop. The image should look something like this at this point. Scale the crop to what you want to save the image as Scale the crop to what you want to save the image as Now we will create a mask for our image. Open the selection tool and click-drag (using the blue arrow) across the image, selecting both the outer and inner areas of the photo. On the Layers panel, hold the Shift key down, then click on the mask thumbnail to make a selection for the mask. Release the Shift key and drag the mask to the layer. The photo should look like this at this point. Create a mask Create a mask I usually select the new layer and then use the Move tool, copy and paste, to rep a681f4349e

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Q: Why can I not use an instance of an object when the object is of type ‘function’? As a simple example, consider the following: function doSomething(foo){ console.log(“hey”); return foo; } var bar = doSomething(“foo”); Then bar is just a string, however, if I do: var bar = new doSomething(“foo”); it becomes an instance of the object, and as expected, I can access the property of the object through bar and it returns “hey”. However, why is it that I cannot access bar in the first instance? A: Both your examples are returning the same string “hey”. The first example does so implicitly by returning the value assigned to it, and the second example does so explicitly by returning the new instance of doSomething() (which also implicitly returns the value of the function you’re running). A: In the first case, the call to doSomething() is returning the value of the function itself: var bar = doSomething(“foo”); console.log(bar); // => hey In the second case, you’re setting the value of the variable bar to be a new function object: var bar = new doSomething(“foo”); console.log(bar); // => Object { doSomething: function doSomething(foo) {… }} You can see this in the source of the typeof operator: if the internal [[Class]] property of O is the Function function As noted in the comments, new in JS is actually invoking a function constructor, and the resulting object can be used in place of a function as normal: bar(3); // => 3 But foo(“bar”) doesn’t compile. Ukraine passes legislation on ‘de-mining’ of Donbas Published duration 25 November 2016 Related Topics Ukraine conflict image copyright Reuters image caption Russian-backed rebels have used explosions to cover the movement of armoured columns Ukraine has passed legislation to de-mine territory controlled by rebel forces in the east of the country, after months of negotiations with Russia. The free passage of army troops will allow Kiev to complete its “Hnutove” (Sea Breeze) offensive. The passage of the law removes a veto for President Petro Poroshenko, who has made de-mining one of his priorities.

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Are VAES Evaluations effective for negotiating claims? Keep up to date on your VEES and other organizational matters! Veterans’ Education and Employment Services (VAES) and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) system have been involved in a series of challenges and policy changes that have created confusion and concern among the current and potential enrollees of the Veteran Education and Employment (VAEES) program. According to a recent interview with a program manager, the primary problem appears to be that VAEES policies and procedures have changed radically and without explanation during the last couple of years, at a time when the program is rapidly expanding. Despite the lack of a consistent message, many veterans are hopeful that the most recent changes in policy are beneficial. The confusion has been compounded by the new and confusing requirements associated with completing the VAEES application and the separate VAEES exam. Veterans are already served by a host of other educational and vocational programs within the VA system. The fact that the VAEES needs continue to be enhanced and expanded indicates that these programs must be combined, consolidated, and improved if the existing system is going to better serve the veteran community. At the VAEES, program managers have struggled to simplify the application process, streamline the examination process, and facilitate scheduling. Interestingly, many veterans who take the exam when it is offered in their home communities complain that they are not notified that their exam is now available and scheduled for the following week. Other veterans report that they have received conflicting messages from the exam and the application sites regarding the hours the exams are administered and acceptances have been made. One vet reported that her receipt of a letter regarding a recent acceptance and enrollment at her local Exam Window made no reference to the fact that she had been accepted by the VAEES program three years previously. A recent veteran was turned away from his local exam window because he had been accepted into the program three years prior to his application being completed. Veteran Service Organizations (VSOs) have been flooded by inquiries regarding this issue and it appears that Veterans can be approved by the VAEES program but not accepted into the program until a year or more after their application has been approved. When the VA denies a veteran’s request for benefits, the decision seems to be arbitrary and an indication that Veterans cannot get quality care from the VA. The program also appears to be punitive, as many applications are being denied. Veterans

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For a smooth and stable game experience, recommended PC specifications are: – CPU: Intel i5 2500K, i7 2600K, FX 8320E, FX 8350 – RAM: 8 GB RAM – GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660/AMD Radeon HD 7870 – Hard Disk Space: 30 GB free HDD space – OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 – Minimum resolution: 1024 x 768, or higher – Language: English – Internet connection: Broadband, ADS