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Shareware software used to send email messages/newsletter to clients on fast and easy way with many options and features.
Options to use autorization with mail server, request read recipient, use attachments. Manage users and messages lists. Job statistics at every moment.
Easy install, uninstall and registration (online and offline).
BSC E-Mailer comes with a user-friendly interface so you will have no problem configuring and using it.
■ At least CPU 450MHz
■ 128 MB RAM
■ 30 MB free hard disk space
■ Internet Connection
■ 7 days trial
■ Nag screen







BSC E-Mailer EXtreme Edition For Windows (Updated 2022)

BSC E-Mailer eXtreme Edition Serial Key is a powerful and stable software for sending mail using your own SMTP and POP3 servers.
■ Sending mails via your SMTP and POP3 server.
■ Setting of sender, recipients, message of send, type of message, etc.
■ Usual features such as mail views, filters, listing, attachments, mail forwarding and similar.
■ Automatic confirmation of any change in settings or status.
■ Possibility to schedule automatic emailing when it is most convenient for you.
BSC E-Mailer eXtreme Edition Details:
BSC E-Mailer eXtreme Edition is a robust and stable mail sending software for Windows.
■ A working configuration of SMTP and POP3 server
■ A user’s account on SMTP and POP3 server
■ A working configuration of SMTP and POP3 server
■ A user’s account on SMTP and POP3 server
Email Notifications
This is the latest major update of our software, BSC Emailer eXtreme Edition.
BSC E-mailer is a complete set of tools you need to send e-mail to your contacts.
This is a fantastic way to increase your company’s profits.
BSC E-mailer allows you to configure SMTP and POP3 servers, manage all your clients, and send a variety of messages in a few clicks.
It can also be used to send e-mail newsletters.
And it is 100% free of charge.
■ A free user name and password on SMTP and POP3 servers
■ POP3 and SMTP server configuration
■ An email account on SMTP server and POP3 server
■ A user account on SMTP and POP3 server
■ Must be equipped with computer and Internet connection
■ Free trial period lasts for 7 days.
■ Cannot install, update or delete software
BSC Emailer eXtreme Edition Version 5.4.1 includes a Hostlist that can be used to locate an IP address from many Hosts.
It is the best tool in order to search and use IP for mail servers, receive any emails from these servers.
Message verification is possible in a few clicks

BSC E-Mailer EXtreme Edition Crack+ Patch With Serial Key Free Download

BSC E-Mailer eXtreme Edition For Windows 10 Crack is a free, powerful, secure, easy-to-use alternative to expensive and cumbersome to use batch mailing system. BSC E-Mailer is designed to be used on desktops with Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Server 2000, Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 operating systems. BSC E-Mailer allows you to automate email message deliveries to hundreds or even thousands of recipients, whether they are external or internal customers. You can choose to deliver a single message, a monthly newsletter, or a weekly newsletter to a group of recipients. These options are easy to maintain. You can create and manage a recipients list in a list management database. You can use this database to manage lists of recipients, notify them of upcoming mailing or quarantine them from future mailings. You can filter the recipients to receive messages only from a selected user. BSC E-Mailer also provides an option for you to use specific attachments to send to your list of recipients. BSC E-Mailer eXtreme Edition Crack offers you many advanced features, such as individualized access control to manage senders and recipients lists, the ability to manage your lists of recipients on your LAN and on the internet, a built-in calendar to schedule future mailings or queries, a user-friendly interface for managing your lists of recipients, a web interface to query existing recipients, and the ability to monitor the mail delivery status of your recipients. BSC E-Mailer includes the option of downloading a source code to modify its advanced features in order to support specific requirements.
You can use the optional License Check system to verify that your software is free and in its original form.
BSC E-Mailer eXtreme Edition provides the ability to monitor the status of a particular recipient. You can also monitor and manage a list of recipients by using the subscriber lists feature. BSC E-Mailer eXtreme Edition allows you to create a backup copy of your list of recipients and its sources of information, such as mailing addresses or user profiles. The Backup database can be used to restore the backup copy of a recipient list if the email delivery process is disrupted. This feature can save valuable time in recovering an interrupted mailing.
Key Features:
■ Batch Emailing Support
BSC E-Mailer eXtreme Edition is a powerful tool for batch mailing that allows you to set up and configure mailing lists in a few clicks. You can use BSC E-

BSC E-Mailer EXtreme Edition Crack + Free

■ Very Simple Interface
BSC E-Mailer eXtreme Edition is a user-friendly email marketing software that works easily with the webmail service.
It allows to send e-mail campaigns directly from the webmail service while using the tools that are designed for mail servers (sendmail, postfix, pine etc.)
It is a tool that is very simple and has a great amount of options. But with these options, you can configure any rule to be sent, and the best thing is that it is the most user-friendly software.
Download & Prove BSC E-Mailer eXtreme Edition:
BSC E-Mailer eXtreme Edition Features:
■ Very simple interface
■ Send with 100% guarantee
■ Backup email lists, mail server configurations
■ The only software that allows to configure the mail server with more than one account!
■ You can add POP3 and SMTP server as email accounts, including the proxy addresses.
■ You can add sender IP address, sender IP address whitelist (based on IP)
■ You can setup max of 100 accounts that can be added to any message to send.
■ You can add domains list and define conditions to send the emails.
■ You can add a list of organizations that will send notifications on phone or mobile device.
■ Automatic notifications when mailboxes contains unread messages
■ You can manage 1000 users, including the active, inactive, blacklisted and deleted users
■ You can have an admin control panel
■ Mail server configuration settings you can change during the execution of the app.
■ Send only email messages to specific recipients
■ Support all languages with their own localization
■ Ability to preview and forward the email
■ Ability to receive broadcast email from custom domains
■ Ability to receive some types of email as image attachments
■ Ability to receive any type of email as attachment file
■ Ability to have 100s of files at once as attachments.
■ Ability to check email counter
■ Ability to configure multiple smtp servers.
■ Ability to export email lists to text file format (.csv)
■ Ability to add images as email attachments.
■ Ability to have long message size limit (100MB).

What’s New In BSC E-Mailer EXtreme Edition?

BSC E-mailer eXtreme Edition latest version includes core programs, customer database, and e-mail system. Also, the program support such as registration, mail sending with logo, CSS printing, and integrated PHP.
BSC E-mailer eXtreme Edition Features:
■ Manage 12000 autorization options for receivers
■ Recipients can be read or not
■ Single, double or unlimited sender address
■ Print in as many pages as you want
■ Support all Encrypted and non-encrypted attachments
■ Unlimited number of attachments
■ Support all mail servers configurations
■ Support Print List (user can send mail with only his recipient list)
■ Add user to the selection and manage users
■ Create message recipient lists
■ Draft and send messages
■ Auto reply (customer msg reply)
■ Messages timed delivery
■ Use HTML code for message formatting
■ User can edit message body
■ Can process black list
■ Print message body
■ Support for all mail servers that could be used for sending
■ Configure email server for use in AUTORIZATION
■ Statistics for every message or for every user
■ Mute/unmute users
■ Report statistics for every user
■ With this tool, your e-mail administrator will be easier to handle!
What’s New in BSC e-mailer eXtreme Edition 11.4.9
* Message Sent
* Download Limit
* Log file support
Help & Support
To help you with the use of our products, please contact us.
Phone: +972-5412-4730
* If you are a registered user of BSC e-mailer eXtreme Edition, contact BSC directly by sending an email to
BSC e-mailer eXtreme Edition is licensed as Shareware program. BSC does not authorize the use of our software for commercial purposes.
There are no restrictions on the use of our product for non-commercial purposes.

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System Requirements:

1. Dual Core Processor
2. 1 GB RAM
3. 60 GB HDD
4. Direct X 9.0c
5. 1280×1024 Resolution
Direct X Version:
(Please make sure that your DX version matches the DX run-time version in our list)
Windows XP (32-bit)
Windows Vista (32-bit)
Windows 7 (32-bit)
Windows 8 (32-bit)
Windows 8.1 (32-bit)
Windows 10 (