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That said, while Photoshop is an industry standard, it’s far from the only image-editing program out there. Some people find it daunting and don’t want to get caught up in a skill set they may never use. Other people, like this author, have worked with the program enough to know its strengths and weaknesses. Here’s a list of the best Photoshop alternatives. The recommendations are based on usability, feature sets and ease of use. A list of the pros and cons for each is also included to give you a better idea of what each program has to offer. A pared down Adobe Photoshop alternative, Pixelmator 2 is easy to use and surprisingly adept at what it does. Like Photoshop, Pixelmator 2 has layer support and a bunch of useful tools. It’s a free download and comes with a slew of features that are worth checking out. The toolset includes: -A wide range of artistic and photo retouching tools. -Gamut Warning, a tool for adjusting the differences in color reproduction between a source and an output media. -A layer cloning tool. -Adjustment layers. -Blending and visibility settings. -Filters. -Smart Objects. -A powerful selection tool that’s powerful for creating and editing selections. -Adjustment brushes that can be used for coloring or blurring. -A wide assortment of artistic tools. -A powerful cloning tool. -A selection eraser. -Instant Eraser, a tool that quickly clears and hides an area. -A pen tool, which enables creation of vector paths and objects. -An awesome automatic straightening tool. -A unique composite tool. -A brightness and contrast adjustment tool. -A tonal replacement tool. -A pseudo-sepia conversion tool. -A selective color correction tool. -A special blend mode that creates a luminance palette similar to HDR images. -A special blending option for combining a high-key and a low-key image. -Live selection tools (see “Layer Sets and Multi Layers”) that let you edit a selected area while seeing its effects in the rest of the image. -A unique color balance tool. -A focus-and-mask tool. -A channel mixer, which

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Free vs. Paid: Which is better? Photoshop is an incredibly powerful tool but it isn’t always that easy to use. Photoshop Elements, which is the free edition of Adobe Photoshop, is a full-featured alternative to its paid counterpart. Choosing between a paid and an unpaid version of Photoshop can be confusing. Which one is better for your career? That depends on what you want to achieve. If you are not a professional photographer, graphic designer or web designer, then most of Photoshop’s features will be useless to you. If you are an amateur, you should opt for Photoshop Elements. If you are a graphic designer, web designer or a professional photographer who works with Photoshop, then Photoshop is the way to go. Photoshop is a bit more complex to use than Photoshop Elements, but you get a wider selection of tools at your disposal. If you want a quick way to edit your images, grab Photoshop Elements from the app store. If you are a pro, then get Photoshop. How to use Photoshop Elements Photoshop Elements There are a few ways to use Photoshop Elements: As an element — you can work on your image by using the photos like you do with other types of images. You can also draw vectors, effects, texts and photo frames. As a library — you can organize your pictures into individual folders. You can drag and drop pictures into the folders you create and place them in any order. When you want to use the full version of Photoshop, it is wise to buy a hard disk that is big enough for all of your images and backups. By doing that, you will prevent losing all your work when your computer crashes. Adobe Photoshop Adobe Photoshop is one of the most powerful editors. It is the Adobe Photoshop standard, and most users prefer it to Photoshop Elements. It offers you an enhanced range of editing tools. You can manipulate the color of your photo, curves, filters, shapes and tools. It also has a few unique features that others don’t have, like the ability to simulate light — you can make the lights and shadows in your image brighter and darker. When you want to edit professional images, you should invest in Photoshop. There are no free alternatives to it if you are a professional. Is a681f4349e

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