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Note If your image has a lot of detail and you want to change the way it looks, that’s when you may need to create multiple layers. For example, if your image has a lot of fine detail, you may need to create a lighten and a darker version on separate layers. That way, you can adjust the brightness by increasing or decreasing the opacity of one layer while leaving the other one unchanged. 7. **Choose Filter ▸ Blur ▸ Gaussian Blur**. The dialog box shown in Figure 11-19 opens. Use the Amount slider to change the bluriness of the image. 8. **Click OK**.

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POWER USERS If you are looking for the full power of Photoshop, go to Photoshop. If you are looking for an editor with a smaller learning curve, try out Photoshop Elements. Adobe Photoshop Elements was designed for people looking for the simplicity of Photoshop’s intuitive interface without the cost of the professional version. It does not include some of the features of the full-version but most of the essentials. As well as processing your images, Photoshop Elements lets you sharpen images and crop them. This is ideal for social media posts and news stories, for example. And you can transform your photos into high-quality graphics, ideal for sharing on websites or sending through email. It’s a fantastic alternative to Photoshop, and most people use it because of that. But there are also some amazing features, such as: The ability to add a variety of filters to help you make the most out of your images. Add a variety of effects to enhance the appearance of your photos. Create custom shapes and logos to quickly create graphics you can share online. Create more complex designs than can be done with editing tools in Elements. Automatically merge two or more photos together. You can enhance the appearance of your photos, reduce them to black and white and even replace them with new photos. Let’s take a closer look at the features in Adobe Photoshop Elements. What is Photoshop Elements? Photoshop Elements is a tool for making changes and improvements to your photos. You may not use all the tools, but you will probably use many of them. Elements is a huge program – similar to Photoshop – and it includes all of the tools you would expect to find in a professional graphics programme. You might find it easier to use a traditional photo editor, such as Photoshop, with Elements installed on your computer. If you do, try both, and see which one you prefer. They’re both excellent programs, and you’ll find the interface a lot easier to use with Elements. When you download Photoshop Elements, you can choose to install it on your computer or a flash drive. If you download it on your computer, you’ll be able to install it when you need to. However, if you install it to a flash drive you can use it on any computer and won’t need to install it again when you download a681f4349e

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Object Selection A small button on your toolbars enables you to select objects easily. By pressing it, you can select any of your objects in the current document. You can select grouped objects, all objects, none or only select a specific object. Layers Layers are an important tool in Photoshop. They make it possible to group objects together so that you can edit them as a unit or apply an effect only to selected objects. Layers can also be merged to create composite images. Adobe Photoshop CC Training is a comprehensive, one of a kind Adobe Photoshop CC course that will take you up to speed on using Photoshop CC to create stunning, high-end photoshop images and graphics. With Photoshop CC Training, you’ll get a deeper understanding of how the program works, and be able to master the features that make Adobe Photoshop CC a superior tool for image editing and graphic design. Where is Adobe Photoshop CC Training available? Adobe Photoshop CC Training is available through the UIZ Coach website. We have multiple locations around the world that we can visit. Wherever you are in the world, we can come to you. To find out more, you can visit our homepage to locate the closest location to you. Is Adobe Photoshop CC Training a one-time deal? You can purchase Adobe Photoshop CC Training once. We offer lifetime upgrades, meaning that you can upgrade your training with us at any time during your entire lifetime. You can learn more about upgrade options here. What if I want to return my training? You can return your training at any time. Just contact us through our contact form so we can refund your payment immediately. What is the refund policy? We have a 30 day refund policy on all products. You can read our full refund policy here. Who is the instructor for Adobe Photoshop CC Training? UIZ Coach is a group of industry professionals and software engineers who have shared their expertise on Adobe Photoshop CC Training. We provide online Adobe Photoshop CC training and tutorials, as well as webinars and courses. What are the topics covered in Adobe Photoshop CC Training? Adobe Photoshop CC Training covers over 180 topics and provides you with a full overview of all available features and functions within the tool, including: Metadata Brushes Effects Layers Organizer Filters Methods Tools Jobs

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Operating Systems: Windows XP Windows 7 Mac OS X Internet Browsers: Firefox 3.6 IE 7 Safari 5 Accessibility: IBM/Watson does not currently support any form of assistive technology and should be used with caution. Spatial Awareness: IBM/Watson has a limited awareness of its surroundings. For example: Heading to the right or left may result in a teleport to the other side of