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AdLock 9.5.18 [Mac/Win]

AdLock Serial Key is a free ad blocker that protects you from annoying ads and malware. AdLock monitors all visited websites for malware and removes it. You can also customize the list of ad networks to be monitored and which ads to be blocked. AdLock is a fast and complete solution to block ads. It has an easy-to-use interface and also has extensive settings.
AdLock is still a beta version, but it works very well. It should get better over time.

Key Features:

• Protects against: Banners, pop-ups
• Blocks ads on: All websites
• Modifies HTTP requests and DNS requests
• Removes visited Ads
• Shows detailed statistics about blocked requests (URL, domains, detected threats, etc.)
• Intuitive AdLock settings with an option to block specific domains
• Support for (Google Chrome, Firefox, Google Chrome for Android, Opera and Internet Explorer)
• Intuitive settings for beginners and power-users

Why AdLock?

It is annoying when you are trying to view a page and suddenly the page begins to refresh when ads are loaded or even worse, when ads begin to run your PC. You can easily avoid being spoiled. We have been looking for a simple and effective way of blocking those annoying ads and pop-ups from the web. The easiest way would be to look for ad-blocker, but we were not happy with the lack of control.
And so we created AdLock, a tool that is completely transparent, comprehensive and user-friendly.
We hope you will enjoy using AdLock. Please help us to make this tool even better.
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Support Author

– Author’s Comment : I have been using AdLock for some time now and from my experience, it’s quite robust. Even though the Internet can be considered the hallmark of this generation, unfortunately, it comes with a drawback, namely the numerous advertisements. Luckily, there are also numerous solutions out there to block the ads and that can ensure your privacy at the same time.
As the name suggests, AdLock is a tool designed to help block ads along with banners and pop-ups that may be embedded into various applications as well as the sites you are visiting regularly.
Blocks advertisements and prevents hidden traffic
Following a swift installation, you are welcomed by a user-friendly and modern interface that is unlikely to give you any troubles. In the main windows, you can access the main functions and

AdLock 9.5.18 [March-2022]

All web pages contain advertisements. These advertising banners are neither informative nor valuable for the user. If you want to view a website safely, you need an ad-free system. However, advertisements are the only way to make a living for online publishers.
AdLock is an ad-blocking utility. It works by blocking any advertising banners in web browsers, desktop browsers, terminals, and instant messaging applications. The protection is up to 25,000,000 sites. You can also block pop-ups, banners and tracking, audio and video ads.Q:

Javascript/jQuery: Require certain class if certain other class is present

I’m trying to make a button fade in depending on the class that is present (in this case the.btn-danger class) with CSS but the.btn-danger class has a slight delay so I would like the.btn-danger class to be required if the #table-container class is present.
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Here is the code I have tried:


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Secondary Menu


With the recession now in full swing, the extra time and money that can be spent on the home computer is being spent in less economically positive ways. However, there are still things that can be done

What’s New in the?

AdLock is an ad-blocker, that aims to block ads and banners along with pop-ups on web pages. AdLock has many filters, which can automatically block all pop-ups, banners, and ads on sites. With AdLock you can block ads, pop-ups, pop-under ads, pop-down ads, interstitial ads, Flash ads, Java ads, window ads and other ads, depending on the settings you have chosen for.
AdLock also allows you to save the information about the selected filters, such as:
— Shows the URLs that ad-blocker has blocked
— Shows the websites that AdLock has blocked
— Shows the amount of traffic which was blocked
— Shows the amount of data which was saved by AdLock
Besides these, AdLock has many more options that will help you block the advertisements in a better way.
— You can choose which domain AdLock will block traffic for
— You can choose which keywords you want to block, such as: high, medium or low risk keywords
— You can define ads that you want to block in a specific application or browser
AdLock Free is a free version of AdLock which is ad free. AdLock Free is very useful if you want to try ad blockers before buying AdLock or if you want to compare the results of more ad-blockers.
Available Languages:
— English
— French
— Spanish
— German
— Italian
— Russian
— Czech
— Polish
— Portuguese
— Dutch
— Finnish
— Swedish
— Norwegian
— Bulgarian
— Turkish
— Hungarian
— Romanian
— Romanian
— Turkish
— Korean
— Polish
— Lithuanian
— Latvian
— Indonesian
— Dutch
— Dutch
— German
— French
— Spanish
AdLock Ratings:
AdLock has received four and half stars on the Google Play Store and six stars on the Windows Store.
AdLock Pros:
– Blocks ads and pop-ups (RealPlayer, Flash, Java etc.) on almost any site
– Ad-blocking filter can be combined with other filters
– Blacklist can be filtered by risk level
– Ad-Blocker can save traffic
– Blocks pop-up and pop-under ads
– Choose browser (AdLock for Chrome, AdLock for IE, AdLock for Firefox, AdLock for Opera)
– Smart filtering engine

System Requirements:

Mac OS X version 10.6.8 or later
Intel-based Mac running Mountain Lion
1 GHz processor
2 GB free hard disk space
Mac OS X version 10.7 or later
Intel-based Mac running Mavericks
Recommended Settings:
Display resolution is a minimum of 1440 x 900 pixels
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