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Understanding of the Inflation

I am currently studying inflation and I am trying to understand why the same amount of money over time, doesn’t lead to higher prices on the same goods.
It has been shown to me that
$C(t) * Y(t) * m(t) = C(t-1) * Y(t-1) * m(t-1)$
But if we use this then we can see that $\frac{C(t+1)}{C(t)} = \frac{Y(t+1)}{Y(t)} = \frac{m(t+1)}{m(t)}$
But if we use this then we can see that $\frac{C(t+1)}{C(t)} = e^{\alpha} = \frac{Y(t+1)}{Y(t)} = \frac{m(t+1)}{m(t)}$
So clearly, the rate of change of money is different for different prices on the same goods
Why is that?


You are asking for the effect on inflation of a change of money supply. There is a mathematical issue here, and the issue is that you cannot straightforwardly compute the rate of change of money supply by using the definition of inflation given here:

Inflation is defined as the percentage growth rate of consumer price index (CPI).

You would instead need to use the money supply formula:

Money supply is equal to M * velocity of money + cash

But this is where the issue arises. For a change of money supply, velocity of money will increase (the more money


Dynamic Web Site on IIS 6 not working

I just set up a web site on IIS 6 on Vista x64 using ASP.Net 4.0.
I created a folder called MyWebsite on the Default Web Site with the following contents:
Under the web.template directory I set the folders application, bin, global, etc. and created a file called index.html.
I created two folders within the bin folder and created a.dll file in each folder.
For example, under the bin folder I created a folder called home and created a.dll file called home.dll
I ran IIS and then called which when added to my browser. I was directed to the home page of the website.
I created a small.Net MVC 4 website and copied the web.config, bin, global, and Index.html to the Default Web Site and it worked just as I expected it to.
Why is this happening?


Could be some kind of random file/directory permission error.
What happens is that IIS creates a new log file which gets created with an exact name of the site. But the actual site information and other folders are stored in that IIS web-root folder, not in the site name folder.
So if you name your site WebSite then the log and the site’s files should be at C:\inetpub\logs\LogFiles but the web-root might be some other place.
In my case, the log file was created at C:\inetpub\logs\LogFiles\log-iisweb-19142.txt and all I had to do was switch it to C:\inetpub\logs\LogFiles to have my site work like it should.
All I did to switch the log file name was to press F1 in the IIS manager and pick “Apply Changes to All Child Sites” under Actions.

Impact of education on regional smoking prevalence.
This study examines the impact of education on regional smoking prevalence across the United States, focusing on counties with at least 15% of their population within racial/ethnic minority groups. To isolate the impact of education, we use a new variable that captures whether a county’s school enrollment, poverty level, and minority concentration are similar to the rest of the state. We expect school enrollment and poverty to affect cigarette smoking because people