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Version history AutoCAD features The design and drafting tools of AutoCAD are among the best for their respective types. For a comprehensive feature list, please see the What’s New in AutoCAD page. High-speed rendering Precise, scalable draft objects Transparent, floating 3D objects 3D wireframe display File transfer to other applications Export to other file formats Design workspace virtualization Integrated Windows Explorer shell In a nutshell, AutoCAD features a comprehensive set of engineering and architectural design tools that enable you to create 2D drawings and 3D models that are precise and scaled for the size of the drawing or model. The drawing-tools interface is intuitive, and AutoCAD is fast and reliable. The design tools for AutoCAD work with existing applications, such as CAD software, and can automatically synchronize, manipulate, and automate data within those applications. Design tools AutoCAD’s three main design-tools interfaces are: The Graphical Design interface displays the Drafting tab in the standard window of the application. The Integrated Modeling interface is a complete set of design tools integrated within a single interface, and it displays the Drafting tab. The Page Layout interface is a traditional layout tool, used to create page layouts for drawings. Each interface has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, the Graphical Design interface is good at creating 2D drawings, and the Page Layout interface is good at creating layouts. The Integrated Modeling interface is especially good for creating 3D objects in the context of a drawing that is intended for a production run. Drafting Creating 2D drawings and 3D models with AutoCAD is a cinch. You can import images, geometry, and drawing objects, then use AutoCAD to scale, rotate, and position them in the drawing area. This section of the manual focuses on the various drafting features of AutoCAD, along with a set of tips for getting the most out of the application. Drafting workspaces AutoCAD provides a dynamic workflow that helps you to focus on the work at hand rather than the need to switch applications. Each drawing or model you create appears in a unique, separate work area, where you can organize drawings, layers, groups, and styles. You can open and work on additional drawings or models from within this workspace. This section of the

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Third-party AutoCAD add-ons are available in the Application Store on the Autodesk Exchange website. AutoCAD does not have a built-in option to download third-party add-ons. Third-party add-ons are published to the Application Store on the Autodesk Exchange website, and can also be found in the Autodesk Exchange Apps and Autodesk App Directory. AutoCAD supports.NET add-ons, a programming language and development platform that allows developers to build native extensions for AutoCAD. AutoCAD natively supports Visual LISP. Visual LISP is a high-level programming language, which allows developers to write custom routines in AutoCAD to automate repetitive tasks. Visual LISP can be run in an interactive console, or within AutoCAD as a dynamic command. VBA is a proprietary Microsoft macro language that allows Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) and Microsoft Access to be used in AutoCAD to create macros and custom VBA functions. AutoCAD’s VBA functionality is used by many third-party plug-in developers to create Automated Design Tools (ADT) that perform tasks such as part numbering, manufacturing design, or measuring of AutoCAD drawings. AutoCAD’s.NET add-on for AutoCAD LT / AutoCAD MEP is a Microsoft.NET plug-in for AutoCAD LT / AutoCAD MEP. AutoCAD’s.NET add-on allows programming developers to create C#, or.NET, add-ons that interact with the.NET library to perform tasks such as part numbering, manufacturing design, or measuring of AutoCAD drawings. C++ Development Tools C++ Development Tools can be installed on Windows, or from within AutoCAD. They include the C++ Language Compiler and Debugger, Ancillary Utilities, and the C++ Development Toolkit. C++ Language Compiler AutoCAD provides access to the Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 language compiler (CL.exe) through a command prompt window (AutoCAD), or through the Build tab of the Customize panel. Although not required, to build AutoCAD-based plug-ins, the Visual Studio 6.0 IDE is the recommended IDE. AutoCAD supports the Visual Studio 6.0 IDE, as well as Visual Studio 6.0, Visual Studio 7.0, Visual Studio 7.1, Visual Studio 7.1 Service Pack 1, 3813325f96

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Go to the %AppData%\Symantec\ for Autocad Autocad\MyDocuments for Autocad\MyAutocad\ in Autocad\Program Files (x86) for Autocad-2010\ Open Autocad Start Autocad and load the project Now go to “File” > “Open” > “User Data” 2. Click “2” 3. Click “Change” 4. Then click on the textbox “OnlineAutocad” 5. Click “New” 6. Click the radio button “Yes” 7. Click “Ok” Open up Autocad again and save the project. 1. In the first textbox click on “2” 2. In the second textbox type something 3. Save the project 4. If you have a autocad 2007 license, you can also use this method for 2008 and 2009 5. You can also right click on the textbox for one of the available licenses and set the required license. 6. Here is a screenshot of the options and the settings for the license. Now open your project and do not save anything yet! 1. Open up “User Data” 2. Click on “Change” 3. Then click on the textbox “OnlineAutocad” 4. Click “Yes” 5. Click “Ok” 6. Now click on “Online Autocad” again and then “Ok” 7. Click on “Autocad” and click on the “Online Autocad” button 8. Select “Save” 9. Now close Autocad 10. Go to the %AppData%\Symantec\ for Autocad Autocad\MyDocuments for Autocad\MyAutocad\ in Autocad\Program Files (x86) for Autocad-2010\ 11. Click on “Open” 12. Click on “Open User Data” 13. Click on the right arrow and select the appropriate license 14. Click “Ok”

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Add your own brush and pattern styles to your drawings (video: 3:50 min.) Connect 3D elements such as doors, windows, and stairs to your drawing, and ensure the correct door opens and closes. Create checklists for door size and placement with AutoCAD block diagrams. Get your team’s feedback on what needs to be changed in your drawings using Markup Assist, a feature that allows you to view all of your annotations at once, and to make notes on drawings for colleagues to read and edit. (video: 1:45 min.) Improvements to drawing, model, and web-based drawing interfaces: More precisely control the size of your drawing window by clicking on the corners of the drawing window, or drag the edges of the window to resize it. Improvements to AutoCAD’s newly designed, fresh look, including new color themes, updated icons, and modernized menus. New, faster workflow in the graphics area. Choose from four different fonts when inserting a new text. Improvements to the PowerPoint file import and export functions to support version 2020 and AutoCAD Release Candidate 2020. View the next drawing in your drawing history and have the latest drawing of that particular project open. Work faster with the new horizontal and vertical handles. Annotation: Write notes, such as comments or sketches, on any part of the drawing. Now you can add text to both objects and blocks with two new text tools. (video: 1:40 min.) The multipress tool allows you to place text on several parts of a drawing in one drawing step. Paint, Measure, and Extend: Analyze your drawings with powerful new tools for drawing and measuring. Use the new Structure Analyzer, Measure tool, and the Extender tool to quickly and easily find problems. (video: 1:27 min.) The structural analysis tool shows potential problems with your drawings, such as symmetry or other issues, and provides a way to easily rectify any problems. Data Table and Streamline: New data tables in AutoCAD allow you to add and modify tables to track information on your projects. Streamline your designs with dynamic data tables for information such as cost, price, and supply. New features in the PDF Print and PDF ePub export to enable you

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