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In February 2002, AutoCAD was re-released for the Windows platform. It was designed for the mouse, not the stylus, to make it more suitable for drafting and drafting teams. It was also the first application of Autodesk’s ENOVIA environment.

AutoCAD LT is the name given to AutoCAD when it is released for the Microsoft Windows platform. AutoCAD LT 2003 is a significant update to the original version of AutoCAD and was released on 22 August 2003.

By the year 2011, AutoCAD was ported to the new C++ language. This version of AutoCAD allowed CAD users to create and use more powerful objects and systems.

The latest version of AutoCAD is AutoCAD 2016, which was released on 10 September 2016. It is available for Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems.

AutoCAD functions

AutoCAD is a commercial CAD application for creating 2D and 3D drawings. It can be used to create both graphical and non-graphical designs.


AutoCAD has roots in early computer graphics and CAD systems. In early systems, many specialized CAD programs were created, but their function was to simply plot points, lines and angles, and do nothing else.

A different approach was taken by SolidWorks and other CAD programs that combined technical and graphical components to allow a system to be used for engineering design, business graphics and other needs.

In 1972, a program called MicroCAD was released by Sterling Software for the PDP-11 operating system.

MicroCAD allowed a user to construct the building blocks of a drawing, then assemble them in the context of a layout.

Sterling Software was acquired by Autodesk in 1981. MicroCAD was renamed AutoCAD, a word that came from the Latin autocadere, meaning “to lay out or to arrange”.

In 1982, Autodesk introduced AutoCAD, a desktop CAD program that ran on the MIT PDP-11, DEC Rainbow and other minicomputers. It was the first commercially available CAD application that was released to the public.

One of the first features of AutoCAD was the ability to select points, lines, curves and other geometric shapes, then draw them. This way of working was different from most other CAD programs available at the time, which plotted

AutoCAD (2022)

AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, and AutoCAD LT for Server are available for macOS, Windows, and Unix. AutoCAD LT for Windows is available in both the traditional standalone and web-based interfaces.
AutoCAD Mobile, available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone (ARM), was announced on June 25, 2016. It replaces the legacy AutoCAD 360 app.
AutoCAD 360 was discontinued on July 14, 2019.
AutoCAD LT and AutoCAD LT for Server are available on macOS, Windows, and Unix. AutoCAD LT for Windows is available in both the traditional standalone and web-based interfaces.

The AutoCAD 2011 program provides the following benefits:

Automatic reduction of paper, size and thicknesses for drawings.
Place objects (e.g. doors, windows, beams, joists) in the space under the line.
Open specific object types, such as rooms, staircases, corridors, walls, windows, and doors, at specific locations in the drawing, with no need to select the object.
Refine objects by using on-screen rules for automatically calculating dimensions for design parameters such as a distance to an edge, a distance to a face, or a ratio of length to width.
Analyze drawings for structural problems.
Find unsupported or invalid design elements (e.g. part of the wall is outside of the building), and automatically correct the drawing.
Complete the drawing by inserting symbols and text.
Show automatically placed dimensions.
Complete the drawing by adding notes.
Create custom palettes.


AutoCAD 2015 supports advanced 2D and 3D geometric modeling including:

2D geometric modeling, which includes curves, dimensions, text, angles, hatch patterns, polylines, splines, solids, 3D modeling.
3D modeling, which includes creating parts, modeling surfaces, modeling volumes, and managing and editing models.
Solid modeling and rendering with ray tracing
Freeform modeling
Design review and commenting with annotation
3D feature and component editing.

AutoCAD 2016 also supports advanced drafting, design review and rendering features, including:

Design review and commenting.
User-defined regions of space, including polylines, polylines with offsetting, and editable points, for automatic insertion of 2D and 3D features.
Visible features on top of the model.
2D and 3D label templates that can be configured and

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What’s New In AutoCAD?

New Space Planner includes an editor that makes it easy to create plans of existing buildings.

New Watercolors, CMYK and RGB mixing tools are available for creating spot colors and gradients that print on a wide range of printers and for creating and exporting colors for other applications.

New drawing types (line, polyline and polygon) offer a new type of editing and are better suited to drawing on tablets and mobile devices.

The annotation tools include new drawing tools for adding information directly into the drawing.

The toolbars for creating and editing drawing attributes and properties have been reorganized and improved to make it easier to find and use the drawing tools you need.

The software integrates with the powerful cloud-based and mobile CAD tools that continue to evolve with your workflow.


Embed CAD drawings in other files:

Export drawings from AutoCAD to other CAD file formats, including XML, STL, or IGES.

Import CAD drawings into other file formats, including XML, STL, or IGES.

Edit and integrate CAD files from other applications:

Import, edit, and integrate other CAD files and formats into a drawing in AutoCAD.

Create workflows with editing and merging tools that are consistent across multiple applications.

Integrate CAD files from other applications into a drawing.

Streamline drawings to open more efficiently and more quickly.

Create new drawings by opening and merging the drawing files.

Synchronize drawing and model updates in real time.

Sync AutoCAD drawings with other cloud-based and mobile applications.


New Shape Fill and Stroke tools:

Create, edit and apply fills, strokes, and gradients with the new Shape Fill and Stroke tools. Use the new Shape Fill tool to create lines, circles, squares, polygons, and ellipses, which are filled with standard colors, gradient fills, pattern fills, solid fills, or no fill at all.

Draw solid or hollow lines with the new Line Style tools.

Work with new options for shapes and text, including the ability to control the size, shape, and placement of text.

Text and graphic objects in AutoCAD are now organized and easier to find, sort, and edit.

Layer styles:

Create text styles

System Requirements:

To run without graphics, right click the image and select Run As Administrator.
To run with graphics, you must have DirectX 9.0c or greater, DirectX 9.0c is currently not supported on Windows 7 or 8.
LATER: Directx 9.0c is now supported on Windows 8.
This game is compatible with the following systems:
— Windows Vista/7/8/8.1
— Windows XP/XP Pro SP3 or greater
— i5 / AMD Athlon X2