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A comparison of NGI Duplex and Hi-Velocity Partially-Flow Velocity Probes
In this paper, a comparison between two types of velocity probes for inflows of partially-flow may be performed: the NGI Duplex Velocity Probe and the Hi-Velocity Velocity Probes.
This paper presents a comparison of the two probes in terms of their ability to measure the velocity of partially-flow in a channel and the accuracy of their flow rates.
Gradient-based flows, such as round gradient injection, are common in atmospheric dispersion, and the proper characterization of such flows requires the simultaneous measurement of flow velocity and flow rate.
Current methods for measuring these two parameters consist of a NGI Duplex Velocity Probe or a Hi-Velocity Velocity Probe.
The NGI Duplex Velocity Probe measures the location of the velocity peak with a resolution of 1 percent and the velocity with an accuracy of 10 percent or better for a discharge that is 5 percent or higher.
The Hi-Velocity Velocity Probe measures the location of the velocity peak and the flow rate with a resolution of 5 percent and an accuracy of 10 percent or better, for a discharge that is 5 percent or higher.
Within each probe type there are three types of experiments performed to compare the two probes:
Background measurements include the measurement of a standard reference, such as a straight pipe of uniform cross-sectional area, to establish the depth-dependent velocity and discharge rates.
Then, the measurement of fully developed turbulent flow with a flat-top discharge profile at half the probe length.
Finally, an experiment that compares the measurement of a flat-top discharge with a rough-edge steady discharge.
The results show that the NGI Duplex Velocity Probe has better velocity measurement accuracy than the Hi-Velocity Velocity Probe and that the Hi-Velocity Velocity Probe produces better flow rate measurements than the NGI Duplex Velocity Probe.
However, the Hi-Velocity Velocity Probe, with its eight probes that can be alternately used to measure the actual and virtual pressure at four different scales, provides the ability to distinguish small spatial variations, or “heterogeneity,”

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