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Can an ancient epic poem be highly plagiarized and yet remain an epic poem?

I have had this idea for a while, so I’m asking here to get some opinions.
The setting is a post apocalyptic world, where civilization has perished. The only remnant of it is two places, the cities where the rulers of the world once resided. One of them was destroyed, the other hasn’t been attacked for ages.
The ruler of the city left behind lived for 400 years, since its destruction. The poet lived in the city for 400 years, and lived to be immortal. It was a very memorable and impressive time to live. So he wrote down all the stories of his friends, of his life, of his city, and the nature around it. Of what he remembered.
And indeed, since he remained immortal, he never finished the epic, even though he had written down almost everything from the events in his life.
This epic has gathered a popularity, because the ruler of the other city was highly impressed by what he read, and recognized in the epic the essence of what he had lived through. After centuries of writing the epic down word for word, he continued to edit and add to it, hoping to inspire others.
The current ruler of the city hasn’t been around for 300 years, so the epic is still in a state of development.
Will the new rulers appreciate the epic? Will they “edit” it to their liking and make some modifications? Will they add some of their own entries? Or will they steal it and use it for their own purposes, to make themselves look good?


I think they’ll steal


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