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Software is a media player in linux. The media player supports most multimedia formats, including mp3 music, and a variety of video and picture formats. A wide selection of skins has been provided for the music player, and there are skins for all of the media player’s supported output devices, such as printers and audio CDs. Software is written in the C programming language, and is highly compatible with GNU programs.

Broadcasts and recordings via a network such as the Internet or a local network.

Running music, news, sports, weather, social networking, chat, games, chat, and other applications from this media player.

Multimedia player with all features of Winamp and Winamp 2. You can download the media player software as a zip file. The player software is free and open source. The player has been downloaded more than 1.0 million times to date.

A large number of music and media types, such as MP3, MP4, AAC, Audible and OGG files.

The player uses GTK as its GUI (graphical user interface). GTK is a free, open source development environment.

A mixer for Windows.

Audio converter.

Multimedia player with all features of Winamp and Winamp 2. This media player supports all audio and video formats that Winamp and Winamp 2 do. Media formats supported by the player include MP3, MPEG, Windows Media Audio, AAC, Ogg, RealAudio, WinRAR, FLAC, and MPG. You can download the media player software as a zip file. The player software is free and open source. The player has been downloaded more than 1.0 million times to date.

This wiki is the GNU Free Documentation License.


To start this player, click the Ok button.

To disable player, click the Shut Down button, or press CTRL-C.

To play the music (if it is in the supported files), click the Music button.

To use the built-in radio, select the radio channel from the Favorites window, or click on the Favorites button next to the Radio window and click the + button. Alternatively, click the Music button and click the Radio button. To go directly to your favorite station, click the button next to the + button or the button next to the Clear buttons, depending

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