Iddaa Oran Analizi Excel Tablosu [2021]

Iddaa Oran Analizi Excel Tablosu [2021]


Iddaa Oran Analizi Excel Tablosu

Idaa oran analizi excel tablosu
Iddaa oran analizi excel tablosu
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Iddaa oran analizi excel tablosu
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Actionscript 3 Initialize/Add Textfields together

I am new in as3 and i am writing my own application.
In my application i want to add some textfields
var someTextFields:Array = new Array();
var container :DisplayObjectContainer = new DisplayObjectContainer();
var addButton :MovieClip = new MovieClip();

// add button on stage
addButton.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, addTextField);
addButton.x = 300;
addButton.y = 300;
addButton.width = 200;
addButton.height = 100;
addButton.hitArea = new Rectangle(2,2,150,100);

// add display text fields
function addTextField(e:MouseEvent):void

function addFieldToContainer(button:DisplayObject):DisplayObject