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Running and configuring Ant within the Eclipse IDE

I am interested in running and configuring Ant scripts within Eclipse.
Eclipse has an ant plugin which is installed by default and comes configured with support for Ant scripts.
What I want to do is:

Run my script on a particular directory
Once the script is complete, I want to open up an editor in Eclipse from which I can edit the file I have just created.
When I’m done, I want to see the latest changes.

I could do this by running the script and then running the newly created file from the command line, but I would prefer to have all my work done in the editor and have it automatically triggered when the script is complete.
I believe the main problem is that I don’t know how to connect an Ant script with the Project Explorer / Preferences that Eclipse is already configured with (and which I can already use for building my code).


You do that by creating a new Run Configuration. Right click the Run-Configuration in the Run-Tab. Create a new configuration, under the Run-Tab and select “Run As” and then “Ant-Script”. In the next dialog box you will find “Use this template:”, which then points to the “Default” Run-Configuration (which should be the first one). You can define which workspace and folder you want to run Ant-Script against (See section 4.2 of the Ant-Script instructions).


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We are standing on the surface of the planet, looking over an ocean. There is a very faint blue line that outlines the horizon, which represents the edge of the world – the orbital edge of the planet. In the image, we are looking down from the north pole, and the first

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