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Import the files generated with the keygen into the Autocad application:

Double click on the file to activate it. It should be in the Program

Import the files from the Xtrafix folder into the Autocad application:

Double click on the file to activate it. It should be in the Program

After installation is complete, you can import the files from the
folder into Autocad.

If you want to use a license key that you have
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If you want to use a serial number that has not yet
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For additional information, read the
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Please see the “Contact Us” section on the download page.

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What’s New in the AutoCAD?

No more filling out print-outs of your CAD drawings. With new imports and a robust Markup Assist, you can quickly import artwork into your drawings directly from your documents. You can even incorporate corrections or comments that you make in the original documents to your drawings.

Markups can be easily added to your documents, along with annotations, file stamps, and drawings created with the Markup Assistant. The Markup Assistant can even be used to add comments to specific parts of your drawings.

Markup Assist Improvements:

Markups can now be used in Groups or Panels (ex. Tool Sets).

Drawings imported from PDFs can be stored in ModelSpace and have their formatting preserved.

Text-style Markups will now inherit any text-style used in the original file.

Previewing and editing a collection of drawings is now simpler.

Accelerating Import and Editing of Large Files:

Automatically, CAD drawings with hundreds of drawings, imported from PDFs, will load almost instantly.

Rapidly, open large files in multiple applications.

New and Improved CAD Features:

New DXF file format (based on the open industry standard): DXF with additional information that can include drawing-level references, multi-layer index, and even optional stippled model. DXF with object-level references can include the location of all imported CAD models.

Additional CAD import formats: DWG (x and y datum), X_Ref, DGX and AI.

Support for DGN and DGNx formats.

Support for high-resolution DWG and DXF file format output.

New and improved 2D tools for scalable text including TK text, Kerning, Style-based shading, and Highlighting.

Extensive size and scale changes for text.

WYSIWYG editing for Block text.

New and improved 2D and 3D tool presets.

New tools for curve editing.

New and improved annotation tools.

New and improved annotation properties.

Tight integration with Autodesk LiveSync:

Share drawings with Autodesk LiveSync.

Import CAD drawings in groups or as panels (ex. Tool Sets) and in multiple DWG formats.

Import and edit CAD drawings using the Aut

System Requirements:

-Windows XP (32/64) / Vista (32/64) / 7 (32/64) / 8 (32/64) / 10 (32/64)
-Minimum System Requirements for the operating system installed on the hard drive are:
-1 GHz processor (or equivalent)
-128 MB RAM (256 MB or more recommended)
-30 GB available hard drive space
-DirectX 9.0c compatible video card
-1 GB of VRAM (1024 MB or more recommended)

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