Victoria 2 Extended Timeline

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Victoria 2 Extended Timeline


Sat Oct 12 02:33 PM | Oct 12, 2016

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A: The extended timeline plugin for Vic2V is good!
It has many more options and is made to make Vic2 feel more like Vic2.

Fantastic mod, highly recommended.

Simply put, it makes the game feel more like Victoria 2 which is great!

(To those who can understand a little Chinese, this is where I got the bit about “one or two” parts at the end of the above.)
I’m more than happy with the mod, and the only qualm I have is that the majority of my money goes to buying models for it… -.-


This extended timeline plugin for Vic2 is a very good mod and I highly recommend it.
Although it has a long learning curve, once you understand the concept and options it is very enjoyable to play and gives you an epic history of the country of Victoria.


Extract column values in android using AlarmManager

My goal is to get all the result values after a certain time of my chosen hour.
I have implemented it like so:
System.out.println(“here we go”);
Log.d(TAG, “Checking”);
Log.d(TAG, “Old time : ” + oldTime);
Log.d(TAG, “Now time: “+nowTime);
Log.d(TAG, “Checking”);
Log.d(TAG, “Now time is: “+nowTime);
Log.d(TAG, “Old time is: “+oldTime);

try {
Thread.sleep(newCal.getTime() – nowTime);
String nowCol;
nowCol = dbCon.r.getString(“CONDITIONID”);


Nov 24, 2012
Hey, Guys! I’m looking for a timeline extended mod, something similar to DOW. The problem is that everything ends on April 2012, and I’d like to have an end date of the century. Happy to provide more info or help.
Jun 23, 2013
Hey, does anyone know of any timeline extended mods for Victoria? I’ve found a mod that I’m downloading that brings the game up to year 2000, but that’s as far as I can see. I really like the extended timeline for EU4, so, if anyone knows of a mod similar to that, it’d be great! I’ve included a link to the mod.
Apr 20, 2012
My friend asked me about some mods I had in the bottom left of the game. It was a link to mods for EU4, a short list of mods for AGE2, and mods for a variety of Civilization titles. It didn’t mention anything about Timeline Advanced. When I clicked on it, it took me to a page about timeline extended mods. At that point, I read the bottom part of the website on the left which was about Age2, and Vic2. I clicked on the link to the extended timeline for Age 2 and then clicked on mods. That’s when I stumbled across this thread. With this said, thank you.
Mar 4, 2012
Do any mods for Victoria 2 have an extended timeline?
Aug 12, 2011
Any mods for Victoria 2 have an extended timeline?
Mar 18, 2013
I’ve modded it, it’s buggy as usual, but it’s nice, and that’s what matters to me. and besides, I’m good at bungling things, so how could I go wrong? 😉
Mar 21, 2012
After I finished modding, I accidentally deselected The Predominantly White Country, because I didn’t know where it was. I didn’t want it. I thought it was the main country. Anyway, I’m glad I accidentally deselected it. I need to unpack it again. (Sorry if the game was ruined for anyone, I’m just glad I got the story to have the correct ending).
Jul 12, 2012
After I finished the story, I was experiencing problems with the keyboard. I could only get the spacebar to work. I had a manual I could get, but it’d be very difficult. I could not copy and paste. I had no idea what

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