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May 24, 2017
AIX 6.1 release 5, backup and recovery tools. SAS 9.1.3, 64 bit. SAS 9.3.1, 64 bit. Adding a HTTP server to a SAS website.
by Eduard Borysenko September 16, 2017. Linux and Unix users on Microsoft Windows – SAS 9.3/64-bit. Submit data to SAS upon completion.
Download this program with rating 2.00. I work on a 64 bit Windows 10 PC.
GoogleDrive – Google Drive – Google Drive. Download download SAS 9.1.3 portable 64 bit for free.

by Sylvia Lafontaine November 21, 2017. Recently, I used SAS to write an Excel VBA macro. After several adjustments to address a problem which cause the macro to stop, I was able to make some modifications so that the macro went on more smoothly. The problem, however, was solved.

Free SAS Softwares. SAS 3600 programmer is a software utility from Beckman Instruments, Inc. which can run either on the desktop or on a portable computer. The program is designed to aid in the exchange of data with the newer Beckman instruments.
It is a good idea to upgrade to 64-bit R (R Programming) to prevent crashes caused by differences between 32-bit and 64-bit R versions. You can do this by installing R64 on your 32-bit system.

Aug 4, 2018
check SAS x64 platform compatibility with the datasource of xbase64 – xbase64 is a small xlsm file created by a module from SAS. They provide the standard interface for SAS/ASIS files.
View similar software here. 3600 Programmer, SAS 9.3 portable

Offline SAS 9.3 portable 64 bit setup executables x64. What is new in SAS 9.3 64-bit.

Download SAS 9.1.3 Portable 64 Bit free. SAS FREE WEB 8.4 M3 Free Download with 64-bit os.

SAS 9.2 Foundation on Microsoft Windows for Itanium-based.

SAS portable 9.2 64 bit full offline setup. What is new in SAS 9.2.1.

Oct 16, 2016
SAS program does not execute on SAS x64 platform and I can find no documentation to address this. Does anyone have a solution? Thank you.

Download SAS 9.2 Foundation. It

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