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C# method call dynamic string

I want to call the method/variable with the type dynamic but I cannot get the right syntax.
I tried this. After I don’t know why this doesn’t work.
System.Type type = a.GetType();
dynamic typeInt = typeof(int);

string method = a.GetType().GetMethod(“set_B”).Name;

dynamic a = method;

(dynamic a) is a var so it is possible to call a method/variable of type dynamic.
So, now it is working, but I don’t know what a is now.
dynamic type = a;

How is it possible to tell the type of this variable? I need to get the value of ‘B’.
string b = a.B; // won’t compile due to “Object does not contain a definition for B”
string b = dynamic.B; // doesnt compile because it does not exists?
string b = type.B; // doesnt compile because it is a int?

Thank you!
When I try to set the value of B I would like to check if it is a int or string type. I know, I could do some casting, but I try to avoid to do this when I can avoid it.
a.B = 1; // if B is an int
a.B = “someText”; // if B is a string


If your property contains only value types:
dynamic a = method.Invoke(a, new object[] { b });

If your property contains both value and reference types:
dynamic a = method.Inv


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“Status”: “200 OK”,
“X-RateLimit-Limit”: “5000”,
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“Accept, Authorization, Cookie, X-GitHub-OTP”,

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