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Crystal Impact Match V2.0.rar 1


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Crystal Impact Match v2.0.rar 1


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Is this a design flaw?

I have an API with a contract made that all I do is provide some data through POST, the data then is returned in JSON and I work with it. However I am wondering if this is good design or not.
Here is my code:
$body = ”;
$data = array(‘productId’ =>’someid’, ‘name’ =>’some name’);

// I do some business validation and write the body to $body

header(‘Content-type: application/json’);
echo json_encode(array(‘message’ => $body));

The problem now is that I want to throw an exception if some unexpected thing happens.
For example lets say that there is no product with that productId in DB.
If I do this:
try {
//I do the same business validation and now want to throw an exception
} catch (Exception $e) {
echo json_encode(array(‘message’ => ‘I tried to save a product where there is none!’));

By doing this, I get an E_NOTICE error, I could just not even save the data to the DB, but now there is still the problem that I get an error message in the browser.
Is this a flaw in the way I am thinking of this, or is this the expected output?


You cannot “throw” an exception in a PHP script. You can either:

throw an error in the middle of the script, which propagates the exception up the stack (see set_error_handler()), or
return a HTTP status code error response to the browser (see http_response_code()), or
log an error somewhere else (outside the script


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