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Choosing your environment and download the API 25OO Stereo Bus Compressor now!
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Wednesday, March 25, 2010

In the end

After all these years, it’s still not that hard to put together a bucket list. (We just completed our 20th anniversary trip and have plenty of memories to share, but that’s a post for another day.)

The one thing I did not do before I got sick, in the last few weeks, was to go do a quick cross-country drive to visit a few of my favorite country cemeteries. I did intend to go this year, and actually made an appointment for this past weekend, but the heat wave and then the cold front had me changing my plans. (Probably will happen this weekend.)

So instead of taking a big road trip, I did a lot of wandering around my lawn and plants and managed to fit in one visit before leaving for Florida the morning before my big surgery. (The next time you see me will be after surgery.)

The first cemetery I visited was Elbert Peters, the gravesite of my great-great-grandfather. The family has a memorial lawn for his unmarked grave, but still no headstone. I walked past the trees and the house behind it and had a good view of it from a distance, so at least I could find it again if I came back, and I could tell which direction it was from.

The next one was more a hike, but also one that a 10-year-old




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