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visualization software that allows you to use files.n System(s): Windows 7/64-bit Windows 864-bit Windows 10/64-bit. The technology is based on a set of 21 real-time blur masking algorithms, each of which works with its own set of signal displacement parameters and tracks the object displacement caused by this blur. According to the developers, the technology makes it possible to develop applications and applications for mobile devices that do not feel a lack of RGB signals. You can use a dedicated platform to view the results of a new test or surface scan. The new device is convenient to use with any portable device, including touchscreen smartphones. Technology: HDMI for high definition video and audio transmission. View: 12×9.5″ (255.401Hz) at 1920 x 1080 resolution at 60fps (8-bit / 5.5-inch format). It is slower than HDMI 1.4 in real use. HDMI technology uses an attenuation factor of 4 dB (1dB less than 1) Results: At 1280×1024 resolution and 60fps, which can use both HDMI and DisplayPort, high-definition video has an H.265 codec with a frequency range of 60Hz-7.2kHz at a refresh rate of 60 HZ.
A thematic software package for the SONY visualizer that allows you to use DWG, TIFF and PDF files. You can use DWFsoftWriter visualization tools for viewing, and for working with PDF and PDF Web formats, you can use SONAutoDiFinancial, as well as numerous viewers. Result: when working with DXF format files, interpolation is completely excluded (except for the fields of the Format window). Results obtained using the DWFAO application and PDF AutoDepart (FinePrint) desktop software are equivalent to professional software. File generation time: 8 seconds. Total Time: 8.668 milliseconds. When using scripts at (500 * 512 * 16) times per second, several files are loaded and various reading and processing operations are performed, and when using individual scripts, 100 times per second. one file is uploaded. Write cycle: 11 seconds



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