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Do only females grow horns on their heads?

I read in a book that only females are able to grow horns on their heads, I wonder why only females have horns. Are males somehow unable to grow horns on their heads? And only females are able to grow horns on their heads.


I don’t think you read in that book. You should read in one of the cited papers.
Every primate species and every mammal species has horns.
Both males and females can grow horns. They grow them when the animal starts to mature, so when the animal is a juvenile (a cub) it has no horns, but as the animal matures, it grows horns.

2012 Can-Am Rallycross Championship

The 2012 Can-Am Rallycross Championship was the fifth season of the series. It began on 8 January in St. Catharines, Ontario and ran for nine rounds. The championship was won by Terry McBride.




1. – Ken Block withdrew from the event.

2. – The race was cancelled after Robby Gordon suffered a serious injury at the event.

2012 Drivers


Round results


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