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Another important area for the CBM is the creation of a procedure that will allow companies to monitor employees and their activities via e-mail. The MCTC will offer optimal training programs and help companies implement these recommendations.
Other topics covered at the conference include law enforcement and abuse protection, email traffic management, breach of confidentiality and privacy, employee liability and protection, litigation, and performance reporting.
For more information visit: The program combines comprehensive monitoring and blocking features with remote reporting and management.
About company “Dalgakiran”
The company “Dallgagiran” specializes in automating business processes of service enterprises, trade and banking services in the territory of the Republic of Armenia. Specialists of the company “DALGASIR” successfully implemented projects to automate business processes in key sectors of the economy of the republic.
The company’s clients are such large networks and retailers as MARWIN, AUCHAN, Svyaznoy, Bestova, Alfa-Cola, Humana, Romark, General Electric, Mouzenidis, Chobani, Yerevan-Lassi, Coca Cola, U.S. Robotics, American Railroads, Dorus, Ascent, Turtle Wax, ARCTIC, MARK, and many more.



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