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The Unauthorized Black Book of Secret Hypnotic Mind Control.n This is advanced material that includes so-called “hypnotic” processes. For example, digital recording with a voice recorder, audio recordings during sleep, an attempt to eavesdrop on telephone conversations and receiving electronic messages by hacking. In addition, the technique of creating a “subconscious” similar to transcendental meditation, “remembering dreams” and “waking dream” fell into the field of study. This is a return to the days when there was a need to contrast the change of reality with consciousness: the border guard, who guarded the border between dream and reality, could not do without it. Since then, advances in technology have blunted the criticality of Western thinking. The transition from one information age to another that has been going on in the United States since the 1950s has accelerated, with amazing new technologies such as the iPad and Android entering our lives, from Agenda for a New Century : The Next Generation of Technologies for Everyday Use).
The general idea of ​​all these technologies is this: if you simply record thoughts and feelings using voice recorders, phones and tablets, then they will be stored in digital form, will be available for search and retrieval at any time. Such technologies, as a result of distortion, can hide real information, or discredit it. On the other hand, if they are intentionally interfered with and deliberately distorted, then people will be disoriented. For example:
– Change the results of sports games. This is possible if the players play the way the discrediters need. The inventor of Japanese baseball gloves, Lal Riskin, decided to use sound to create a false memory.
The problem with such methods is that if someone intrudes and distorts the information, the result will not be at all what it should be.
The set of technologies used to create false memories and affect consciousness includes mainly the following methods: information is presented in a distorted form to form a false impression, and with the installation that this is exactly what is needed.
Classical technologies used in films such as The Secret and the media, according to Laing’s concept, include the use of static holograms and stereo imaging, which disorients the recipients.
Static version of the hologram:



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