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Voodoo Chat is a free graphical chat community! Using web pages as a backdrop, Voodoo Chat lets you chat with old and new friends in a well-blended environment that lets you feel like you’re ‘in the room’ without taking the emphasis away from chatting.
With features like animated graphics, voice calling, interactive games, and the ability to run your own server, Voodoo Chat offers you a world of opportunity and unparalleled versatility.
Do you want to run your own Voodoo Chat server? All you need is a broadband connection and the desire to have your own Voodoo Village, and you can be up and running in ten minutes or less! The Voodoo Chat server is everything you need to create and run your own server – giving you the power to create your own rooms and choose who has administrative power in your rooms.
As soon as you start your server up, it will appear on the list of active servers. From then on people can find your server on the list and jump right in – you don’t need to do any more advertising for your server than you feel like.
You do not need any special account to run a server, nor do you need to check with anyone to be allowed to join the server network. Once you have this program installed and configured, it will join the network automatically!


Download 🗹 https://urlca.com/2n8bau

Download 🗹 https://urlca.com/2n8bau






Voodoo Chat Server Crack+ For Windows (Final 2022)

– The easiest way to create a server!
– You choose who can join your server and who doesn’t, you decide how chatrooms are set up and who you allow to enter them!
– You can view every chatroom that’s ever been setup!
– You can run the server in your web browser!
– You can offer rooms to people for free or for a fee!
– You can give the admin the ability to read every line of chat in your rooms!
– You can watch as your program draws in new users!
– And you can have a conversation with some of the users using the chatrooms!
…Free Features Include:
– You can choose who can join your server and who can’t!
– The user’s name and picture are displayed whenever they are logged in.
– Users can also be logged into chatrooms they have setup!
– You can have as many rooms as you like – just setup the rooms you need!
– You can choose from three different rooms, including a general chatroom!
– You can also choose from three different room types, including a chatroom!
– You can upload your own pre-built setup if you like, or use the one provided with the program!
– You can have as many guests as you need for free!
– You can limit guest access!
– You can have as many guests as you like for free!
– You can limit the number of guests allowed to access your server!
– If you don’t feel like allowing guests, you can have your own login page!
– You can choose to make the process of creating a new user easy or hard!
– You can even limit the number of guest users on the server!
– You can add as many users to your server as you want!
– You can have as many users as you want – free!
– You can limit the number of users allowed to join the server!
– If you allow guest users to sign in on your server, the guest users can have their own pages!
– You can make all the pages on your server look how you want them to look!
– You can allow people to post links to their sites!
– You can make all the pages on your server look how you want them to look!
– You can have full access to a list of anyone who has ever signed in to your server!
– You can even set up the message they receive when someone

Voodoo Chat Server Crack + Download X64

Voodoo Chat Server is a FREE software application which runs your own Voodoo Chat server. It is free software, but in order to download the proper binary for your platform you must accept the following terms of use:
Please take note that software applications downloaded from the internet are not guaranteed to be free of any sort of virus or malicious code. You can be at risk for installing software that may infect your computer with a computer virus or malicious code, such as spyware, adware, worms, Trojans, backdoors, trojan horses and many other types of malware.
Voodoo Chat Server Requirements:
Windows 98SE/2000/XP/2003/ Vista/7/2008
Broadband Internet connection
Any version of (by no means) Java
JDownloader or similar program (for downloading)
You can download this software with JDownloader or any other java implementation
What’s New in Voodoo Chat Server 2.1.0:
xanalog and audio_candy added to the samples
Added new theme “Cherry Red” to replace the “Carnation Red”
Added limitation to prevent a server from growing too large.
Other minor improvements and bug fixes.

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Voodoo Chat Server Crack Free Download For PC

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What’s New in the?

Voodoo Chat Server is an easy-to-use server script which lets you create your own chat rooms.
This server script has a built-in chat application, so you don’t need to install any other chat applications.
This chat application will communicate with other chat applications such as AviChat, xChat, and others. You can make use of all the communication functions supported by other chat applications.
This server script is free and open-source. You do not need to pay to get in contact with the developer of the program.
Voodoo Chat Server Features:
– High performance and low resource usage.
– Allow an unlimited number of people to join your Voodoo Chat server.
– Built in chat application.
– Allows you to run your own chat server.
– Allows you to run multiple chat servers.
– Unlimited number of chat rooms.
– Unlimited number of persons in each chat room.
– No configuration required.
– All the features are totally free!
– Chat application is fast and supports voice calling.
– You can host your own chat server and be free from any restrictions.
– Allows user registration and room ownership.
– Automatically displays and handles the users of each chat room.
– Supports animated graphics.
– Chat rooms and friends are totally customizable.
– Supports Unicode.
– Supports Animations.
– Supports Sound Effects.
– Supports Voice Calling.

This script is extracted from website
This is the second version of VoodoOSV2.
Its has been upgraded to 2.0.1.
– A new options GUI has been added
– A new setting of max. connections in the main chatroom has been added.
– A new setting of max. connections in the userlist has been added.
– A new setting of status window has been added.
– A new option of custom left status message has been added.
– Bug fixing.

The display of the time is in the right hand side as well as in the main chat window.
The keyboard input messages are displayed in the right hand side.
When the machine is off, the LED indicator in the main window is blinking.
It can be turned on/off.
It has two modes;
– Normal Mode: When the machine is on, the LED indicator in the main window is on.
– Soft Mode: When the machine is off

System Requirements For Voodoo Chat Server:

OS: Windows XP SP2 or later
Processor: Intel Pentium 4, 2.4 GHz or equivalent. Recommended:
Hard disk: 6 GB of free disk space.
Memory: 1 GB RAM.
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT/AMD Radeon HD 4870 or equivalent with 512MB VRAM (with a 5GB card only).
Additional Notes:
Please ensure that you have installed the latest drivers for your video card.
DirectX version: 11
Hard disk: 6 GB of


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